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Meeting people

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Nice to meet you ~ LanguageFlame. Today I would like to write about a very common situation in our everyday life- meeting new people and keeping in touch.

Nice to meet you ~ LanguageFlame

It is important to know how to do it in a foreign language. In order to communicate successfully it is also vital to know cultural differences in the attitude of different nationalities. I am sure you will all agree with the point that when meeting a person for the first time we want to make a favourable (положительный) first impression. The say: ”You never get the second chance to make the first impression”. Being like a dead fish (expressing no emotions) does not help to make contacts and to stay in touch. A smile is very expressive and it can mean so many different things. Pleased smile- довольная улыбка Plastic smile – неискренняя улыбка Triumphant smile – победоносная, ликующая улыбка Flirtatious smile – кокетливая улыбка Approval smile – одобрительная улыбка Scornful smile – презрительная улыбка Gloating smile – злорадная улыбка Loving smile – нежная улыбка What’s up?

Introducing Yourself in English - Learn to speak english. ‘A little #awkward’: Leaders of China and Japan meet for ‘saddest handshake’ [photo] Obama slammed for bowing to Japan's emperor. WASHINGTON–American right-wing critics are seizing on Barack Obama's deep bow to Japan's emperor on Saturday, accusing the president of grovelling to a foreign leader.

Obama slammed for bowing to Japan's emperor

Obama greeted Emperor Akihito, whose father ruled when Japan bombed the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in 1941, with a simultaneous handshake and nearly 90-degree bow, sparking furious online commentary, much of it negative. U.S. presidents from both parties often have been criticized for attempts at culturally sensitive greetings to high-ranking foreigners. President George W. Bush, a Republican, was mocked for holding Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah's hand, a traditional sign of friendship in the Middle East, as they strolled together in 2005. In 1994, Democratic president Bill Clinton was criticized for almost bowing to Akihito. President Richard Nixon, a Republican, can be seen in a Life magazine photo from 1971 bowing to Akihito's father, Emperor Hirohito. Le hug: How John Kerry made a Paris cheek-kiss faux pas.

There is "calin", which is more akin to a cuddle and unlikely to be shared between anyone except lovers or parents and their children.

Le hug: How John Kerry made a Paris cheek-kiss faux pas

Other words or phrases are typically more romantic-sounding. Most eventually settled on the cooler sounding "accolade". But for the leader of a country where "la bise" or cheek-kissing is the standard greeting between strangers, friends and colleagues, it was never going to be easy. The towering John Kerry was metres from Hollande, striding fast, when he first opened his arms.

In turn, the French leader stretched out his, clasping Kerry's hands. Kerry caught up, accepted the kiss on his right cheek, before they clasped hands again, awkwardly placing their arms around each other as they walked side by side up the stairs into the Elysee Palace. Half-hug, half-bise, it was a moving clash of cultures. Taylor began his performance with several bars of the French national anthem. The event was called an "Hommage de John Kerry a Paris.

" John Kerry and Francois Hollande's awkward embrace. Real English® 6 - Introducing yourself and introducing others. ESL: Introducing Oneself Video. Learn the basics for introducing yourself in English and some cultural norms in North America.See Transcript Hello, I'm Milo for and today we're talking about how to introduce yourself in English.

ESL: Introducing Oneself Video

Basic Introductions & Pleasantries In English, it is typical to first ask how the person you are talking to is doing. "How are you? I'm Milo. " "How do you do? The response is always positive: "I'm fine, how are you? " "I'm well, how are you? " Many times in North America people will say they are good, which is actually incorrect as "good" is an adjective and "well" would be the correct adverb.

More Typical Questions In North America one of the first questions typically asked when meeting someone is: "And what do you do? " While in many cultures this question is rude, not so in North America. It is inappropriate for one person to be talking more than the other. A common question for those who are not obviously local may be, "Where are you from? " Appropriate & Inappropriate Questions. Introducing yourself in English. Introductions & Greetings Learn English Conversation. Useful English greetings and responses. Mini English lesson: Introducing yourself. Learn English - British English in Three Minutes - I'm Fine. Learn English - Introduce Yourself in English - Innovative English. American English Pronunciation. American English Pronunciation. How to say HELLO! Greet Americans! English Pronunciation. How to say HELLO! Greet Americans! English Pronunciation.

New english file beginner 1. People in the street Basic, practical ESL Video 1 7 great for large classes of English ) Friends & Family: Introducing Family (Listen and Read) People in the street (Basic, practical ESL Video 1/7 great for large classes of English...)