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Récepteur SDR 1 - 30 MHz - F6CRP. Version 02 - janvier 2010 Quelques considérations liminaires Eh oui, encore un...

récepteur SDR 1 - 30 MHz - F6CRP

Il va falloir s'y faire car sans être devin ou descendant de la Pythie de Delphes, je pense que le temps du récepteur à architecture traditionnelle est révolu. Les institutionnels ont amorcé le virage en intégrant un DSP IQ sur la FI, les projets SDR émergent, les produits commerciaux se multiplient, les réalisations amateur aussi.

Il est temps pour nous, radioamateurs, d'entrer de plain pied dans cette technique et de nous l'approprier. Quelques fichiers "son" On n'attrappe pas les mouches avec du vinaigre ...en conséquence, avant d'attaquer une ennuyeuse description :-), je vous présente quelques enregistrements que j'ai réalisés avec ce récepteur. Nota : la place commence à manquer sur mon espace Orange, j'ai placé les images et les fichiers "son" sur un espace Google. SDR, encore et toujours ... Avant de commencer Il y a quelques préalables à satisfaire, vous vous en doutez bien. Le DR2A++ de YU1LM. New! AFE822x SDR-Net (Dual Channel)

Details Category: Hardware Published on Monday, 14 April 2014 18:57 Written by 4Z5LV Hits: 627 AFE822x SDR-Net ( Dual Channel ) Features ● Synchronized (diversity) or separated (independent) Dual Channel reception mode● 100 kHz to 30.00MHz continuous frequency range● 2-x Direct sampling receivers● Digital down-conversion● Dual 12- bit 72 MSPS A/D conversion● Up to 900kHz recording and processing bandwidth for each channel in dual channel mode or 1.8MHz in single channel mode● Waterfall display functions, when used with appropriate software● Recording and playback, when used with appropriate software● Sensitivity - MDS -133 dBm at 500Hz bandwidth● USB 2.0 interface (Full Speed)● LAN (network) interface for remote access● Compatible with: Linrad, Winrad, HDSDR,SDR#, SDR Console SDR-radio, CuteSDR, Studio1, Quisk● Powered from USB or 7-10VDC from External Power Supply ● Dimensions 120mm deep x 78mm wide x 49mm height● Preliminary cost - 389$-400$ (depends on installed Oscillator option) 1. 2.

New! AFE822x SDR-Net (Dual Channel)

FiFi-SDR. The FiFi SDR was introduced as a construction project for the youth camp ​FichtenFieldDay (FiFi) 2010.


It is an economic and compact software-defined receiver. It is based on the Si570 oscillator and can be connected to a PC via the USB interface. One speciality of the FiFi SDR is the integrated USB sound card. This combination enables the reception of all broadcast and amateur radio bands on medium and short wave in all types of modulation, including DRM radio, even on notebooks that don't have their own stereo sound input. Since late 2013, the FiFi-SDR provides an USB audio device with 192 kHz sampling rate. Für unsere deutschen Besucher ¶ Die FiFi-SDR Projektseite ist inzwischen zweisprachig verfügbar. General information about the project ¶ 2M-1KW 2 Meter 1KW Amplifier - Featured Products. Site F6BQU - page filtre passebas. Scout Regen Receiver - QRPKits.

The Scout Regen is a simple 2 band regenerative radio receiver that is capable of receiving signals from 3.5 to 11 MHz.

Scout Regen Receiver - QRPKits

This covers the 75/80 Meter, 60 Meter, 40 Meter, and 30 Meter ham bands plus the SWL bands around 6 and 9 MHz. WWV on 5 and 10 Mhz. are also a bonus. The kit is complete with L shaped aluminum chassis, quality doublesided silkscreened soldermasked board, all parts, hookup wire, board mounted battery holder, it even has a 2.1mm power connector in case you want to use it with a wall wart type of power supply. I have always wanted to kit a regen as I think it is the perfect first receiver for anyone interested in listening to hams or foreign broadcast. Charles Kitchin designed this circuit several years ago and very graciously gave me permission to kit it. This kit is ideal for the first time builder, and a great kit to have a kid build with some help from an ELMER. Scout Regen Builders manual (rev 1.2.1 5/4/09) Ordering electronically by PayPal using the buttons below. Hands-On Ham Radio™ K3 160 - 2 m*, 100-W High Performance All-Mode Transceiver Factory Assembled, or Modular No-Soldering Kit (Links for Manuals, Software Downloader, Specs etc. are now at the bottom of this page.) * 2 m with K144XV Option.

Hands-On Ham Radio™