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Amp kits

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Marshamps. DIY Guitar Tube Amp Kit - Brown Note - D'Lite ODS, Blue Monkey, Lite 18 Watt, Foxy 18, CeriaTone.Com - DIY Guitar Tube Amp. Vintage Amplifier Kits - Weber Amplifier Kits. Weber Cabinets will have a "Ted Weber Cabinets" Logo tag affixed to the grill cloth in the lower right-hand corner of the cabinet, to honor the man whose vision provided these high-quality cabinets.

Weber Amplifier Kits

The tags are 3" long, and come in either Black/White, or Black/Gold. The color will be determined by the grill cloth, or piping color of the cabinet you select. Oxblood, Wheat, or Gold Piping -- Gold Tag Silver, Salt&Pepper, Black, Pin Stripe, Checker, or White Piping -- White Tag If, for some reason, you do not wish to have the Ted Weber logo on your cabinet, you may make a note in the comments section that you do not want the logo. Bill Fitzmaurice Design DIY Kits, XF Guitar Cabs. Billfitzmaurice.