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MOOC Reviews & Ratings. The Story of Stuff. DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: Tools and Technologies for Effective Classrooms. 5 Places to Find Web 2.0 Resources. By Jim Forde I am web geek, and not just because I own a Foursquare t-shirt that I bought at a discount after my 1000th check in.

5 Places to Find Web 2.0 Resources

The real reason I know I am a web geek is because I LOVE discovering cool web 2.0 tools that can enhance my classroom! I am about to share with you my not so secret sources for teacher Web 2.0 excitment! ...and that's not all! Actually, it is, but I think you will enjoy discovering all of the new tools that these web sources present. 1) Cool Tools for Schools Wiki This amazing Wiki presents scores of web 2.0 web tools that can enhance you work with kids. This web site organizes 100 Web 2.0 tools in rank order. 3) 101 sites to troll! This list lists sites in order again but is really a hit parade. Here is a free on-line book chock full of web resources to explore by educational category. This alphabetic list is almost ridiculous in length. I hope that this post puts a few new arrows in your quiver.

NSTA Learning Center. Quotes, Poems, Novels, Classics and hundreds more. Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception. Peer-to-Peer Learning Handbook. LearningApps.org - interaktive und multimediale Lernbausteine. 7000 Übungen, Arbeitsblätter, Rätsel, Quiz, Tests, Puzzles, Aufgaben, Lernposter, Kopiervorlagen, Unterrichtsmaterial, Lehrmittel - online lernen & üben. Gizmos! Online simulations that power inquiry and understanding.


E-Learning 4 Kids. E-Learning Games. Common Craft News. Scholarpedia. Study skills articles and study tips, improve study habits, teaching tips. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011. Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies The Toolbox Share your Top 10 Tools to help build the 2011 list This is the 5th annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list I have built based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide. Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011. Fachbücher für das Studium - Ebooks kostenlos downloaden. Connexions - Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities.

Lernen im Internet - online lernen. Tecnopedia – Naturwissenschaft und Technik im Unterricht.

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Accredited Online Schools, Online Degrees and Education Courses, Top Universities and Colleges. Flashcards, printable games, worksheets templates, phonics materials, ESL printables, conversational activities. Free Printables, Interactives, Custom Documents, Clip Art, and Games.

Free Educational Software And Games. Frustfrei-Lernen.de. NoodleTools : MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian Bibliography Composer, Online Notecards. eSchool News. Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching.

21 Brilliant Productivity Tools Every College Student Must Use. If you ask a college student about productivity, he won't have much to say.

21 Brilliant Productivity Tools Every College Student Must Use

And you really can't blame him. He leads a dynamic life where academics and fun go hand in hand, with the latter becoming a more important activity most of the times. However, with the advent of internet and web 2.0, a college student now has access to so many amazing tools that he could finish up his work as well as enjoy life to the fullest without the guilt. The following list mentions 21 such tools which could skyrocket the productivity of college students when it comes to doing research, communicating with fellow students and dealing with assignments. Research and Taking Notes 1.Questia Questia is an excellent online research tool which features a huge web based library of magazines, books, journals, papers, articles and much more. Although you need to pay about $19.95 per month for its membership, you could save on books and magazines you buy if you subscribe to it. 2.Free Book Notes 3.Wikipedia 4.Notely.

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Free Online Course Materials. Academic Video Lectures. Word Dynamo - Free Study Guides, Quizzes, Games, and Flashcards. The best online e-learning and e-teaching tools & resources - WizIQ. TeacherTube - Teach the World. Online-Nachhilfe. Education Software & Tools.

Online Schreibtrainer Games

Massive Open Online Course. Massive Open Online Course (deutsch massiver offener Online-Kurs), kurz MOOC, bezeichnet Onlinekurse, die für alle eingeschriebenen Studenten offen sind und große Teilnehmerzahlen aufweisen.

Massive Open Online Course

MOOCs kombinieren traditionelle Formen der Wissensvermittlung wie Videos, Lesematerial und Problemstellungen mit Foren, in denen Lehrende und Lernende miteinander kommunizieren und Gemeinschaften bilden können. Zu unterscheiden sind dabei xMOOCs von cMOOCs. Während erstgenannte im Wesentlichen auf Video aufgezeichnete Vorlesungen mit einer Prüfung darstellen,[1] beruhen cMOOCs auf der Idee des Konnektivismus und haben eher die Form eines Seminars oder Workshops. xMOOCs[Bearbeiten] Beschreibung[Bearbeiten] Die xMOOCs haben ihren Ursprung in regulären Hochschulveranstaltungen, die nachträglich als Online-Kurs einer großen Anzahl von Teilnehmenden zur Verfügung gestellt wurden. Typische Elemente der xMOOCs sind Videos und Quizzes, in denen Testfragen beantwortet werden müssen. C4LPT. Directory of E-Learning Tools: Social networks. DIRECTORY OF LEARNING TOOLS 2011 Social networks and collaboration spaces These social media platforms include public social networks as well as tools to create private collaborative, social spaces for groups or communities, as well as enterprise collaboration systems (with multiple group sites), NOW includes Micro-sharing tools.

NOTE: Formal social learning management systems appear here . Public social networks and collaboration platforms | Group and team collaboration tools | Community and enterprise platforms is a free tool or a free version is available Public social networks and collaboration platforms. Videos By Topic. APPitic - 1,300+ EDUapps. Top 3 Accredited Online Schools : Find The Best Online School + Search Online Degrees, Colleges and Universities + Free Online Schools + Online K-12 Schooling + Online School Reports, Reviews, & Rankings. Moodle: Infos zur Lernplattform. - Great Web 2.0 Resources for Students. 0 Comments October 14, 2010 By: David Andrade Oct 14 Written by: 10/14/2010 1:41 AM ShareThis There are some really great Web 2.0 Resources for Students out there that can help students with their school work, getting organized, and using other Web 2.0 resources.

- Great Web 2.0 Resources for Students

Trackclass is a great, free resource for students. There is also a version for mobile phones and the iPhone, so students can stay organized no matter where they are. I found it very easy to use, with a great help section. Shoshiku is another free class organizer, similar to Trackclass. Dweeber is a homework collaboration site that also has tools to help students learn better. This is a great resource for students who can't get together physically to work on homework or projects. E-Learning. E-Learning. Unter E-Learning (englisch electronic learning = „elektronisch unterstütztes Lernen“, wörtlich: „elektronisches Lernen“), auch als E-Lernen (E-Didaktik) bezeichnet, werden – nach einer Definition von Michael Kerres – alle Formen von Lernen verstanden, bei denen elektronische oder digitale Medien für die Präsentation und Distribution von Lernmaterialien und/oder zur Unterstützung zwischenmenschlicher Kommunikation zum Einsatz kommen.


Für E-Learning finden sich als Synonyme auch Begriffe wie: Online-Lernen (Onlinelernen), Telelernen, multimediales Lernen, computergestütztes Lernen, Computer-based Training, Open and Distance-Learning u. a. Geschichte[Bearbeiten] Die wahrscheinlich erste Lernmaschine wurde 1588 vom italienischen Ingenieur Agostino Ramelli entwickelt, als er für den König von Frankreich ein Leserad erfand. Durch dieses Leserad wurde das Zurückgreifen auf verschiedene Literaturquellen ohne Hin- und Herlaufen ermöglicht. 1938 entwickelten B. Lernsoftware. Computerlernspiel. Lernspiel Speedolino online spielen. Willkommen bei Speedolino-Online Speedolino ist ein echtes Lernspiel.

Lernspiel Speedolino online spielen

Ein Lernspiel, das dich schneller denken lässt. Warum? Es synchronisiert beide Gehirnhälften auf sehr angenehme Art. Probiere es aus- es ist mehr als nur eine Kombination von Merkspiel und Kopfrechnen. Schüler können sich besser konzentrieren,Studenten nutzen das Spiel, um sich in der Seminarpause aus der Müdigkeit zu holenund Kreativleute bekommen nach den 5 Minuten Spielen bessere Ideen.Senioren werden 15 Jahre jüngerund Aktive haben weniger Stress. Niemand wird von Sebastian Vettel erwarten, dass er mit kaltem Motor beim Rennen eine Chance hat. Aber immer noch glauben die meisten Menschen, dass man sich auf Denktätigkeiten nicht vorbereiten muss. Lernplattform. WatchKnowLearn - Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students. Khan Academy. Khan Academy. Freie Lern-Software. Moodle.org: open-source community-based tools for learning.

Moodle. Moodle (/muːdl/) ist ein objektorientiertes Kursmanagementsystem, eine Lernplattform auf Open-Source-Basis. Die Software bietet die Möglichkeiten zur Unterstützung kooperativer Lehr- und Lernmethoden. List of educational video websites. FORA.tv. FORA.tv, Inc. runs a website that gathers a large collection of unmediated video drawn from live events, lectures, and debates at universities, think tanks and conferences.


FORA.tv provides a digital forum ("fora" is the Latin plural of "forum") where people can get and discuss information on public affairs, politics and culture, as well as see historic speeches and other events. [2] It has operations on every inhabited continent across the globe. In February 2009, FORA.tv partnered with WIRED creating a channel that features videos about the day's most important technological, science, business, and cultural issues – all gathered from leading thinkers, institutions and conferences. [3] In August 2009, FORA.tv was selected for TIME.com's 50 Best Websites of 2009.

The site was also featured in a related TIME.com video, "50 Best Websites: 5 You May Not Know," along with Omgpop, Yelp, PopUrls and Boing Boing. [4] Features[edit] See also[edit] Video on demand References[edit] External links[edit] Videos from the World's Best Conferences and Events. Computer-, Websprache lernen & Tools.

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Research help. Biologie. Chemie. Erdkunde. Mathematik. Physik. WWW Lifehack & DIY. Lernprogramme. Wissensseiten. Flashcards / Karteikarten Web Apps.

eBooks. Sprachen. Schreiben / Writing. Reden. Sprachenlernen.