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Khan Academy

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Cooking Pot Recipes Ever wondered what items you could put into the cooking pot? Wasted hours trying to figure it out yourself? Well read our extensive list of every possible combination for the cooking pot and start mixing up a storm! Avatar Recipe Food Recipes Grub Recipes Application of calorimetry - ChemWiki Bomb calorimeter is an isolated system and has constant volume. The bomb is a sealed container for the reaction occurring, and the heat of reaction will transfer to the water or oil in the inner container. The temperature changing of the water is usedto calculatethe heat of reaction. Bomb calorimeter is suitable for study of combustion reaction.

50 Best Sources of Free STEM Education Online Colleges, online universities, and other educational forums in your community can be excellent places to learn more about a variety of STEM topics, but there is also a wealth of educational material available on the web for those who prefer to learn at their own pace or take a more individual approach. Even better, these resources, whether classes, lectures, or tutorials, are all free of charge, meaning you can improve your knowledge without emptying your wallet. Check out our list (organized by topic, not ranking) for some great STEM resources that can help you build your knowledge about everything from calculus to fire science. Universities These universities, many of which are renowned for their STEM programs, offer resources like course materials, videos, and lecture series. MIT Open Courseware: MIT offers one of the largest collections of OpenCourseWare on the web, with the vast majority covering STEM topics.

The World According to Monsanto There's nothing they are leaving untouched: the mustard, the okra, the bringe oil, the rice, the cauliflower. Once they have established the norm: that seed can be owned as their property, royalties can be collected. We will depend on them for every seed we grow of every crop we grow. If they control seed, they control food, they know it – it's strategic. It's more powerful than bombs. 400 Free Online Courses from Top Universities Get 1200 free online courses from the world’s leading universities — Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 30,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now. Humanities & Social Sciences Art & Art History Courses Aesthetics & the Philosophy of Art – Free iTunes Audio – Free Online Video – James Grant, Oxford UniversityArt Through Time: A Global View – Free Online Video – Annenberg MediaExposing Digital Photography – Free iTunes Video – Free Online Video & Course Materials – Dan Armendariz, HarvardFoundations of American Cyber-Culture – Free Online Video – UC BerkeleyIntroduction to Digital Photography – Free Online Video – Marc Levoy, Stanford/GoogleIntroduction to Visual Studies – Free iTunes iOS App – Anna Divinsky, Penn StateIntroduction to Visual Thinking – Free Online Video – John McNamara, UC Berkeley

Neopets Dailies, Neopets Freebies, Daily Neopets Links, Get NP Easy This is The Daily Neopets' comprehensive and up-to-date Neopets dailies list. Neopets has created lots of fun activities on the Neopets site that give out Neopoints and Neopets items for free. We've compiled a list of Neopets links that you can visit for all of these Neopets freebies. By using our Neopets guide here, you should be able to get lots of free Neopoints and more!

CHEMystery: An Interactive Guide to Chemistry As of July 1, 2013 ThinkQuest has been discontinued. We would like to thank everyone for being a part of the ThinkQuest global community: Students - For your limitless creativity and innovation, which inspires us all. Teachers - For your passion in guiding students on their quest. Partners - For your unwavering support and evangelism. MOOCs, Large Courses Open to All, Topple Campus Walls Max Whittaker for The New York Times Sebastian Thrun, left, a Stanford professor, and Andy Brown, a course manager, recording in their studio in Palo Alto, Calif. But this course, Building a Search Engine, is taught by two prominent computer scientists, Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford research professor and Google fellow, and David Evans, a professor on leave from the University of Virginia. The big names have been a big draw.

1/ experimental social psychology. I would like to compare with French trends. 2/ story of social psychology (less or more between 1950 and 2000). p.s. : in an other hand, I am looking for non-standard social psychology in France (1950-2000), particularly Robert. Pagès work. If you are interested, feel free use the email : (before end of may 2013. Thanks for your answer. by reel Mar 29

You're welcome! Khan Academy has tons & tons of videos in all sorts of subjects and it's free! by raisingaselfreliantchild May 21

Stanford university has hundreds of videos from all disciplines. I recomand Robert Sapolsky on biology and human behavior. by comprendreetmettreajour May 19

Pretty much all...I like to share with my teaching staff things they can use to aid their teaching or the students in class. Thank you! by lehmanmatt May 15

To: @lehmanmatt - what subject matter in relationship to technology and are you looking for text, tutorial, testing, audio, video or all of the above? But, let me know if you have a particular area within technology and when I'm searching will make sure to look for that matter and post. by peggymiles May 14

New friends/&/or curators here (name du jour- smiles!) - is there a way to merge two teams pearltrees? We have team folks here and then another peartree wants to team up. I've added that pearltree under "free education" For free education I'll design (as I have time - week+) more appropriate icon (ideas???) Thanks for the suggestions and the links. As there are some blogs or education news sites to string off a pearl that provide information on new programs. I'm challenged on how to organize pearls that are "topical" or date sensitive as someone coming in may want the latest learning info. I'm probably complicating things, and shouldn't worry, but when I search on pearltrees, still stumped at trying to find the 'latest' pearls posted on 'breaking news/information' & sometimes end up on pearls that are years old. I guess that's the net. Just thinking out loud - learning and I am not sure of the etiquette here... :) by peggymiles May 14

To: Komox37 - no problem about certification or not! I understand fully and do agree, just had mentioned that since someone else I knew who was looking thought it had value for them, but I agree on any educational materials and it would be great to have your resources and your experience to the mix and team! I'm still learning how to do this - so pardon any 'wrong turns' on my part! Cheers and thanks Peggy by peggymiles May 14

Hey matt, check out this pearl tree i've been working on. Some different applications of ed tech, as well as the twitter from the college course I took, as well as some examples of tools you'll find if you exhaust the links. are you a teacher? by jjs08d May 13

I'm looking for educational technology pearls and online tutorials that show how to do technology stuff. by lehmanmatt May 13

I was mainly concentraiting on Higer Education Video lecture series available free. But High school level is also important. May be we can connect the two trees under a common node called Online Education. My tree is still in growing stage. Right now only Physics branch has a resonable number of pearls. by indiajoe May 13

I think that is great idea indiajoe. Do you have a structure ready? I've got something similar happening but it is more to do with high school subjects that I teach, so it follows the Australian curriculum more or less. I'd be interested in teaming up to help out. by allanquartz May 13

My main aim is to make a pearl tree of all available video lectures _catagarised by subject_, rather than their uploading websites. I found many websites giving list of online learning webpages, but if somebody wants to learn a particular topic, they will have to go thorugh each of the website recursively. That's why i thought a pearl tree catagarising individual lectures based on subject will be a perfect solution for this. by indiajoe May 12

Hello Peggymiles on the youtube the following channels might be of your interest bozemanbiology, clindelof, covenantbird, crashcourse, EEVblog, jeriellsworth, NurdRage, mabakken :D. I see You like Tesla Wirless Company I got some pearls on the diy high voltage source and some general hardware hacking. Cheers. by freelancerace May 12

I'm trying to find all the academic opportunities for free learning, especially that integrate audio and video and possibly live webcasting, streaming both on the Internet nad mobile. So I'm interested in the Khan and MIT and Stanford programs,and heard in the past of a recent program for certification that was free at - so it appears the issue is getting certification, and of course, the biggger univiersities have to balance their online offerings so that the students paying a lot of money and are at the uiversity do not feel that the online folks are getting a better deal, depending on whether or not the costs are the same. I understand the value of being there, so it will be interesting to read strong feelings on both sides. I added an education program to my crowdsourcing pearl, and my pearls are a bit disorganized so I'll try to figure out the best organization. If anyone wants to team up on a free education pearl, I"m all in! I'll start one now. by peggymiles May 11

The "practice" feature used with Google/Facebook login is a really great way for students to work through different areas of maths at their own pace and in their own way and keep track of (and show their teachers) how they're progressing. by gormcc May 1

useful when you never heard of something and would like to know what it is, on the surface at least. by freelancerace Apr 6

I am happy to see that education is touching the soul of people. Thanks to steal the Khan Academy pearl. by ekolibrium Apr 2

I'm glad folks are using this resource. I recommend Khan Academy to my students as a necessary study aid. by chemistryclinic Mar 22

If any of you have any other links you would like to share that can help others, please feel free to do so. by bryancrump Mar 22

I like it very much for elementary students struggling with long division and multiplication of double digits. by biblioviki Mar 10