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Jack Ma: Economic Downturn is 'Growing Pain of Globalization' NEW YORK, March 12, 2009 - The head of China's biggest ecommerce company and pioneer of the Chinese Internet industry says the economic downturn is "not a crisis, but a growing pain of globalization.

Jack Ma: Economic Downturn is 'Growing Pain of Globalization'

" In a discussion at the Asia Society, founder and CEO of Alibaba Group Jack Ma urged Americans to re-embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that made America great, and to take action and look for opportunities now, stating that a period of economic downturn is the best time to "get back to basics, and get back to values. " He further expressed optimism about American companies, many of which he finds inspirational. "Ten years [from now], I believe there will be more successful companies," he said.

However, he stressed the importance of "putting customers first. " According to Ma, despite the current economic climate, Alibaba Group and its businesses, which include, China's largest consumer ecommerce company, and, a leading online payment platform, are thriving. Basile Zimmermann "Tech in China: methodology" China Now Leads the World in New iOS and Android Device Activations. China Now Leads the World in New iOS and Android Device Activations Posted by Peter Farago on Wed, Mar 21, 2012 Flurry recently quantified China’s meteoric adoption of iOS and Android applications.

China Now Leads the World in New iOS and Android Device Activations

While China ranked 10th in application sessions at the beginning of 2011, it finished the year in 2nd place, only behind the United States. With its large population and rapidly emerging middle class, adoption of apps vaulted China into the position of world’s 2nd largest app economy. Dumplings for Sale: published in That's Shanghai & a note on what the censors didn't allow - Updates - Tricia Wang [ethnographer & sociologist researching cellphones and computers in China & Mexico] I contributed the lead story in That's Shanghai's February issue, Dumplings for Sale.

Dumplings for Sale: published in That's Shanghai & a note on what the censors didn't allow - Updates - Tricia Wang [ethnographer & sociologist researching cellphones and computers in China & Mexico]

I was really pleased with how the piece turned out. They even included a section about my research, where I explain how Dumplings for Sale seems to be far from a case study of tech use, acually fits into my larger research project on trust and the internet in China. Though, one thing that's missing from the story is an entire paragraph that I wrote on the relationship between the chengguan and the street vendors. The State Council Information Office censored this paragraph: "Officially know as City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau (城市管理行政执法局), it is not really clear what the chengguan are supposed to do. I am grateful that the censors only cut out that section, they were quite flexible on the other stuff I wrote. Asia’s rise, how and when (TEDIndia) Generations Around the Globe.

By Tammy Erickson | 8:50 AM April 4, 2011 Geography significantly influences the formation of generational beliefs and behavior.

Generations Around the Globe

Each country’s unique social, political, and economic events shape specific views and attitudes among today’s adults. Western generational models cannot be applied broadly to a global workforce. My latest research builds on an approach of understanding the generations by looking at the shared formative events that shaped their early years. 108 Giant Chinese Infrastructure Projects. China’s Ghost Cities. The following video is the first of the great series on China’s ghost cities that Bloomberg is running this week.

China’s Ghost Cities

Getting China right is key to your P&L and the direction of many markets, including emerging equities and commodities. We’re grappling with who financed these cities, who is holding the paper, and how were they financed. Recall China’s massive money supply growth and credit expansion which funded the country’s stimulus after the 2007-8 financial collapse. Our basic assumptions may be wrong, such as time horizon and holding period, and Adam Johnson does a good job covering these, but this is one issue that keeps us up at night and we won’t rest until we’re comfortable with a good working understanding of what is going “over there.” China 2.0 Innovation Dilemma. By Michael Schrage | 11:10 AM March 1, 2011 In the wake of uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, China briefly shut down LinkedIn access.

China 2.0 Innovation Dilemma

Someone had apparently tried to organize an online discussion on a topic that offended the authorities. The social medium doesn’t matter. Don’t mess with the Great Firewall of China. But political unrest enabled by social media has virtually all of Asia atwitter. Hence China’s innovation dilemma. But education only represents the most politically correct theme for China’s intensifying internet struggle. Chinese industries don’t just need to become more productive; they want to be more innovative. Social Media Landscape In China [Infographic]

Ogilvy has released an infographic detailing the major social media players and their Chinese counter parts.

Social Media Landscape In China [Infographic]

Although the infographic was first published six months back, the rise of services like Groupon and Quora in the west and Tencent in China rendered the previous infographic some what irrelevant. According to the new infographic, the online trade segment is competed by eBay, Taobao and 360 buy. In the social networking segment LinkedIn is pitted against Welink and, and Facebook against Renren and Douban. Twitter is competing with Sohu and QQ in the microblogging category, with Youtube facing competition from in online video sharing. It's Scary How Much Cheaper America Is Than China.

China science spending up 26%, UK science spending down. Do politicians know where stuff comes from? BUSINESS CHINA. Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific China Social Media Strategy Guideboo... Just another site.