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Conflict in Vietnam timeline - from 1858 to 1976. Vietnam War 1969-1975. Vietnam War 1961-1964. Vietnam War 1945-1960. Vietnam War 1965-1968. Vietnam War. The Vietnam War United States in Vietnam 1945-1975 Comprehensive Timelines with Quotes and Analysis [ The History Place Main Page | American Revolution | Abraham Lincoln | U.S.

Vietnam War

Civil War | Child Labor in America 1908-1912 | U.S. in World War II in the Pacific | John F. Kennedy Photo History | The Rise of Adolf Hitler | Triumph of Hitler | Defeat of Hitler | Hitler Youth | Timeline of World War II in Europe | Holocaust Timeline | Photo of the Week | This Month in History | Advertise | Send Feedback ] Copyright © 1999 The History Place™ All Rights Reserved Terms of use: Private home/school non-commercial, non-Internet re-usage only is allowed of any text, graphics, photos, audio clips, other electronic files or materials from The History Place. Vietnam. American troops moving through flooded jungle in Vietnam By 1954 the situation in Korea had been stabilised – but in Vietnam, a new Cold War crisis was emerging.


A narrow but largely mountainous coastal nation bordering China, Laos and Cambodia, Vietnam had a long history of foreign control. Medieval Vietnam was dominated by the Chinese, who swallowed it up as a southern province. Vietnam War Timeline. Cold War Facts. Did You Know Officially there were 9 U.S.

Cold War Facts

Presidents during the Cold War. Namely, (in chronological order) Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Facts about the Use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. "Yes, there is a story about Agent Orange, and we knew that it harmed our troops and we knew how long it was to get the medical community to accept that, the military to accept it, the VA to accept it.

Facts about the Use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War

" ― Christopher Shays. Who Won the Vietnam War? 35 years after the communist forces captured Saigon, people still wonder who emerged victorious in the Vietnam war.

Who Won the Vietnam War?

With the surrender of General Duong Van Minh and his cabinet in the Presidential palace in Saigon, the war that started on September 26, 1959, finally came to an end on April 30, 1975. The communist forces of North Vietnam won the war in which every party suffered huge losses. Almost 5 million Vietnamese died. More than 50,000 US soldiers either lost their lives or went missing. The effects of the ongoing conflict was felt in US as well. Summary of the Vietnam War. Did soldiers really frag officers in Vietnam? July 3, 2009 Dear Cecil: I recently read a speech by Noam Chomsky in which he says that during the Vietnam war "soldiers were fragging officers.

Did soldiers really frag officers in Vietnam?

" I, a man too young to have served in that conflict, have heard this before but thought it was just a rumor. Can you shed some light on this dark matter? — Tom, Chicago Cecil replies: I can, but frankly not much — and in my opinion, that's a story all by itself. Fragging — assaulting a superior officer using a fragmentation grenade or other explosive — was surprisingly common during the Vietnam war. Prior to Vietnam, assaults against U.S. military officers were rare. Few Vietnam fragging cases went to trial, so comparison with earlier wars is risky. Two articles on fragging, "Assaults with Explosive Devices on Superiors" by David Gillooly and Thomas Bond (Military Medicine, 1976) and Bond’s "The Why of Fragging" (American Journal of Psychiatry, 1976), were based on analysis of 28 convicted fraggers.

Why did fraggers do it? But that's just my guess.


ANTI VIETNAM WAR SONGS. ANTI VIETNAM WAR LYRICS. Ballad of the Green Berets. Yt VIETNAM's UNSEEN WAR 6/6. Vietnam Symphony - an underground symphony family - Society and Environment, Engaging with Asia. On arrival in Xuan Phu, Tuan observes that his father’s reunion with the villagers is just like a family reunion.

Vietnam Symphony - an underground symphony family - Society and Environment, Engaging with Asia

At the 1960s site of the underground orchestra, there is a discussion about the dimensions of the campus, now covered by banana palms. Observed by curious local school children, we see preparations for the concert. The outdoor concert comprises a traditional Vietnamese orchestra performance, as well as the Hanoi Symphony Orchestra performance. The whole village community, as well as members of the military, enjoys the concert. The clip ends on a note of hope for the future with Professor Huong smiling and receiving a bouquet. This digital resource is from the project Screen Asia, a joint production of the Asia Education Foundation, Australian Children’s Television Foundation and Screen Australia Digital Learning. Vietnam Symphony – an underground symphony family is an excerpt from the documentary Vietnam Symphony, produced in 2005. Background Information top. Australian vets return to vietnam youtube. Yt APOCALYPSE NOW. How the Vietnam War was lost.

Facts of the Vietnam War.