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Début de la fin du Blanc

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‘It’s All Greek to Me’: Misappropriations of ‘Greekness’ in American Mass-Media. Sur le fait d’être Blanc… et autres mensonges. La crise au sommet qui touche la communauté blanche est tout à fait remarquable – et terrifiante – parce que, dans les faits, il n’y a pas de communauté blanche.

Sur le fait d’être Blanc… et autres mensonges

Cette affirmation peut paraître énorme – et elle l’est. The Darker Side Of The American Dream. Note: Some of the photos below contain graphic imagery.

The Darker Side Of The American Dream

Those who grew up in the United States are likely familiar with the "American dream," the national ethos that dictates all men are created equal, each endowed with a birthright to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But for some not born in the country, the mythical American dream does not seem to apply. Sept idées reçues sur l'immigration et les immigrés. Le gouvernement français doit présenter, mercredi 17 juin, un plan visant à améliorer la prise en charge des demandeurs d'asile et à mieux lutter contre l'immigration irrégulière.

@gilles_horvilleur Merci pour la référence. Je vais aller voir. N.B. : j'ai un peu de mal à circuler avec le raccourcisseur d'URL de Google. Pour le reste, je vais en profiter pour m'informer un peu. Il doit falloir que les enfants soient reconnus, etc. Ces questions sont passionnantes mais ardues... :-) – reel
Dans quel cas un enfant est-il français ? Direction de l'information légale et administrative (Premier ministre) - Mise à jour le 25.02.2013 - ––––––––––––––––– Le « donc » est de trop, donc ! Ce qui n’empêche pas de considérer le point soulevé : « La France se distingue pour une chose : le poids relatif de ses enfants d'immigrés ». GH – gilles_horvilleur

Le | • Mis à jour le | Par Samuel Laurent Le gouvernement français doit présenter, mercredi 17 juin, un plan visant à améliorer la prise en charge des demandeurs d'asile et à mieux lutter contre l'immigration irrégulière.

Sept idées reçues sur l'immigration et les immigrés

Un thème que se disputent les partis politiques depuis des années. Aides sociales, afflux de migrants, « laxisme », tout est bon pour dénoncer l'arrivée ou la présence d'immigrés sur le sol français. Cette thématique, souvent épidermique en France, où les enquêtes d'opinion montrent une montée du sentiment xénophobe, est riche en clichés. Feature_Chanel Iman_Jourdan Dunn_Arlenis Sosa_Is Fashion Racist_Vicki Woods_Norman Jean Roy - Magazine.

"Why," says Iman, her lovely voice rising, "are we still talking about this in 2008?

Feature_Chanel Iman_Jourdan Dunn_Arlenis Sosa_Is Fashion Racist_Vicki Woods_Norman Jean Roy - Magazine

" All I can say is: I know, I know. The cool, clever, cultivated, and legendary supermodel is concerned (read: hopping mad) about the current state of the fashion runways. "For The Washington Post to report that the Calvin Klein show especially looked like the blonde leading the blonde—you know? " For far too many seasons now, topic A at shows across the world has been "Where's the excitement? Beauty = White: Photo Editing Software Edition. By Lisa Wade, PhD, Sep 20, 2013, at 12:00 pm Here is something quite simple, sent along by Judy B.

Beauty = White: Photo Editing Software Edition


Toni Morrison Refuses To Privilege White People In Her Novels! Who We Are. Racialicious Staff.

Who We Are

A quand une femme noire en couverture de "Elle" ? Die Geschichte gegen den Strich zu bürsten. A White Person’s Reaction to Obama’s Trayvon Martin Speech. He could have been me.

A White Person’s Reaction to Obama’s Trayvon Martin Speech

I could have been out on neighborhood watch in my community performing my duties on a rainy night. It could have been me following a young African-American male around in my neighborhood because I did not recognize him, and because my neighborhood had been burglarized by young African Americans. It could have been me lying beneath a young black man who was striking my head against the concrete, my nose broken in a fight gone bad. It could have been me that tragic, deadly night. Racial Makeup of Red and Blue America. Let Me Be Me by Hoodie Allen. We Are Not Trayvon Martin — To the woman that said all she can do is be blind to difference: please, don't be blind to difference. Be very aware of difference, be aware of what that means for those people that are different. Be aware of the fact that diff.

TEDGlobal 2013 : La fin du règne de l’homme blanc. Assister à une conférence TED, cela revient à placer, pendant une semaine, son cerveau dans une bulle : éteindre son téléphone, refaire le monde avec des inconnus, dans un anglais approximatif pour la plupart et jusqu’au bout de la nuit, se retrouver bombardé par un flot d’idées et d’émotions : 74 interventions de 18 minutes maximum chacune sans aucun fil directeur si ce n'est le thème de l’année : Think Again.

TEDGlobal 2013 : La fin du règne de l’homme blanc

Affirmative Reaction. Racial Inequality Without Racism: An Interview with Nancy DiTomaso. Nancy DiTomaso is Professor of Management and Global Business at Rutgers Business School—Newark and New Brunswick.

Racial Inequality Without Racism: An Interview with Nancy DiTomaso

She is also the author of our latest book, The American Non-Dilemma , which provides a comprehensive examination of the persistence of racial inequality in the post-Civil Rights era and how it plays out in today's economic and political context. Q: Let’s start with the title of your book, a reference to the landmark text by Gunnar Myrdal , The American Dilemma . Myrdal argued that white Americans would eventually face the contradiction or dilemma between their belief in American values such as equality and fair opportunity on the one hand, and the growing attention to racial inequality on the other. You argue, however, that for many whites, no such dilemma currently exists. Why do you believe whites are "uncertain allies in the struggle for civil rights"? Are the Tsarnaev brothers white?

Hate mail and punditry targeting Salon and Sirota declared that Sirota was not only morally wrong in hoping the terrorists would turn out to be white — but that he was proven spectacularly incorrect, because the Tsarnaev brothers are not white.

Are the Tsarnaev brothers white?

“Sorry David Sirota, looks like Boston Bombing suspects are not ‘white Americans,’” wrote the folks at Newsbusters. “Is David Sirota crying uncontrollably because the Boston bombers weren’t whites??” One conservative emailed Salon. Gay marriage at the Supreme Court: Did interracial marriage opponents claim to be helping the children? Obama's Hyphenated America. When Carolyn Coulson was deciding how to vote in 2008, she found Barack Obama’s rhetoric “exciting,” especially when he talked about a “different kind of politics.” Then a student at Vanderbilt, she said John McCain was dull in comparison. Coulson, now 25 and a Wall Street consultant, finds no trace of that Obama today. Romney exit polls: He won independents, white women, and “middle income” voters. So what? Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

In the three weeks since the election, we’ve heard excuses and explanations from Mitt Romney, his pollsters, and his chief campaign strategist. Romney’s pollsters published their initial thoughts on Nov. 12. Two days later, Romney and his chief pollster issued a postmortem report to his campaign donors on a pair of conference calls. This week, we got another review from Romney’s polling firm, an op-ed from his senior strategist, and a follow-up interview on CBS. Affirmative Action - News - Times Topics. Romney Is President. Barack Obama And The Death Of Normal. I was on an airplane last night as the election was decided. As the plane landed after midnight on the East Coast, I confess that my hand was shaking as I turned on my phone for the news. U.S. Moves Toward 'Majority Minority' Number of "Majority-Minority" States Grows. Dateline: August 2005 The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Texas has now joined Hawaii, New Mexico and California as "majority-minority" state, in which the combined population of minorities exceeds the majority population.

According to July 1, 2004, population estimates, Texas had a minority population of 11.3 million, comprising 50.2 percent of its total population of 22.5 million. In comparison, 77 percent of Hawaii’s population was minority. In New Mexico and California, the proportions were 57 percent and 56 percent, respectively, while the District of Columbia was 70 percent minority. The Census Bureau considers the minority population to include all people except non-Hispanic single-race whites. Five states — Maryland, Mississippi, Georgia, New York and Arizona — are next in line with minority populations of about 40 percent. Political Racism in the Age of Obama. The Color of the Race Problem Is White. Louis CK - Being White. It's the end of the world as SWM know it. WASHINGTON — Even more than the election that made Barack Obama the first black president, the one that returned him to office sent an unmistakable signal that the hegemony of the straight white male in America is over.