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The Best English-Language Fiction of the Twentieth Century - Introduction. This list is a composite of four earlier lists compiled by the Modern Library, the Library Journal, Koen Book Distributors, and students of the Radcliffe Publishing Course, each of which purports to identify the best twentieth century fiction written in English.

The Best English-Language Fiction of the Twentieth Century - Introduction

It was compiled in hope of arriving at a more comprehensive view of what the century's best fiction actually is. For more on the genesis of this project, see the column I wrote about it for the now defunct web journal Calliope. Los más vendidos. The 100 Best Books of All Time. The World Library is a list of the 100 best books, as proposed by one hundred writers from fifty-four different countries, compiled and organized in 2002 by the Norwegian Book Club.

The 100 Best Books of All Time

This list endeavours to reflect world literature, with books from all countries, cultures, and time periods. Eleven of the books included on the list are written by women, eighty-five are written by men and four have unknown authors. Each writer had to select his or her own list of ten books. The books selected by this process and listed here are not ranked or categorized in any way; the organizers have stated that "they are all on an equal footing," with the exception of Don Quixote which was given the distinction "best literary work ever written. " Catalog your books online. Book-A-Minute Classics. Got another book report to do?

Book-A-Minute Classics

English teachers have the inconsiderate habit of assigning mammoth-sized works of literature to read and then actually expecting you to do it. This wouldn't be so bad except that invariably the requisite reading is as boring as fly fishing in an empty lake. Half of those books don't even have discernible plots. And let's face it -- the Cliff's Notes are pretty time-consuming too. Worry no more. Bookeden : Liste des livres. Etudes de lettres. Lecture. What should I read next. 15 Books You Should Have Read in 2010 - Culture - GOOD. Image by Jane Mount, Courtesy 20x200 Yes, we read Freedom this year and yes, it was good.

15 Books You Should Have Read in 2010 - Culture - GOOD

As Esquire put it, it “was one great slab of a book, at a time when most books have given up on greatness.” But there were other books in 2010, books that had to compete for our ever more challenged attention spans and won. So we asked a few members of the GOOD team & some of our good colleagues which book made their best list this past year. The 100 best books of all time - 'Medea,' by Euripides. Mental_floss Blog » The Quick 10: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Harry Potter. With Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince coming out in the U.S. later this week, it's time to out myself as a Slytherin Supporter.

mental_floss Blog » The Quick 10: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Harry Potter

Maybe you already knew that. Nothing against Gryffindors - I'm no Voldemort or anything - but I always tend to like the villains a little more than the do-gooders. To celebrate Harry and Co.' Top 10 Most Disturbing Novels. Books Not everyone has the stomach for disturbing literature, but there is such a large amount of writing in the genre that everyone should give it at least one try.

Top 10 Most Disturbing Novels

This list will help to introduce you to the darker side of novels – the disturbing, macabre, and oftentimes downright sick. The only rule to this list is that the book must be a work of fiction. List of books banned by governments. Background[edit] "Almost every country places some restrictions on what may be published, although the emphasis and the degree of control differ from country to country and at different periods.

List of books banned by governments

"[1] There are a variety of reasons for which books may be banned. Free Online Literature and Study Guides. 28 autores eligen sus hijos predilectos. 58 Classic Novels In 33 Words Or Less & Clutch Blog. “TL;DR” is internet-speak for “Too long; didn’t read.”

58 Classic Novels In 33 Words Or Less & Clutch Blog

You’ll see it used when some passionate nerd writes an exceptionally wordy comment or blog post. If one of your fellow online readers is nice enough, he or she will take the time to skim it and sum up the content in one snarky sentence. Print - The 75 Books Every Man Should Read. Print - The 75 Books Every Man Should Read. The Best Science Fiction Books (According to Reddit) Recently, someone asked Reddit for a list of the best science fiction books of all time.

The Best Science Fiction Books (According to Reddit)

Being a fan of sci-fi, and wanting to expand my own reading list, I thought it would be helpful to tally the results and preserve them here for future reference. I've also included selected quotes from the comments, as well as my own notes on the books I've already read. PS: All book images in this post are copyright Amazon, and were retrieved using my Big Book Search Engine. So, without further ado, here are the Greatest Sci-Fi Books of All Time, ordered by upvote count: Liste de livre. Blue Fairy Book. 100 Must Read Books: The Man’s Essential Library. Written by: Jason Lankow, Ross Crooks, Joshua Ritchie, and Brett McKay Photo by the nonist There are the books you read, and then there are the books that change your life.

100 Must Read Books: The Man’s Essential Library

We can all look back on the books that have shaped our perspective on politics, religion, money, and love. Bibliothèque Team Alexandriz. Petite bibliothèque virtuelle entre amis. Mes livres. 30 Very Funny Books. By Gina Barreca, Ph.D. It's a dreary day, so I thought I'd indulge myself and come up with a list of my favorite comedies. A caveat, however: this is not a fancy English-professor-y list of the finest, most exquisitely crafted, most erudite or intellectually sophisticated works on paper in the language. This is a list of the books that make me laugh until my mascara starts to run. These are books to read over your first cup of coffee or just before you go to sleep .

Remember: a day you've laughed is day you haven't wasted--even if you didn't get out of bed. - Your Guide To The Gods. Neil deGrasse Tyson Lists 8 (Free) Books Every Intelligent Person Should Read. A user posed the question to Neil deGrasse Tyson: “Which books should be read by every single intelligent person on the planet?” Below, you will find the book list offered up by the astrophysicist, director of the Hayden Planetarium, and popularizer of science. Where possible, we have included links to free versions of the books, all taken from our Free Audio Books and Free eBooks collections. Posted on October 17, 2011 - by The Bookworm Not that long ago, I received an email from a friend sharing with me the BBC Big Read list. A group of scholars in both philosophy and literature sat down and decided the top 100 novels everyone should read in their lifetime. Bibliopedia. The 13 scariest books of all time NOT written by Stephen King. Yes, we all know King is the Sultan of Scare, and that books like The Shining, Salem's Lot, and It will make you quake in your fuzzy slippers. But here are 13 books that'll start the shivers while spreading the wealth. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Thomas Harris This isn't the first time we'd meet the psychopathic Hannibal Lecter—that'd be Red Dragon—but it was the most eerie. Free Online Literature and Study Guides. 7 Books We Lost to History That Would Have Changed the World.

The vast majority of the knowledge humans have assembled over the centuries, has been lost. The world's geniuses either kept their revelations to themselves and then died, or else they put it down on paper which has long since rotted or burned or been used to line some parakeet's cage. Obviously we'll never know what great books have been lost to time, but we have clues on some of them, and what those clues tell us is mind-boggling, and a little bit depressing. If you could make a library out of just books that didn't survive, you'd have a collection of some of the best freaking books ever written.

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