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Cycle touring wheel components tough enough for long term heavy life on the beaten and unbeaten parts of this amazing planet.

Tricks To Remove & Service Shimano Deore Freehub Body. Clean, Grease, Assemble. 6 Tubeless Tyre Mistakes. Molten Speed Wax - The Epic Guide to Chain Waxing! Connex 11-speed bike chains. Wippermann Chain Test Video. Wippermann Chain Test Video. Wippermann Connex 808 Chain user reviews : 4.8 out of 5 - 1 reviews -

Rene Herse Cycles – formerly Compass Cycles. SKF Bottom Brackets Back in Stock. Bottom brackets are almost invisible, and you only notice them when something goes wrong.

SKF Bottom Brackets Back in Stock

When the bottom bracket in my Firefly started to bind after just a few hundred miles, I put in an SKF, and that was the last I thought about it. When the bike was overhauled, the BB was spinning as smoothly as ever. That is how it should be! How does the SKF last so much longer than other bottom brackets? SKF is a world leader in bearings, and they’ve applied all their technology to these bottom brackets. Let’s look at the bearing size first. Most other bottom brackets use premade bearings (also called ‘cartridge bearings’ or ‘sealed bearings’), usually the 6903 size shown above.

Bottom bracket shells were originally designed for cup-and-cone BBs that run the bearings straight on the spindle and the cups. When you use premade bearings, you lose about 1.5 mm on each side, plus a little bit more because the sleeve needs some room inside the BB shell. Gates Carbon Belt Drive: Everything You Ever Need to Know. Gates Carbon Belt Drive has been developed over the last 25 years for applications on 6000hp drag racing cars, 150hp motorbikes and more recently, bicycle drivetrains.

Gates Carbon Belt Drive: Everything You Ever Need to Know

Although Carbon Drive isn’t for everyone, it certainly has a place for bike tourers and city riders who are after a no-fuss drivetrain which is lighter, easier to maintain and offers an exceptional wear life. Gates Carbon Drive system is slightly limited for the bicycle touring market, as it is only able to be used with internally geared hubs such as the 14 speed Rohloff or 8/11 speed Shimano Alfine.

Our extensive experience with Carbon Drive has been on a two year, 31,000km trip between Europe and Australia. We started with belts on both our modified Surly Long Haul Trucker‘s and 10,000km later used dual belts on our Co-Motion tandem. Make your own polymer (UHMWPE) spokes?- Hi guysI want to make my own set of polymer spokes.On a rope splice, which applies to any industry using high performance polymer rope, the bury is held in via a Chinese finger trap method.. this is typical for rope splicing.

Make your own polymer (UHMWPE) spokes?-

The glue does not take the load; it's only there to help the rope develop some initial tension and clamp down on the bury holding it via friction.The devil is in the details. splices tend to take a set and slip a bit, making the length difficult to get right.On to materials, After my research, it seems DM20 is the way to go for UHMWPE. It's a new material from DSM with massively improved creep characteristics. UHMWPE is so bad with creep, standard high performance materials would simply be unsuitable for spokes, until just a few years ago. Brummel Splice Part 2. Brummel Splice - Part 1. 7.1.2 Basic eyesplice in single braided (Dyneema) rope. EB18: Pi Rope textile spokes build superlight XC wheels you can buy! - Bikerumor. German-made Pi Rope showed us yet another example of superlight XC wheels built up with textile fiber spokes, and gave us the lowdown of why they actually outperform traditional steel spokes.

EB18: Pi Rope textile spokes build superlight XC wheels you can buy! - Bikerumor

We recently saw Berd polyethylene spokes on Tune’s prototype wheelset slip under the 1kg mark, but those aren’t the only fiber spokes to be found on a mountain bike wheel these days. In fact, these polyester fiber spokes made by Pi Rope are actually already available. And Pi Rope can build them up into a XC wheelset as light as 1065g. Pi Rope ultralight textile spoke mountain bike wheels Quickly looking at the difference from these Pi Rope fiber spokes to those Berd ones found on the Tune wheels. Berd Spokes. Make your own polymer (UHMWPE) spokes?- Suspension Losses Confirmed. Jtek Engineering Bar End Shifter For Internal Hub Geared Bicycles. Jtek Bar End Shifter for Internal Hubs Super light weight only 64 grams making it the lightest bar-end shifter on the market!

Jtek Engineering Bar End Shifter For Internal Hub Geared Bicycles

24mm & 22.2mm clamp-on design. Easy installation eliminates the need for disassembly to install. High quality CNC precision machined parts. Sealed ball bearings and ultra smooth ramped profile indexing. Click here for the Dealer List. What's The Speed Difference Between Touring Tyres? Rolling Resistance Lab Testing - Products - Kindernay. Kindernay HYSEQ The K’ay Hyseq is a new gear shifter, designed for efficient shifting and practical use in combination with the Kindernay XIV gear hub.

Products - Kindernay

It’s hydraulic, similar to that of your hydraulic brakes, with a bladder for thermal compensation, and oil nipples on both actuator and operator for bleeding. The system is light-weight, has a direct shift feel, and is robust and simple, with little need for maintenance. Mounting the shift actuator is simple, as the gear hub comes fully set up from the factory. Yup, no wire to adjust or readjust, just mount the pre-bled system, and go ride! Summary of features: Bikepacking Tires: Which Brands And Models Are The Most Durable? - Carbon Cranks from Lightning Cycle Dynamics. Six Speed MTB - Pvdwiki. I have been trying to get down to only one mountain bike for a few years.

Six Speed MTB - Pvdwiki

For the past two, I was down to just my Intense 5.5 with a 36 Talas on the front. It's a great bike, but since I ride it so hard, and I'm so busy, I always ended up making rushed repairs just before a ride. This was not cool. So, I put together a single speed as a back-up/winter bike. This was to reduce wear on my nice bike and reduce my workload. A brilliantly clear and concise guide to building wheels, and making the tools you need for the job. "World’s most efficient" bicycle drivetrain unveiled at Eurobike. Shop. Shimano Hub Gear Oil Port One Year On. Tubeless Conversion Install. Traveling Tubeless for Bikepacking and Touring. Considering a tubeless tire setup for a big international trip?

Traveling Tubeless for Bikepacking and Touring

Review: Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tire Repair Kit. Modern tubeless tyres offer a number of benefits over traditional clinchers and inner tubes, not least their increased puncture resistance.

Review: Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

But although they are strong and tubeless sealant does a great job, on occasion you can run over something so nasty that even the tyre/sealant combo can't do the trick. That's where the Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tire Repair Kit comes into play... ​ It's a simple idea: if your tyre is leaking air, ram a rubberised 'rope plug' in the hole from the outside.

Job done. It's so simple the 'instructions' on the packet consist of two drawings. The best tubeless repair kit you can buy. Find the hole, roughen up the rubber, spread the adhesive and apply the patch.

The best tubeless repair kit you can buy

Now wait. Thanks to tubeless tires this ritual belongs to the past. Shimano Internal Gear Hub Service. We have all colors of non-turn washers in stock. Shimano Nexus SG-8R20 8-Speed Internally Geared Hub with Roller Brake This hub was ridden less than one year in Seattle. Neither the shop nor Shimano used enough grease and oil for NW weather. Grand Cru Cassette Touring Hub Disassembly and Assembly Instructions – Velo Orange. Our Cassette Touring Hubs have been a favorite amongst cyclotourists and randonneurs for their simplicity, reliability, and easy serviceability. The hubs use high-quality Japanese sealed bearings, a hub body design of our own, and a 10-speed compatible steel Shimano splined freehub body (or your choice of Campy or alloy).

Low Gear Range: Road Shifters & Gears For Easier Hill Climbing. Sometimes a compact crankset simply isn’t enough in the mountains. Compact cranks often allow you to achieve a 34t front and 32t rear gear, which can be fine for a strong rider carrying minimal gear, but what if the gradients are beyond 20% and you wanted to carry a few things? Unfortunately modern road and MTB groupset parts are largely not interchangeable.

If you listened to the manufacturers, you would also think you were locked into each models groupset components and ratios. But thinking outside the box yields different results. Before I take you through all of the different options, let’s have a quick lesson on derailleur capacity. The range of a drivetrain is limited by the cage height of the front derailleur, and how much chain slack the rear derailleur can take up. Finding out what capacity derailleur you will need isn’t hard. Fusion Sports Turns Any Bike Into A Cardio Controlled Hybrid by Rakesh Dhawan. New electric wheel kit converts any bike into a cardio-controlled offroad ebike.

This rugged electric bike conversion kit, which is robust enough for offroad cycling, offers a unique feature that uses your heart rate to control the amount of assistance coming from the motor. There are a variety of brands and models of electric bikes on the market these days, but if you love the bike you already own, then buying a whole separate bike just to get electric pedal-assist is a bit of overkill.

A better solution might be to get an electric bike conversion kit, which can allow you to keep your favorite bike while also taking advantage of the benefits of an ebike. We've covered a few different ebike conversion kits in the past, but there's a recent addition to the electric bike conversion market that may be worth a closer look, especially if you're a mountain biker or want a burst of speed during your "offroad" biking. "The Fusion Sports Drive is disc brake and cassette ready.

Hebie Chain Gliders. Cycling Clothes, Kits & Bike Accessories. – Use Bar-End or Downtube Shifters for Bike Touring. A gear shifter is a component used to control the gearing mechanisms and select the desired gear ratio. VBQgenerator.pdf. Home - Gates Carbon Drive Belt System. Wheel Tech: All About The Strongest and Best Bicycle Touring Rims. 700c vs 26inch Wheel Size for Touring. The simple answer is that all wheel sizes work well if you use good quality components. 26inch wheels are slightly smaller than 700c. How to Build a Strong Rohloff Wheel. Rohloff hubs require a very specific wheel build. NuVinci Hub. Tecnologia Alfine - Cubo de Marcha Interna.

Review: Shimano Alfine 11 hub gear and shifter. The Kindernay XIV Hub: A 14 Speed Internally Geared Rohloff Competitor? - CyclingAbout CyclingAbout. The Servicing of an Internally Geared Hub. There are many benefits of using an internally geared hub. For the most part, the unit is sealed off the elements, you can use them in a belt drive system, they shift really fast, etc. Review: Rigida/Ryde Andra 30 Rim - CyclingAbout CyclingAbout. Wheel Tech: All About The Strongest and Best Bicycle Touring Rims - CyclingAbout CyclingAbout. BioLogic Bicycle Accessories and Bike Gear.

Rohloff Speedhub 14 Speed-User Impressions. Roloff speedhub 14 speed hub 14 speed fourteen speed rohlof, rholof, rholoff, rolloff, rolof,fourteen,12, twelve,17,seventeen,downhill, free ride, down, hill, tensioner,bombproof. Busch & Müller E-WERK Charger. E-WERK by Busch & Müller For all those who do not want to go cycling without their mobile phones, GPS, MP3 players and other electronic devices and do not have access to a stationary charging station comes the "bike mobile" E-WERK.

If the compact device is connected to the hub dynamo, the electricity generated by the cyclist's muscle power does not have to be used by only the lighting fixtures but can alternatively be processed by E-WERK. The energy is given off via two included connection cables that tinkerers can equip with plugs suited to their individual applications. Alternatively, the user employs an also included USB cable - the standard connection par excellence that offers compatibility with a wide range of devices - making sure that his electronic equipment does not run out of power while he is on the way.

Some devices, such as the 3GS iPhone, require a constant voltage from the charger. How to Charge Any USB Device by Riding Your Bike : Design a circuit. BROOKS ENGLAND LTD. Chris King Precision Components. Chris King Precision Components. Apollo 72 Solar Charger. Bike trailers - SON 28 new. Amazon. Amazon. The Mini Cassette Remover: A Tiny & Very Useful Bike Touring Tool. Pinion Gearbox 18 Speed: The Future for Bike Touring? A Rohloff Replacement? - CyclingAbout. Shimano Nexus / Alfine 8 Speed Axle Sub-Assembly Instructions. 09) Differences Between Hubs. NEXUS SG 8C20 Werkstatthandbuch. NEXUS SG 8R20 Werkstatthandbuch.

Sun Rhyno 26 Inch / 559 ATB Black Alloy Rim. Rigida Sputnik 26' , 559 MTB Rim. DT Swiss - TK 540.