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Movenote Interactive Learning Sites for Education - Home - interactive and multimedia learning modules Microsoft Office Online - Office gratuit : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote À la rencontre de Ryan, étudiant Étudiant en dernière année, Ryan doit souvent travailler sur des projets de groupe. Il a déjà essayé la méthode consistant à créer un document sur un PC et à l'envoyer par e-mail à tous les membres de son groupe de travail, mais elle s'est avérée peu pratique. Pour son dernier projet, il a donc décidé de télécharger un document Word sur OneDrive pour que les membres de son groupe puissent travailler dessus en temps réel avec Office Online, et ce où qu'ils se trouvaient, dans leur chambre, à la bibliothèque ou chez eux. Ils pouvaient voir s'afficher les modifications des uns et des autres au fur et à mesure qu'elles étaient apportées.

How to start an amazing class blog! Here at LearnBoost, we work with phenomenal teachers every day to bring them the best free grading, planning, reporting, and sharing apps around. Lately, we’ve been inspired by some of these brilliant educators who are finding ways to streamline classroom administration with additional educational apps, wikis, and classroom blogs. From sharing lesson plans to hosting online discussions with students, teachers are building out incredible resources and learning environments online. We’re excited to see principals, teachers, librarians, and even students sharing ideas on school blogs, but we know that the world of educational blogging is just beginning. Blogging Basics Let’s start with the basics. Why Create a Classroom Blog? You have lessons to plan, incident reports to write up, conferences to schedule, and graphic organizers to create. Free Blogging Tools for Teachers Wikispaces. Tumblr. WordPress. Edublogs. Blogger. Google Sites.

Markup MixedInk - Free Collaborative Writing Tool Projects: A better way to work in classroom groups Several months ago, we locked our programmers away in a secret laboratory with a single, all-consuming directive: find a better way for wiki members to do independent classroom group work. We’re calling this new feature Projects. Whenever you have a particular assignment or activity, you can create a project for it, then define teams of members, each with its own unique pages, files, and permissions. As of today, projects are available on all Education-plan wikis (both K-12 and higher education), Plus- and Super-plan wikis that are categorized as Education, and all education Private Label sites. Wiki organizers If you’re an organizer of your wiki, it’s up to you to create and manage projects. Creating a project Go to Projects in the action menu.Give your project a Name. Assigning teams When you create your project, you have four choices about how to assign teams: No matter how you assign teams, you can always rearrange them later. You can change these permissions at any time. Wiki members

CleanPrint Browser Tool | What is CleanPrint® CleanPrint® is an economically and ecologically friendly print tool that saves you paper, ink, and money while making your output look great. CleanPrint is activated by clicking the CleanPrint Browser Tool instead of the print button next to an article on a website. Like it on Facebook Get CleanPrint® for Firefox To install CleanPrint as a FireFox Add-On click the link below. A warning will pop up that looks like this. Click "Allow" and follow the instructions provided. If you are having trouble installing CleanPrint for your browser you may find help in our troubleshooting page. ** CleanPrint Browser Tool is available for IE7+ (IE7 must have Flash installed), Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 2+, Safari 4+, and iPad. By installing CleanPrint you agree to the our terms of service.

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