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50 Art Journal Prompts. So excited you're here!

50 Art Journal Prompts

If you want to learn more about building a creative biz, subscribe to get FREE updates on the sidebar. If I’m in a funk, I can usually get out of it by playing in my art journal for an hour or two. My art journal gives me freedom to express my creativity without bounds, because I know that I don’t have to share it with anyone. I know that whatever I produce, whether it’s good or bad, is for my eyes only. JoyfulArts Studio. Creative **ART** Journal. Art Journal Caravan™ Another week has flown by.

Art Journal Caravan™

It always amazing me how quickly time goes by and because of that I’ve started becoming much more mindful of wishing my time away. There may be times I’m stuck doing something that I don’t want to do but I’ve become more aware of things I can do to make the time pass more pleasing, like daydream, or imagine the next great thing I’ll create. Remember to enjoy every moment, it’s a moment you’ll never get back. Here are my picks for week 11: Gather AJC14 9 by jestercrafts. Tutorial: Brown Bag Art Journal. To follow up on my previous post, here is my version of a very popular DIY art journal.I love this project, it is so easy and you can make a ton of blanks and have them ready for your next vacation, party, or special event.

Tutorial: Brown Bag Art Journal

Each page has a pocket to hold more of your treasures, pictures or tags. Lets get started, shall we? Supplies: (Base)2 lunch sized lunch bagsa hole punchscissorsglue stickA pipe cleaner or ribbon Embellishments galore. Use anything, collage,paints, fabrics, fibers, stickers, Go for it! Step 1. Fold the bottom flap of your lunch bag down and crease. The Kathryn Wheel. A Year in the Life of an Art Journal. Art Journal — Journaling Saves. Willowing & friends - a happy place for making art! Ansota's Art Journal. Art Journal Handout. This is a basic art journal handout that I created; it includes my conception of what an art journal is, how to incorporate art and writing in your journal, some basic techniques, some basic art journal prompts, what to include in a basic art journal kit, how to incorporate art journaling into your life, and some resources.

Art Journal Handout

I hope that you find it useful in your creative journey, or sharing the creativity with others! You can download it here: This is a reference sheet that I created to demonstrate different writing styles to use in your art journal. Read explanations of each style here, and download a pdf file by clicking the image below. Yummy Finds and Journal Entries. Have you ever heard of Artisan Tape?

Yummy Finds and Journal Entries

Or did you know that Tim Holtz also has decorative tape? Shabby Blogs. Tangie's Blog. Wow!

Tangie's Blog

We just got back from Art Unraveled yesterday and it sure was amazing! I wish we could have stayed until Tuesday---but maybe next year ;)! We took some very incredible classes, I was so impressed with most of them! I met some new and wonderful friends and just had an all around great time. Dave loved his classes too, and I'm SO excited to see what he creates with his new mad skills!

An Altered Journal Journey. Journal Craft - Inspirational journals, art products, Moleskine notebooks, inspirational books and workshops. Something Two Crow About: Tutorials. First of all...I want to thank everyone for their comments on yesterdays post!

Something Two Crow About: Tutorials

It was so great hearing from all of you! Now don't be shy the rest of you lurkers! Art Journal challenge.. I've noticed of late I am happiest when I am journaling... art journaling.. :) Have I found what my restless mojo has been looking for.. as the New Year unfolds there are lots of art journaling classes & challenges online...

Art Journal challenge..

I feel like a bee in spring!!! While blog hopping one night last week I came across a wonderful blog called What's up Roc.. Roc kicks off her monthly challenge by asking us.... what colour makes us happy? Mixed Media and Art Journals Latest Posts. BOCK BOCK BOCK BOCK...APRIL IS HERE!!!

Mixed Media and Art Journals Latest Posts

It's a glorious day!! Praise the Lord!! The sun is out, the sky is bright and sunshiny, and all is wonderful in my world! Crazy lil' thing called LUV. Amber Gibbs - Art Journals, Collage Art & Mixed Media Adventures. Art Journal video #1 — Jane Davenport Blog. Irene's Art Journal Caravan. Violette's Creative Juice. How to make a recycled paper bag Art Journal. Understanding What Art Journaling Is: 10 Links to Get You Started. From an art journal by Dina Wakley Do you art journal?

Understanding What Art Journaling Is: 10 Links to Get You Started

Are you wondering if you might like art journaling? Maybe you’ve heard about keeping a visual diary and it’s piqued your interest. Or . . . maybe you’re wondering just what these so-called art and visual journals or diaries actually are. Take a little time to stroll through the links below and get a better understanding of this art form that’s become popular. So take a look and let us know if you’re feeling inspired to try some art journaling yourself. From Frida Kahlo. {show them what you're worth} Art journal saturday. {Insert Witty Title Here}: Art {Journal} Links. (photo by kind permission of Kelly Kilmer , effects by Anam ) My main focus is my art journaling, but I'm a eclectic artist so the artists that inspire me are generally eclectic too and do a bit of everything.

I look mostly for ideas and techniques and they can come from anywhere. I've divided the list into manageable sections Prompts & Techniques Online Classes & Workshops. Message Boards - "It's Art Journaling Week..." - General Scrappin' - Two Peas In A Bucket. Creative Therapy art journal pages... - ponderings. Have you checked the Creative Therapy blog? I'm honored to join that great group of artists. This page is for the current catalyst, "What do you wish you knew about your parents": This page is for the catalyst, "What does your future hold? " CreativityUNLEASHED by traci bautista: in the studio. Yes, you read that right...I'm moving my studio!

The current location at the Old Danville Hotel has finally got the go ahead to move forward in redevelopment. They will be tearing down my cute building and breaking ground in the Fall to build new retail and residential space. So I'll be moving out of my studio in late September. I'm currently looking for a new space, but not in any rush. I want to take my time to find the next perfect location PLUS, I'm busy with this next book manuscript deadline. So before I go, I'll have a few big SALE dates in August and September. SAVE the date... {studio 323*7} by Traci Bautista September 21, 2013 at the studio 11am - 4:00pm ***update 8/21/13: I've cancelled the August 24 sale, please come by in Septeber. and October 2013 TBA online pop-up sale {details soon} come by my STUDIO SALES, I'll have a lot of great deals including mixed media supplies, art journaling/collage kits, fabric remnant kits, paper, graffiti canvases, handmade journals and lots of art.

Art Journals make me mushy-gushy. Posted by : lara1.03.2010 Just a couple of photos of the two art journals i completed in 2009. They look so delicious together :) Art Journal #1 is a general art journal i kept. The other journal is from Year in the Life of an Art Journal project. I look forward to taking a photo 12 months from now with this years "Year in the Life and last years! Art journal. S Blog » Blog Archive » Art Journal play: Braving the elements. This is where I’ve been sitting all day. On the floor with all my paints out. I’ve been working on my batch of postcards for the DIY Postcard swap I’m hosting (There is still some room, feel free to join! Spread #31 -Art Journal Round Robin « Orly Avineri’s Blog.