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Day Journal - Private Diary. Journal with Narrate. Diaro - personal diary. Journal (by Journey) Better Diary (Journal, Notes)

Simple Journal

Dream. Calendar. Calendar+ Note Everything. Pocket Note: Diary, Memo, Best. Groovy Notes é uma ferramenta valiosa para os minutos de gravação da reunião, notas de gestão, listas, gravações de áudio, planos, mensagens, agendas e outros detalhes em movimento.

Pocket Note: Diary, Memo, Best

É o seu bilhete para obter a sua vida, seja ele pessoal, de trabalho ou social, melhor organizado. Groovy Notes aproveita a facilidade de uso de um diário, empregando os recursos do seu dispositivo, tais como a capacidade de gravar notas de voz e gestos de toque para navegar entre os pontos de vista. É realista! Groovy Notes tem um familiar, diário mundo real como interface. As páginas de parecer natural o suficiente para fazer você querer entregá-los. Searching nunca foi tão fácil! Procurando por aquela nota fundamental, em cima da hora, é tão fácil como tocar um botão no Groovy Notes. Porque a voz tem um anel a ela! Não sinto vontade de tocar no teclado?

Nunca perca seus dados! Groovy Notes vem com recursos para exportar, fazer backup e restaurar suas notas com Dropbox. Melhore o seu mundo! Daily Memo Free. Simple in/out time card you can manage and track your attendance time and other information of your daily work!

Daily Memo Free

Create your shifts patterns so it can be used for a person who works shifts as well.Save your daily working information, it will be displayed in the monthly list of the time card and on the calendar.Manage and track absence, paid leave, TOIL (time off in lieu )'s total days and support overtime (OVT1), (OVT2) hours,Working Early(EA) hours. ※Pay ver No ads From "Menu", select "Base Setting" and create your working shifts patterns.

Select "Base Setting" → move to Setting screen. *Setting screen*1. *Pattern Setting screen*1. *Calendar*Buttons from the left-bottom of the calendar;"Today" button: Tap this button to go back to today's date. " *How to enter attendance time and other information of your daily work.*1. *Working Hours screen*From top;1. FlavaFlava™ - Note/Journal. "me.time": Mi tiempo solo (a) en el que puedo aliviar el estrés y recargar mi energía.

Flava™ - Note/Journal

"No hemos cambiado, ya que estábamos haciendo viejos, sólo estábamos consiguiendo más nosotros mismos. " - Lynn Hall. Friday: automated journal. Day Journal is a private diary app which helps you record your life.

Friday: automated journal

Collect, record and organize your thoughts, ideas and experiences with photos, audio, emotions, categories, tags, weather and location data. It won't take long before you build up a wonderful collection of memories which you can then export or share in a number of different formats. • Unlimited diary entries• Quick diary entry and notifications• Search entries• Saved searches• Protect your diary with a password• Data backup• Record your location and weather• Categories to keep records organised• Tags• Emoticons to express your mood• Share entries via Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote etc.• Export data including Day One and Plain Text• Notifications and 'This time last year'• Change diary appearance … and so much more For a full list of features please visit PRO VERSION FEATURESUpgrade to Day Journal PRO to unlock the following features: To upgrade, use the in app purchase available on the Help & Information screen.

Osmino Day: automatic diary. Osmino: diary - your diary!


SET. CardDAV-Sync is a CardDAV client for Android to synchronize contacts.


Due to its implementation as sync adapter it integrates seamlessly with the default contacts app. (Also check out CalDAV-Sync beta) Samsung S5 users: Please note that some S5 devices come with a broken contacts app that crashes when opening a contact synced by this app. Please report any crashes to Samsung. Important note for Android 4.1 and Samsung users: To prevent the removal of your accounts on reboot install this app: present, Samsung users still need this workaround, even on recent devices.

HTC One users please check out this site first: Get support and news via Twitter If you find a bug send me an email please. This is the paid version of CardDAV-Sync beta. Please uninstall the free version before you install the paid one (and vice versa). Note to Yahoo! Secret Diary. Diary+ is a personal diary that allows you to organize your daily life.

Secret Diary

It is also a private diary for android which lets you to lock your secrets with a password. All your secrets, feelings, thoughts, experience, and memories can be organized and managed in this single app. Use texts, pictures, notes, and stickers to record the moments of your private life! ★ FEATURED FUNCTIONS★☛ PASSWORD & LOCK✓Set up a password to protect your secrets✓Change the lock frequency of password✓Password recovery with security question ☛ BACKUPS & RESTORE✓Auto Sync the diaries on the Cloud (when internet available) ✓Backup your diaries to SD card✓Restore your diaries from SD card ☛ HOW TO CONTACT DIARY+If you have any problems or suggestions about using this app, please use the help from the app or email us to

Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar. We are aware that there are many notebook apps, what makes our different?

Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar

This is our attempt of combining useful and the easy to use. It is probably not the notebook with most features, but we wanted to write things down in 2 seconds and have them always handy. That is why we made Natural Notes, a free notebook app and you're welcome to try it. If you liked it, you may feel the need to have some more features, like protect your notes with a password, export note to txt file, import a note from another txt file, you may want the text size a bit bigger ... we have added the options that we realized we needed in a natural way. If we are lucky and you choose Natural Notes + to manage your notes on your mobile device, your comments and suggestions are welcome at email (we can not reply to comments) We have been very careful to not make it too complicated but we have not lost functionality. EASY AND USEFUL. Memotto (Diary) Decorative Diary. Moment Diary. Calendrier privé.