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Why Americans Are the Weirdest People in the World In the Summer of 1995, a young graduate student in anthropology at UCLA named Joe Henrich traveled to Peru to carry out some fieldwork among the Machiguenga, an indigenous people who live north of Machu Picchu in the Amazon basin. The Machiguenga had traditionally been horticulturalists who lived in single-family, thatch-roofed houses in small hamlets composed of clusters of extended families. For sustenance, they relied on local game and produce from small-scale farming.

Where is Science Policy Headed in Germany Post Election A CDU campaign poster of Angela Merkel near Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Photo taken September 23, 2013. Claudia Adrien/berlinSCI Whether Germans view her as the grand “Mutti” or the physicist-Chancellor, biographers of Angela Merkel will undoubtedly label her as contemporary Europe’s most pragmatic political negotiator. Some commentators have speculated that Merkel’s ability to be pragmatic on issues such as the European debt crisis or the adoption of an anti-nuclear energy policy under Energiewende stems from leadership training she garnered during her years working in science.

This Is Hell! 796: Control, Alter, Delete Shows Wealth division multiplies / Taking back the internet / Ukrainian for “nuance” / PLUS: Brazil’s stadium splurge, RIP Michael Ruppert and Buzzfeed’s quiz answered 795: Liquidity Trap Shows Jellyfish as reverse canaries / Oil finds Ghana / Bohemian sketchpad / PLUS: Foreign policy’s women problem, UK media update and Ungroupthink. 794: Live Free or Dry Shows The end of water / Post-credit capitalism / Taiwan’s Sunflower protest movement / Plus: Live from election day Afghanistan and poorsplaining outrage in America Five progressive things done by the governments of Margaret Thatcher There are plenty of things Margaret Thatcher did which progressives are right to have opposed. Support for Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet abroad, the casual disregard her government showed to the unemployed at home, the emasculation of local government and the introduction of Section 28 to name but a few. She also brought in a few progressive measures, though. Here are five:

First Steps With WordPress Languages: বাংলা • English • Español • Français • 日本語 • 한국어 • Nederlands • Português do Brasil • Română • Русский • ไทย • 中文(简体) • (Add your language) Now What? You've just completed the 5 Minute Installation of WordPress or one-click install from your web host. Now what? Daily Pickings We will rock you! Details Published on Monday, 22 February 2016 07:59 William Engdahl expressed unease recently at Goldman Sachs' prediction that oil is going down to $20 per barrel; Goldmans is the archetypal, Machiavellian player in securities markets, invariably betting against the clients they advise and to whom they sell investments. Engdahl referred to a large shock which could dramatically alter the supply/demand equation to drive oil prices up again. That shock could well be an impending dramatic escalation of hostilities across the Middle East, including the destruction of the bounteous oil fields in Mosul, Iraq.

Anarcho-Capitalism: So Crazy, It Just Might Work! George Mason University economist, and advocate of anarcho-capitalism, Bryan Caplan explains why details of the ideological history of human attitudes toward methods and techniques of government show that ideas that almost everyone dismisses offhand as nutty and impossible can and in fact have come to dominate our political culture. I mean, you think anarcho-capitalism is crazy? Imagine how people used to react to democracy?

Science for the People Science for the People is a left-wing organization that emerged from the antiwar culture of the United States in the 1970s. A similar organization of the same name was founded in 2002. The original group was composed of professors, students, workers, and other concerned citizens who sought to end potential oppression brought on by pseudoscience, or by what it considered the misuse of science. And The Time To Resist Is Now. Raising Our Voices A True Narrative of the Rise, Progresse, and Cessation of the Late Rebellion in Virginia, Most Humbly and Impartially Reported by His Majestyes Commissioners Appointed to Enquire into the Affaires of the Said Colony (1677) Proclamation of the New Hampshire Legislature on the Mast Tree Riot (1734) Letter Written by William Shirley to the Lords of Trade about the Knowles Riot (1747) Thomas Hutchinson Recounts the Reaction to the Stamp Act in Boston (1765)