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30 Fun and Effective Ways to use a Blank Notebook.


50 Collections & Lists for your Bullet Journal. A little known hack from Japan to get your notebook organized. Tools like Evernote make organizing and finding information really simple.

A little known hack from Japan to get your notebook organized

Yet despite that, I still often find myself using the humble notebook to jot down valuable ideas, especially when I’m on the go. However notebooks are hard to organize your ideas. You either split your notebook into several sections for each ‘category’ and end up wasting valuable pages in the quieter sections or you just write your ideas as they come along making them hard to find later on. If this sounds familiar then you are going to love this little hack I was taught here in Japan by a friendly salariman. It’s a little messy, and not something I’d use all the time but for the right subject could come in handy.

Introducing the Highfive notebook The back of your notebook will act like a tag list or index. For example let’s imagine you’re keeping a notebook for recipes and you just wrote down a Chinese recipe on the first page. You’d make this mark so that even when the notepad was closed the mark would be visible. Linda’s List of Official Tangle Patterns. Sampler of a few Zentangle-original Tangle Patterns.

Linda’s List of Official Tangle Patterns

Not all of the tangles created and introduced by Zentangle® originators Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas are posted online. This makes complete sense when you think about it because income from teaching about Zentangle is one aspect of their business. Learning about the original “102 Tangles” (now up to 154) and receiving instructions on how to teach them is part of the teacher certification seminar. (See this page for more about teaching Zentangle.) For those who are new to Zentangle, the Zentangle-original (aka “official”) tangles are those created and introduced by Zentangle HQ — that is to say patterns by Maria Thomas, Rick Roberts and Maria’s daughters Molly Hollibaugh “(pronounced: haul’-a’-baw’)” and Martha Huggins. However, every Zentangle-original tangle that does have authorized online drawing instructions is posted here on TanglePatterns and is linked in my list below.

Future Planning in the Bullet Journal. Future planning is often touted as one of the weak points of the Bullet Journal system.

Future Planning in the Bullet Journal

While I agree that there is not really a built-in way to plan for future events, there are definitely quite a few options out there to get the job done. Today, I’m going to cover 5 of the more common ones. Sound good? Sweet! Let’s go! ** One thing to note before we begin is that a few of the following pictures are NOT my Bullet Journal. The “future log” is Ryder Carroll’s original solution to long-term future planning. Bullet Journal Future Log: The Hope Method – Bullet Journal. I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Ryder for sharing my Calendex system and thanks to everyone who has read, shared, reviewed and implemented it in their own bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Future Log: The Hope Method – Bullet Journal

My analog journey all started around 2 years ago when I began to recognise my obsession with online methods to organise both my personal and professional life. I was using an increasing number of any and all new GTD systems and productivity apps constantly being distracted like some sort of magpie when it sees something shiny. So I decided to simplify my efforts, getting rid of unnecessary apps and focus on a new streamlined workflow based around an analog method aided by digital tools. So after hunting for blogs/videos/tips on using the age old technology (paper and pen) to manage aspects of my life I came across the Bullet Journal. Using A Bullet Journal at Work – Pretty Prints & Paper. Believe it or not, I hold it down with a full-time job (and then some, if you are a fellow teacher).

Using A Bullet Journal at Work – Pretty Prints & Paper

I am SO grateful that I re-discovered the bullet journal system last year because it has helped me keep on top of my shit at work. There don’t seem to be as many posts about how folks use the Bullet Journal for their “9-5” so I’ll share my current system. I did a Periscope about this, which you can catch here. If you miss the 24 hour window, find it here (where you can see people’s comments and chats!) And YouTube. This is my planner squad for February. My Complete {Illustrated} Guide to Bullet Journalling. - Cerries Mooney.

As you'll be using your BuJo for probably at least a couple of months (depending on how much you use it), it makes sense to choose a notebook that can stand up to the strains of everyday life.

My Complete {Illustrated} Guide to Bullet Journalling. - Cerries Mooney

Size: Tiny Ray of Sunshine: Layout Idea: Weekly layouts. There are several kinds of weekly layouts that you will come across, here are some of them: Traditional weekly layouts have squares where you have only a small amount of room to write tasks, events and notes.

Tiny Ray of Sunshine: Layout Idea: Weekly layouts

These are the most commonly found in regular planners. Time-based layouts are weekly layouts that have an emphasis on keeping track of time, so that you can visually see how your days are spread out. Bullet Journal — MK mix - Digitalt Entreprenörskap.