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Self Storage Blog. Moving Supplies 101. Storage Station Moving Supplies. Showing our tenants how we care. When a prospective tenant comes into the facility to inquire about rates, availability of the size they need, etc., you can sometimes sense the nervousness or the stress they might be experiencing.

Showing our tenants how we care

Sometimes the need to rent a storage unit might not be a happy occasion. Having to rent a unit might be due to a divorce, a death of an elderly family member, an eviction from their present home, etc. Whatever the case may be, we have to try and make the choice as least stressful for them as we possibly can. We need to accommodate them as best as we can. We need to smile, welcome them, be as helpful as we can be, and really be genuine in our feelings for their troubles as best as we can without prying into their personal lives. Once they realize we are really here to help them, they might be able to relax and have the process completed faster and easier. Trying to send them birthday cards, if we could, would be a nice gesture although sometimes costly along with sympathy cards. Renting a storage unit is almost like renting an apartment or house - Revisited. Didn’t we talk about this already ?

Renting a storage unit is almost like renting an apartment or house - Revisited

Yes we did This is a follow up entry – You can read the first part here : Renting a storage unit is almost like renting an apartment or house When a prospective tenant either calls or visits our facility, the first and foremost questions are: do we have the size unit they are looking for, how much is the rent? They ask about security, when is the rent due, and how much notice do we need when its time to vacate the unit? Looking in from outside a storage facility. One might think working at a Storage Facility is the easiest job going.

Looking in from outside a storage facility

There are days when it can become boring and then there are days when you say “oh my goodness, where did all these people come from at one time?” Believe me, it is better to be busy then not and actually when you think about it, it is a good busy. It’s not a busy where you want to scream or pull your hair out. The environment is not one where you want to get up and quit. It’s as simple as apple pie, either you have a rental unit to rent or you don’t and tenants pay the rent or they don’t. The best scenario is: one day this week, I had a u-haul pull up to our facility and the people in it were looking for a good size unit – they had just emptied their mother’s home and it was all in the u-haul. The prospective tenants were very willing to let me get the paperwork done, get them where they could get something to eat and let me sweep out the unit.

. #1 – they have changed their phone numbers, Self Storage - Storage Station. NY - Middletown NJ - Wayne | Toms River | South Toms River West Milford (Greenwood Lk.

Self Storage - Storage Station

Tpke) West Milford (White Rd.) For the Sports Fans. Well, I have to admit to being a Giants fan for many, many years.

For the Sports Fans

It started when my brother and I were very small. Some might say it started when television was in its early days. I can still remember the TV antenna. Anyway, I remember my dad and his friends taking my brother and me to Yankee Stadium the first time. What they were doing was looking at the stadium to figure out where they wanted to get their box for the Giant games that were going to be played there once the Polo Grounds was torn down. My brother and I would go to the train station on Sunday just before noon, and look for people on the platform that had binoculars around their necks. My father was the person that collected the money for the seats from everyone each year. Now I enjoy sitting in my living room in my recliner on Sundays and watch the games. Well of course you know that I couldn’t be happier that the Giants have won another Super Bowl. Talk to you again next week. It is already February. Did you look out the window and notice that there is no snow on the ground?

It is already February

I sure hope that I don’t jinx everyone, by pointing that out. Yesterday it was so warm that I was able to sit out on the back deck and enjoy the sun. It was my day off so I decided to do what I do best, which is as little as possible. Well I didn’t really do, nothing. I went to the store and got something for my lunch today. Today is the first of the month, so it has been a little busy here at Storage Station.

This afternoon when I checked our email I noticed that an inquiry arrived just a few minutes earlier. Now here is a tip for all you smart shoppers out there. So,,,,,, don’t tell the powers that be, but I did offer an incentive if the client did pay 6 months in advance. About 30 minutes later I received another email from the same person, saying that by the middle of the month they will make a decision. Middletown New York. South Toms River New Jersey. Storage Station.

Toms River New Jersey. Wayne New Jersey. West Milford New Jersey. What you need to think about when you decide to use Self Storage. Think about the location of the self storage facility.

What you need to think about when you decide to use Self Storage