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Bike by Me. Prius Bike. Toyota’s answered a question no one ever thought to ask: What if the Prius were a bike?

Prius Bike

The answer suggests it wouldn’t be as boring to ride as it is to drive. For one thing, the bike uses neurotransmitters to change gears. It looks a whole lot cooler than the car, too. Now, the first question is “Toyota? Bikes? M55 - Luxury electric bicycles. Rizoma. Svepa Bike. Svepa bike is made up of unique combination of plywood and aluminum giving an elegant and eye-catching look to the bike.

Svepa Bike

This innovative design of Par Blanking from Sweden is a multi purpose bicycle. Vanhulsteijn Bicycles. Velocino. Softcruiser. Varibike. MANDO FOOTLOOSE. Z-Traktion. An Versuchen, den Fahrradantrieb zu verbessern, hat es zu keiner Zeit gemangelt.


Seit etwa einem Jahr wird wieder ein Serienfahrrad mit Zahnradgetriebe (Kardanwelle) produziert (Feho STS 1/26, Preis über 1000 Mark) und damit an eine 1882 erstmals vorgestellte, wiederholt aufgegriffene Erfindung angeknüpft. Der Vorteil des gekapselten Antriebssystems wird freilich durch hohes Gewicht (20 kg), Hinterlastigkeit und deutlich geringeren Wirkungsgrad (durch hohe Reibungsverluste) im Vergleich zum Kettenantrieb mehr als aufgewogen. Ein besseres und das heißt: physikalisch günstigeres und technisch einfacheres Antriebssystem als Zahnrad und Rollenkette ist derzeit nicht vorstellbar. Und doch wird immer wieder versucht, selbst dieses System mit dem einfachen Zahnrad, das die Kette antreibt, umzugestalten. Der Grundgedanke ist die Überwindung der Totpunkte beim Pedaltreten.

Unsere Versuchsfahrten bestätigten den ergonomisch günstigeren Bewegungsablauf der Z-Traktion. Sledgehammer Skibike / Skibob. The ReCycle. Calfee Bamboo. Frame and Bike Pricing.

Calfee Bamboo

Frame Geometry Pro Stack and Reach. There are many good reasons to choose Calfee Bamboo for your next bicycle frame. Calfee Bamboo bicycle frames are very stiff, transferring power efficiently; are durable, resisting damage from stress and impacts; are comfortable, surpassing aluminum, steel, titanium and most carbon frames in smoothness. Read this build detail about the very special bamboo tandem, pictured above.

Consider this October, 2011 review of our Bamboo Adventure in Mountain Flyer Magazine. Each of our bamboo frames requires over 40 hours of labor to build. SplinterBike. Airbike. EADS, the European aerospace and defence group has announced the world's first bike to use a new manufacturing process which it claims has the potential to transform manufacturing around the globe.


The 'Airbike' is made of nylon but, according to EADS, is strong enough to replace steel or aluminium and requires no conventional maintenance or assembly. It is 'grown' from powder, allowing complete sections to be built as one piece; the wheels, bearings and axle being incorporated within the 'growing' process and built at the same time. Because it can be built to rider specification, it requires no adjustment. The new manufacturing process is known as Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) and it allows single products to be grown from a fine powder of metal (such as titanium, stainless steel or aluminium), nylon or carbon reinforced plastics from a centre located next to Airbus' site at Filton.

Carbon Strand Bike. The Ordinary Carbon Bike is selected for the exhibition ‘Connecting Concepts’ And will travel around the world for the next 2 years!!!

Carbon Strand Bike

iF Mode (Pacific Cycles) The clean and striking IF MODE is aimed at commuters of the mobile generation who, until now, may have not considered cycling or folding bikes to be an option.

iF Mode (Pacific Cycles)

IF MODE is a unique product that offers a new image for people who previously thought bikes were for enthusiasts only. IF MODE avoids oily chains, complex tube with hidden dirt traps and the clutter of traditional bicycle features. It can be used by city commuters who do not want to change their appearance into ‘bicycle warriors’ and may use public transport or their car for some of the journey. Owak Bike. Abio Bikes. Load. Sitzposition anpassbar Durch den winkel- und höhenverstellbaren Vorbau, den weiten Verstellbereich der Sattelstütze und den bequemen Durchstieg ist das Load hybrid für alle passend - egal ob in der Familie oder im Beruf.


Jeder von 1,50 Meter bis 1,95 Meter darf mal fahren und findet sofort die richtige Sitzposition. TRANSPORTER hybrid. Taga. Nanovan. Energy Return Wheel. Flat bicycle tires could be a thing of the past thanks to BriTek‘s amazing new Energy Return Wheel.

Energy Return Wheel

Whereas most bike tires regulate tire firmness with air pressure, with the Energy Return Wheel one simply adjusts the tension of the rubber that is stretched around a 29-inch carbon fiber wheel. Initially tested on cars, the airless tire is comprised of two layers of rubber – one at the center, stretched and held by adjustable rods, and the other on the outside. The space between, usually filled with air, holds a series of elastic cushions. PumpTire. Where has this invention been all our lives?


San Francisco-based startup PumpTire has just created the world’s first self-inflating bicycle tire, which uses the spinning motion and weight of your bike to keep its tires perfectly inflated at all times. So how does it work? The PumpTire product consists of a tube, a bicycle tire, and a valve. Magnic Light. Solarlicht Koolertron. Solar Power Cycling LED Head Light mit weißem Licht - EUR € 39.59. Solar light Owleye. AHS Lenkerbügel. Rideball. CYB bike wash. Cycloc. MIKILI® Bike-caddie. Quarterre.