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Architecture ideas

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Otra forma de construir un cine. Darle la vuelta al típico concepto de cine, esto es lo que hizo en este proyecto para Ciné 32. Manteniendo algunas pautas elementales de este tipo de construcciones los arquitectos franceses añadieron detalles y materiales a este nuevo cine con el fin de atraer un público amplio. Todo empieza desde el exterior que atrae a cualquier niño ‘fashion’ a curiosear sobre este edificio nuevo. Listones de madera en combinación con una señalética fresca y moderna dejan claro que en este cine algo va a pasar que no ha pasado en otros cines.

En el interior vemos como el hormigón se junta con la madera de pino que le añade toques cálidos al espacio. Pequeños detalles como los carteles repartidos en la entrada y los pasillos ofrecen un aire relejado al espacio junto con la señalética repetida en el interior y algunos tonos coloridos ofrecidos por alfombras y telas de asientos. Cada una de las cinco salas disponibles dispone de butacas de diferentes colores actuales. Bookshelf Porn. Future Living - Housing Project by Various Designers. Low-cost bamboo housing in vietnam by H&P architects. Apr 08, 2013 low cost bamboo housing in vietnam by H&P architects vietnamese low cost housing by H&P architectssix member family developed by vietnamese H&P architects, the low-cost housing project is situated in a flood-stricken region that receives extreme temperatures year-round. meeting the basic residential needs of a residential dwelling, the building will be assembled using minimal components and bamboo module units. secured using anchors, ties and solid connections, the structure will be strong enough to float in floods. built with local materials such as bamboo, leaves and recycled oil containers, the concept combines traditional architectural characteristics to distinguish the exterior fabric. costing just under 2000USD per unit, the plan allows for mass-production, and the ability for villagers to build themselves. eight member family perspective eight member family diagram.

low-cost bamboo housing in vietnam by H&P architects

- StumbleUpon. 15 Interesting Balcony Design Ideas. Home design DIY Kids Weddings Fashion and Style FOOD Cool stuff.

15 Interesting Balcony Design Ideas

Gorgeous Garage Conversion By Shed Architects. The appropriately named SHED Architecture and Design has done a lovely garage conversion into a 300 square foot studio apartment in a Seattle backyard.

Gorgeous Garage Conversion By Shed Architects

It is hard to call it a renovation, but zoning bylaws would not permit a new building, so they appear to have retained a few sticks. It is another good example of how one can make such a small space not only habitable but lovely to look at. The Architects are quoted in Coolboom: The project began with a 30 square meter single car garage, built in the 1920's, that was in an advanced state of decay and in need of a new foundation.

Local codes would have prevented replacing it with a new building and so the decision was made to rehabilitate it. The garage, elevated above a sunken yard on wooden posts was in need of a new foundation. The loft looks tight but cozy. THE FISH HOUSE &. Bars. As far as nightlife goes, in Porto, Portugal, it is all happening downtown.


A local company, Baixa (baixa is Portuguese for downtown), has recently added another downtown nightclub to its roster that already includes the Baixa bar. The new nightclub, Instalação (installation), was designed by José Carlos Cruz Arquitecto, the same team responsible for the design of Baixa bar as well as the Farmacia Lordelo we have featured earlier. The space for Instalação, opened in March, was in essence a long, narrow corridor with two dividing structural arches that support the building itself.

From this 250 square-meter (2,690 sq.ft.) space the designers created a golden wire tunnel where the main materials are concrete, brass and polished aluminum. Inspired by various works of Olafur Eliasson,the team created a glowing, floating lighting program that helps expand the space visually and draws the attention to reflections and illumination, away from the narrow framework of the room. Luxury Furniture, Property, Travel & Interior Design. Contemporary House in the Forest Apollo 11, Chile Apollo 11 is a contemporary house amidst a grove of elm tress in the foothill of he Andes near Santiago.

Luxury Furniture, Property, Travel & Interior Design

Designed by Parra + Edwards Architects. The inspiration for the design of the house comes from a spaceship that quietly descends into a forest leaving little impact. That’s the thought of the architect when he designed the two-storey home. It functions as an architecture workshop, recording studio and rehearsal room for making music.

About Assif Majid Assif is a freelance British journalist who spends his time between Leeds, Manchester and London. Assif is the current editor of Adelto Magazine. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @journolista. Amazing libraries around the world. See-through church, Limburg/Belgium by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Project Details: Location: Limburg, Belgium Type: Cultural - Public Architects: Gijs Van Vaerenbergh - Photos: Kristof Vrancken / Z33 – Mine Daelemans photo by Kristof Vrancken / Z33 The church is a part of the Z-OUT project of Z33, house for contemporary art based in Hasselt, Belgium.

See-through church, Limburg/Belgium by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

Z-OUT is an ambitious longterm art in public space project that will be realised on different locations in the Flemish region of Limburg over the next five years. photo by Kristof Vrancken The church is 10 meters high and is made of 100 layers and 2000 columns of steel. Garage Transformed into Beautiful Mini House - enpundit.