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PNAC: The Project for the New American Century. Iran/USA: Who is Threatening Who? | Weapons of Mass Distraction. CIA Admits It Was Behind Iran's Coup - By Malcolm Byrne. Sixty years ago this Monday, on August 19, 1953, modern Iranian history took a critical turn when a U.S.- and British-backed coup overthrew the country's prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh. The event's reverberations have haunted its orchestrators over the years, contributing to the anti-Americanism that accompanied the Shah's ouster in early 1979, and even influencing the Iranians who seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran later that year. But it has taken almost six decades for the U.S. intelligence community to acknowledge openly that it was behind the controversial overthrow.

Published here today -- and on the website of the National Security Archive, which obtained the document through the Freedom of Information Act -- is a brief excerpt from The Battle for Iran, an internal report prepared in the mid-1970s by an in-house CIA historian. TPAJAX was the CIA's codename for the overthrow plot, which relied on local collaborators at every stage. Redacted cover of the report released in 1981: Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran - By Shane Harris and Matthew M. Aid. The U.S. government may be considering military action in response to chemical strikes near Damascus.

But a generation ago, America's military and intelligence communities knew about and did nothing to stop a series of nerve gas attacks far more devastating than anything Syria has seen, Foreign Policy has learned. In 1988, during the waning days of Iraq's war with Iran, the United States learned through satellite imagery that Iran was about to gain a major strategic advantage by exploiting a hole in Iraqi defenses. U.S. intelligence officials conveyed the location of the Iranian troops to Iraq, fully aware that Hussein's military would attack with chemical weapons, including sarin, a lethal nerve agent. The intelligence included imagery and maps about Iranian troop movements, as well as the locations of Iranian logistics facilities and details about Iranian air defenses. "The Iraqis never told us that they intended to use nerve gas. They didn't have to.

The situation changed in 1987. IRAN LIE same as IRAQ LIE. Ducumentary on IRAN Iran Is Not the Problem; Stop War on IRAN. The Power of Nightmares - 1of3 - The Rise of the Politics of Fear-Baby Its Cold Outside. The Power of Nightmares - 2of3 - The Phantom Victory. The Power of Nightmares - 3of3 - The Shadows in the Cave. Chomsky: "Why Do They Hate Us?" Woolwich Attack - How should we respond? MPACUK's Asghar Bukhari on Woolwich Attack - BBC News. What Does Terrorism Mean in 2013? On Wednesday a soldier, Lee Rigby, was fatally stabbed by two men sporting knifes and a meat cleaver. Before being shot by police, the attackers taunted onlookers, asking them to take photos and film their ideological rants. What followed was a media scramble, with reporters ferociously compiling tweets and smartphone footage in a desperate race to get news of the latest bout of alleged terrorism into the papers.

But what does "terrorism" even mean any more? Glenn Greenwald is a journalist, lawyer, and security expert who was partly responsible for former CIA official John Brennan not being made the director of the CIA and forcing a UN investigation into the treatment of Bradley Manning. I called him up to see if he thought the whole "terrorism" thing had just become a label used to exaggerate crime committed by Muslims.

Image via VICE: What do you think about the media reaction to the Woolwich murder? Do you think it was a "terrorist" attack? What do you think will happen next? Ben Swann: "No Country Would Tolerate Missiles From Outside Borders" U.S. Hypocrisy? What motivated the 9/11 hijackers? See testimony most didn't. Motives of 9/11 terrorists. What is fueling this terrorism? Noam Chomsky - "Is Islam the Enemy?" Chomsky on Why are US Troops in Afghanistan. Noam Chomsky Lecture - Distorted Morality. US Terror - Afghanistan, The Taliban & War. Why are we friends with Saudi Arabia? David Icke Problem Reaction Solution.

BREAKING: Israel Lobbyist insinuating ''We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran'' ? Robert McNamara admits Gulf of Tonkin attack did not happen. False Flag Attacks: Myth and Reality. One of the terms most commonly used by conspiracy theorists when discussing “the real story” behind incidents like the September 11th attacks or the recent Sandy Hook shooting is “false flag,” meaning that it was caused or staged deliberately to use as an excuse to perpetrate something nefarious.

A quick Google search of the phrase brings up an astonishing 42 million hits, with page after page of posts at conspiracy hotbeds like Infowars/Prison Planet, Natural News, Before It’s News, etc. If one were to work solely from this, it would be easy to get the impression that our recent history is jammed with prefabricated incidents designed to enable our government to grab more power, take away the rights of the common people and/or line their already fattened pockets.

Further complicating matters, false flags are a very real phenomenon. In military terms, a false flag is any act of deception designed to make your opponent think you’re someone else. Which brings us to Sandy Hook. 002 | Astroturfing | Escape and Control. Haiti - Shock Doctrine. The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein.

Naomi Klein: Disaster Capitalism. Bill Hicks - Iraq Weapons Conversion. The Real Invasion of Africa and Other Not-Made-for-Hollywood Holy Wars. (Photo: US Army Africa / Flickr)The "Islamic terrorism" that is an excuse for the enduring theft of Africa's vast store of minerals was all but invented by US, Pakistani and British intelligence agencies, which created the mujahedin of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. A full-scale invasion of Africa is under way. The United States is deploying troops in 35 African countries, beginning with Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger.

Reported by the Associated Press on Christmas Day, this was missing from most Anglo-American media. The invasion has almost nothing to do with "Islamism," and almost everything to do with the acquisition of resources - notably minerals - and an accelerating rivalry with China. Unlike China, the US and its allies are prepared to use a degree of violence demonstrated in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Palestine.

AFRICOM'S "soldier to soldier" doctrine embeds US officers at every level of command, from general to warrant officer. Only pith helmets are missing. Noam Chomsky Manufacturing Consent. PsyWar - Wake UP! Who Owns the World? When I was thinking about these remarks, I had two topics in mind, couldn't decide between them -- actually pretty obvious ones. One topic is, what are the most important issues that we face? The second topic is, what issues are not being treated seriously -- or at all -- in the quadrennial frenzy now underway called an election? But I realized that there's no problem; it's not a hard choice: they're the same topic.

And there are reasons for it, which are very significant in themselves. I'd like to return to that in a moment. Actually, a good answer to this was given years ago by Adam Smith, someone we're supposed to worship but not read. But he was an old-fashioned conservative with moral principles, so he added the victims of England, the victims of the -- what he called the "savage injustice of the Europeans," particularly in India. Britain kept its position as the dominant world power well into the 20th century despite steady decline.

And planners understood it. The Biggest Bank Heist Ever! | HD. The End of Europe. Global Economic Collapse? MIT Predicts That World Economy Will Collapse By 2030. Forty years after its initial publication, a study called The Limits to Growth is looking depressingly prescient. Commissioned by an international think tank called the Club of Rome, the 1972 report found that if civilization continued on its path toward increasing consumption, the global economy would collapse by 2030. Population losses would ensue, and things would generally fall apart. The study was — and remains — nothing if not controversial, with economists doubting its predictions and decrying the notion of imposing limits on economic growth. Australian researcher Graham Turner has examined its assumptions in great detail during the past several years, and apparently his latest research falls in line with the report's predictions, according to Smithsonian Magazine. The world is on track for disaster, the magazine says.

Is this impossible to fix? [Smithsonian] Study shows powerful corporations really do control the world's finances. ( -- For many years conventional wisdom has said that the whole world is controlled by the monied elite, or more recently by the huge multi-national corporations that seem to sometime control the very air we breathe. Now, new research by a team based in ETH-Zurich, Switzerland, has shown that what we’ve suspected all along, is apparently true.

The team has uploaded their results onto the preprint server arXiv. Using data obtained (circa 2007) from the Orbis database (a global database containing financial information on public and private companies) the team, in what is being heralded as the first of its kind, analyzed data from over 43,000 corporations, looking at both upstream and downstream connections between them all and found that when graphed, the data represented a bowtie of sorts, with the knot, or core representing just 147 entities who control nearly 40 percent of all of monetary value of transnational corporations (TNCs). Via Propaganda in the media: the invisible beast « Freelance Lefty. Propaganda is not always obvious. No longer does it take the form of full-on jingoistic portrayals of the enemy, whoever it might be at any given time. The term is certain to bring up images of those hostile xenophobic posters from the First World War urging working people to sacrifice their bodies and lives for their respective ruling classes.

Images, too, of dictators adorned with bouquets of flowers from adoring children will spring to mind. Modern propaganda is a much more sophisticated beast than that of the early 20th century, but its results are no less effective. The first BBC report on the unprovoked invasion of Iraq in 2003 reveals a lot. Reporting of the long-running occupation of Palestine is consistently ridded with propaganda, half-truths and lies. During a visit to the United States, a group of journalists from the Soviet Union, awed by the passivity of western citizens, asked their American hosts: “How do you do it?

- This article was published in The Morning Star. ITV use fake videogame footage_ claim its authentic IRA video shooting down chopper - YouTube.flv. Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq. Exposed: Media fabricated 'empty tents' story at OccupyLSX. Media Fakes War Propaganda| Weapons of Mass Distraction. Edward Bernays and the Art of Public Manipulation. How People are Manipulated by Fear and Propaganda. Consumerism: A short term reinforcer. Planned Obsolescence Conspiracy. The Gospel of Consumption | Jeffrey Kaplan. And the better future we left behind by Jeffrey Kaplan Photograph: Brian Ulrich PRIVATE CARS WERE RELATIVELY SCARCE in 1919 and horse-drawn conveyances were still common.

In residential districts, electric streetlights had not yet replaced many of the old gaslights. And within the home, electricity remained largely a luxury item for the wealthy. Just ten years later things looked very different. Cars dominated the streets and most urban homes had electric lights, electric flat irons, and vacuum cleaners. But despite the apparent tidal wave of new consumer goods and what appeared to be a healthy appetite for their consumption among the well-to-do, industrialists were worried. It was this latter concern that led Charles Kettering, director of General Motors Research, to write a 1929 magazine article called “Keep the Consumer Dissatisfied.” In a 1927 interview with the magazine Nation’s Business, Secretary of Labor James J.

Today “work and more work” is the accepted way of doing things. UNCUT: Planned Obsolescence and YOU. TRMS: Debunks Political Right Wing "News"

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Moving Forward - Politics. The Election of Ideas - The Zeitgeist Movement. Trom: The Reality of Me - Politicians, voting and democracy (9) Obama & Romney: Two Sides of Same Evil | Weapons of Mass Distraction. 2012 Voting Machines Altering Votes. Obama Supporters Don't Know Obama. Why I'm Voting for Obama *PARODY* Impeach Obama. George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice. ENLIGHTENMENT MINUTES - with Noam Chomsky. The People's History: An Analysis of the One Party State: At the top of the political pyramid, there is not a constant trade-off between Liberal and Conservative agendas, there is only THE Agenda.

Perhaps the most widely proliferated truism of American patriotism is that the the two-party system is a beacon of democracy. Surely, our system is better than that of Iran, where presidential candidates must be approved by a religious council, or perhaps that of Venezuela, where the majority of the media is state-owned and disseminates propaganda in each election. Democrats and Republicans are widely different, it seems. At least that is what their hyper-partisan bickering would imply. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama must have be unabashed liberals, otherwise why would the Republicans despise them so much? The divide between party faithfuls of different colors runs deep, with each side blaming the entirety of the countries problems on the other, often resulting in a state of pure hatred and disgust among citizens.

One only needs to turn on cable news to see this as a fact. Crime “The United States has less than 5 percent of the world's population. Arms Sales Domestic Spying “Okay. War. The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News. [The Big Idea] Andrew Marr interviews Noam Chomsky (480p) Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed: The Myth of the Free Press: Why You Should Ignore the Fake 'Free Speech Naysayers. When pundits and editors and politicians over the next few days and weeks insist that Leveson's recommendations should be ignored because they endanger the sacred principle of freedom of the press, ask yourself one simple question. Whose payroll are they on? Invariably, they are either on the payroll of large corporate media conglomerates dependent on advertising revenue from big business, or they're keen to cosy up with the same large corporate media conglomerates. Many are probably working for the very newspapers that have demonstrably committed crimes with impunity, made-up stories with no accountability, and protected power from meaningful scrutiny.

Those who claim we have a free press that needs defending from the scary mitts of Big Government-backed 'statutory regulation' miss the point entirely. We don't have a free press. They are wrong. The Iraq case is not an isolated example. But why is this? It's a closed circle. The battle lines have been drawn. The Consequences of Patriotism - Stefan Molyneux on Breaking The Set with Abby Martin. Iraq: A Decade of Hell. The Cutting Edge: Seven Myths About the Iraq War: How BBC Newsnight failed journalism on the 10 year anniversary of the invasion. As a participant in BBC Newsnight special, "Iraq - 10 Years On", I found myself feeling slightly miffed at the lack of real debate on the crucial issues. On the one hand, Newsnight presented a number of narratives of the war and its aftermath as 'fact', which are deeply questionable. On the other, there were no serious, factually-grounded criticisms of the war, despite a diverse panel which included people who did not support it.

What follows is my Newsnight-inspired Iraq War Myth-Busting exercise, based on what was, and wasn't, discussed on the show. MYTH 1. One of the first Newsnight bloopers started with a short introductory clip from John Simpson, the BBC's World Affairs Editor. This was the first of many oversimplifications about the escalation of sectarian violence in Iraq. Ultimately, of course, the specific detail of this plan did not come to fruition - but the 'divide-and-rule' imperial thinking behind the plan was implemented.

MYTH 2. Really? This is only partly true. The Spies Who Fooled the World. Audiences and Media. There has been extensive research over the years in order to determine how audience respond to messages conveyed by the mass media. According to Gauntlett “Direct effects of media upon behaviour have not been clearly identified” and many postmodernist thinkers would argue that media messages are ‘polysemic’ as individuals interpret things differently and it therefore has the capacity to carry a multitude of various meanings. There are also many variables to take into consideration such as the length of time exposed to media, the subject matter, preconceived beliefs of the viewer and the type of media outlet communicating the message.

The ‘Hypodermic Model’ is the earliest theory, which uses the analogy of a ‘hypodermic syringe’ being injected into a patient to describe the media’s effect on the audience. Katz and Lazarfeld presented a contrasting approach known as ‘Two Step Flow’ which argues that media influence does not have as much of an immediate impact as originally thought. These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America.

British public wrong about nearly everything, survey shows - Home News - UK. The research, carried out by Ipsos Mori from a phone survey of 1,015 people aged 16 to 75, lists ten misconceptions held by the British public. Among the biggest misconceptions are: - Benefit fraud: the public think that £24 of every £100 of benefits is fraudulently claimed. Official estimates are that just 70 pence in every £100 is fraudulent - so the public conception is out by a factor of 34. - Immigration: some 31 per cent of the population is thought to consist of recent immigrants, when the figure is actually 13 per cent. . - Crime: some 58 per cent of people do not believe crime is falling, when the Crime Survey for England and Wales shows that incidents of crime were 19 per cent lower in 2012 than in 2006/07 and 53 per cent lower than in 1995. . - Teen pregnancy is thought to be 25 times higher than the official estimates: 15 per cent of of girls under 16 are thought to become pregnant every year, when official figures say the amount is closer to 0.6 per cent.

Bad News: How PR Came to Rule Modern Journalism - Michael Marshall. The Corporation (2003) SCANDAL: there's a toxic plot in the Conservative party. Jon Ronson: Strange answers to the psychopath test. I Am Fishhead - Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths? (2011) 'Obey': Film Based on Chris Hedges' 'Death of the Liberal Class' How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy - Chris Hedges. Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Politics (whole documentary) Watch The War You Don't See (2010. Israel & Palestine: A History of Occupation | Brainwash Update. War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935.

21st Century Slaves. The War On Democracy (2007) John Pilger - The New rulers of The World. The State-Corporate Complex: A Threat to Freedom and Survival. Chris Hedges Warns of Authoritarian Takeover. John Pilger - War by Other Means. Economic Hitmen. The Economic Hitman| Zeitgeist: Addendum (Part II) Nixon Prolonged Vietnam War to Win Presidency. Obama's War Crimes: The U.S. Drone War. Why we fight 2005. Terence McKenna: Culture is not your friend. Terence McKenna - Cultural Imprisonment. Noam Chomsky discusses the slogan "Support Our Troops" Michael Moore: Those Who Say 'I Support the Troops' Really Don't. Doug Stanhope - Nationalism.