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Common Core Reading: Mentor Text + Interactive Lessons = Success! - Performing in Education. Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post.

Common Core Reading: Mentor Text + Interactive Lessons = Success! - Performing in Education

You don’t have to buy anything, but if you do, it helps this blog for no extra cost to you! Thanks for your support! When the Common Core State Standards went live, a lot of teachers were seriously concerned. They wondered how they could possibly do any more to help their students learn to read and understand more rigorous text. Now that the dust has settled, there is still a struggle to make the learning interesting and fun enough to encourage students to read more.

Unfortunately, with the pressure of testing and rigor, reading has become more competitive than fun. Book Report Mobiles. Hi everyone!

Book Report Mobiles

I wanted to share some of the amazing book report mobiles I received today from my talented students! My students were able to choose their own books, so they were super excited to share their books with the class. The students (and myself) walked away with a nice long list of books to read in the future! Oliver Phommavanh. Class Clown session notes What’s so funny?

Oliver Phommavanh

Surprise (cover our feelings of embarrassment)Reaction to tragedyReassures the insecureFor kids, it’s the opposite of normal. FreeGenericMysteryWritingwithStudentNotebookInteractives. Creativity Tips — FableVision Learning. Write like an author. Young Writers Award. 19 Easy Rules To Write Something Every Day. Oliver Jeffers Picture Book Maker. How to Write Page 1. Which Age Group Should I Write For?  WriteForKids – Writing Children's Books.

The Author and the Future of Children's Books  WriteForKids – Writing Children's Books. Find Your Voice by Copying  WriteForKids – Writing Children's Books. » Don’t Love Your Characters; See Them: An Interview with Kathleen Alcott.

You're not too young to start writing

What Are the Ingredients of a Good YA Book? Routine? What Routine? In author Q&As, someone in the audience invariably asks, “What is your writing routine?”

Routine? What Routine?

Or “What is your process?” I find this question alarming. But even more alarming than the question are all the answers: BTS00_013.pdf. SPB00_154.pdf. Faber Writing Academy at Allen & Unwin - welcome. About Us. Seizure began in 2010 as a magazine collaboration between Alice Grundy and David Henley and has grown into a flourishing website and community for writers, editors, publishers and readers.

About Us

Seizure is currently made up of a around a dozen volunteers who work to improve literary and publishing culture in Australia. Between 2010-13 Seizure published six issues of a full-colour literary journal, bringing over 50 new writers into print – five have gone on to trade publishing deals and one has been shortlisted for the Miles Franklin. The inaugural Viva La Novella competition in 2012 uncovered the talented Jane Jervis-Read. In 2013, with funding from the Copyright Agency, the award expanded to create positions for editor-judges who could choose the entry of their choice and then proceed through the entire process of contracting and manuscript development, through to print and post-publication promotion. Writers, Young Writer, Writing Courses, Creative Writing.

Teen Ink Website Review. 2015-05. Ask Alice at WriteForKids. The Secret Zoo - Meet Bryan Chick. Writing advice. A Tale of Two Castles - Meet Gail Carson Levine. Writing Tips by SAMANTHA VAN LEER. The Last Musketeer - Meet Stuart Gibbs. How to Get Unstuck in 30 Seconds. By Maria Popova From squiggle to masterpiece in 30 seconds, or how to refill your annual bucket of creative mojo.

How to Get Unstuck in 30 Seconds

“Getting stuck is not a problem. Michael Grant's top tips for writing YA. People sometimes ask me, "Mr Grant, you've written the Gone series and the BZRK series and co-authored Animorphs, so tell me, as an expert, how can I become a bestselling author of novels for young adults?

Michael Grant's top tips for writing YA

" And I say to them, "Dude, I don't have a clue. " And that's the last time they call me Mr Grant because at that point we've established that we are on a first dude basis. (I am a Californian, after all.) So then they ask, "No, seriously, dude, how do you do it? " The Biggest Book Show On Earth - World Book Day.

Noted Festival. MWF 2015 → Melbourne Writers Festival. In 2015 MWF will celebrate 30 years of Victoria’s premier annual literary event.

MWF 2015 → Melbourne Writers Festival

The Festival connects writers and stories to celebrate a world of literature, explore universal ideas, and inspire a global community of readers. The 2015 Melbourne Writers Festival runs from Thursday 20 to Sunday 30 August. We’ll release full details of the program in July. Good Reading Magazine. PROGRAM BY GENRE: Publishing - Sydney Writers' Festival. PROGRAM BY GENRE: Publishing Friday, May 8 2015 Saturday, May 16 2015 Sunday, May 17 2015 Melanie Ostell: (Writing is) Rewriting* SOLD OUT *Code: W5 | Type: Workshops | Genres: Craft, Publishing This workshop reviews structure, plot, pace, character development, back story, denouement and POV/voice.

PROGRAM BY GENRE: Publishing - Sydney Writers' Festival

National Young Writers' Festival. The National Young Writers’ Festival is a volunteer-run organisation.

National Young Writers' Festival

The 2015 festival is staffed by: Alexandra Neill • Festival Director Alexandra is a writer and blogger based in Melbourne. She has been a writer for Good News Week, an Ambassador for National Young Writers Month and the editor of comedy review website The Pun. Her fiction and non-fiction has been published by Voiceworks, Award Winning Australian Writing, Scum and Junkee and her blog, Adventures in TV-Land, has been published by The Internet. Email: Twitter: @paper_bag_girl Jessica Alice • Festival Director Jessica the the Marketing and Publicity Manager of Regional Arts Victoria. FESTIVAL OF GOLDEN WORDS. Blogs By Kids. Younger Young Writers' Program. Are you a young writer aged 13–17? Would you like to learn all about the world of publishing from a team of expert editors, a mentor, and working with other excellent young writers? The Younger Young Writers’ Program at the National Young Writers’ Festival is looking for participants right now.

The Express Media Award winning Younger Young Writers’ Program (YYWP) is back for another barnstorming year. Contribute to Voiceworks. We accept submissions to all areas of the magazine at all times. Please make sure you read the following guidelines closely. If you’re unsure about any of the guidelines, please contact us. Publish-books.