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Year 9. Year 9. How to write a book. How to write a book. Writing Resources. How to Write a Novel in Three Days. NaNoWriMo?

How to Write a Novel in Three Days.

Pah. Try NaNoWriWeekend. Michael Moorcock is a highly influential English writer. His career has mostly specialised in fantasy and sci-fi, and whilst some of his novels have been highly literary, he was a firm exponent of sword-and-sorcery, particularly in the sixties and seventies. He has often commented on the craft of writing, but one of his most unique and interesting techniques is his plan for writing a book in three days. Michael Moorcock Anyway. First of all, it’s vital to have everything prepared. Elric with his evil, sentient, soul-drinking blade Stormbringer. Make Money Writing: 77 Trusted Sources. 126 Flares Twitter 64 Facebook 22 Google+ 35 Pin It Share 5 5 LinkedIn 0 inShare0 Email -- Email to a friend 126 Flares × Do you wonder if you’ll ever make money writing?

Make Money Writing: 77 Trusted Sources

Maybe you’re already making some. Woman's Weekly Fiction Submission Guidelines. If you are interested in submitting fiction to Woman’s Weekly, please read the following guidelines.

Woman's Weekly Fiction Submission Guidelines

We regret we can’t accept stories by e-mail. Please include an sae in case we have to return your manuscript. Fiction is a vital ingredient of Woman’s Weekly, the place where readers can escape and switch off. This doesn’t mean predictable plots. Helps for Writers. Welcome to! Journaling your Past. ©2005 - 2007 by aisling d'art I'm probably best-known for my personal journaling workshops and online art journals.

Journaling your Past

And, I want to share some of my journaling tips with you in this free ebook about journaling your own history. Journaling Your Past is a free 26-page ebook, and it's like taking one of my popular workshops at home. 10 Journal Keeping Ideas that Will Enhance Your Life. What should I write about?

10 Journal Keeping Ideas that Will Enhance Your Life

Will it sound dumb? Will I run out of ideas before I even get started? Journal Writing Ideas. Adam Maxwell's Fiction Lounge. If you glance to the column on your right you will see a prompt.

Adam Maxwell's Fiction Lounge

I am still improving the system so right now you will have to refresh the page to receive another. Very soon indeed there will be a Writing Prompts book available. Entitled ‘Mr Maxwell’s Spectacular Story Suggester’, it will feature writing prompts, contributions and essays on using the prompts and a spectacular story suggestion system to cut through writers block. Whether you are a writer of short stories, flash fiction, novels or any other genre you can name sometimes you need a place to start.

This is designed to be one of those starting points. Beginner Novel Writer's Tips. Create A Plot Outline In 8 Easy Steps. By Glen C.

Create A Plot Outline In 8 Easy Steps

Strathy How would you like to create a plot outline for your novel in less than an hour that is emotionally compelling and dramatically sound? It's easier than you think. The secret is to incorporate the 8 Basic Plot Elements. Worksheets for Writers. The writing community is fortunate to have many great resources.

Worksheets for Writers

Based on things I learned from phenomenal teachers like Larry Brooks, Michael Hauge, and Martha Alderson, I developed these worksheets* to help all writers, from plotters to pantsers (those who write by the seat of their pants). Let me know at my Contact page if there are other worksheets you’d like me to create. Sign up for my newsletter to receive my blog posts and hear about all additions I make to this page. * With the exception of the Save the Cat Beat Sheet, which was developed by Elizabeth Davis. The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations is a descriptive list which was created by Georges Polti to categorize every dramatic situation that might occur in a story or performance.

The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations

To do this Polti analyzed classical Greek texts, plus classical and contemporaneous French works. He also analyzed a handful of non-French authors. In his introduction, Polti claims to be continuing the work of Carlo Gozzi, who also identified 36 situations. Publication history[edit] Editing Software for Novelists & Creative Writers - SmartEdit. Random Story Generator. This thing is so fun.

Random Story Generator

Prepare yourself! The idea I had was to create a sentence that sounded like a brief plot outline or even a TV Guide blurb for a Christian speculative novel. I wanted to create several variables that would be randomly supplied by a little software utility, thus supplying a plot outline that might just be crazy enough to give you an idea spark. So I conscripted my Christian speculative novelist buddy, Randall Ingermanson, to do the coding. Thanks, Randy! The paragraph you see below in blue is what the software generated for you just now. Have fun! Creatiwittyblog - May You Live in Interesting Times.

Structure. Language Arts. Get Me Writing » 5 Fool-Proof Ways to Put your Muse to Work. EmailEmail Are you at the mercy of your Muse? Plot Scenario Generator. Story Idea Generator. Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids. Character Detail Generators. The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. Short Story Ideas - Scenarios. Story Generator. Stories This is a satire. The story is about a disloyal ranger who is stalked by a paladin.

It starts on an icy planet. The story begins with a legal dispute, climaxes with someone visiting a doctor, and ends with the discovery of a lost item. The threat of terrorism plays a major part in this story. Writers Plot Idea Generator - create a random story line. Writers Workshop. The Bonsai Story Tree Generator takes coherent text and turns it into... well, I'm not sure what. It's not GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) -- it's more like QIGO (Quality In, Garbage Out). Only, the garbage often makes a sort of strange, surreal sense...

Judge for yourself. :-) Why is it called the Bonsai Story Tree Generator? Okay, here's the history. At each December holiday party of the Northern Colorado Writers' Workshop, members exchange gag gifts; the more unique the better (and nothing costing more than $13.13). (In January 2005, Bonsai'd text was published as chapter 34 of the hoax book, Atlanta Nights, ostensibly the worst book ever written.)

Jobs at Docstoc. Resources for Romance Writers. I've tried to make this site as helpful as I could. Everything here is put together to help other romance authors learn the ropes, improve their writing, promote their writing, stay in touch with other writers, or just keep on writing. I hope it's easy to find your way around the site and that you come back often to visit. I try to check the links on these pages from time to time, but there are so many pages and so many links, and websites often go down quickly and without warning, so please forgive any broken links you find.

Happy writing, best wishes and hugs from one struggling writer to another, Charlotte Dillon. Story Starters. Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids. yWriter5 - Free writing software designed by an author, not a salesman. yWriter5 is designed for Windows XP, Vista and beyond. Win98 and Win2k users should be able to use it, but those operating systems are unsupported. These downloads contain yWriter5 version, dated 04/Jul/2014 Download yWriter5 installer (2.1mb) from the primary site.

OR download yWriter5 installer (2.1mb) from the secondary site. (The files above are identical. Optional zip version: yWriter5 Zipped Install (1.5mb) En/App/Office. - A Christian Forum. Story Idea Generator. Chapter 37: Writing about crime. In the first two chapters of this four-chapter section, we looked at the practical aspects of reporting crime. Here we suggest how to write about crime effectively and also avoid some of the pitfalls of poor writing. In the final chapter we will discuss the ethics of crime reporting. Once you have gathered enough information, start writing the story in the usual inverted pyramid style, with the most important details in the first paragraph, backed-up by more information and ending in the least important facts or comments.

Know your limits. The News Manual. Developing Plot Ideas for Short Story, Novel, Screenplay. Episode 57: Free Plot Ideas to Run With « More Novel by the Week. Find the Agent Who Will Find You a Publisher. Formula of a good Crime Story. Formula for Writing a Romance Novel. Free Software for Writers. Free Thriller Novel Writing Tips. Thrillers are a genre that many people can't get enough of. Building tension and keeping people turning pages are essential for successfully crafting these types of stories.

As with any specific type of writing, even those with a natural talent will need some pointers. Free Database of Literary Agents and Publishers - Query Letter Statistics - S FREELANCE WRITING JOBS : FIND FREELANCE WRITING JOBS. Freelance Writer Jobs. Plot Generator. Government Grants for Writing Screenplays. Guest Post: How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day - SFWA.