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A Georgia sheriff ordered pat-down searches for every student at a public high school. Now they’re suing. (Tyler Nienhouse/Flickr) Students at Worth County High School in Sylvester, Ga., have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against their country sheriff after he ordered what the complaint describes as a schoolwide drug sweep involving pat-down searches of hundreds of teenagers.

A Georgia sheriff ordered pat-down searches for every student at a public high school. Now they’re suing.

On April 14, Sheriff Jeff Hobby and dozens of deputies came to Worth County High School searching for students in possession of illicit substances. According to the students' legal complaint, they proceeded to go to every classroom and physically search nearly every student present for drugs. The deputies, the lawsuit alleges, used “pat down” searches, with some deputies touching female students’ breasts and male students’ genitalia. Tommy Coleman, a lawyer for the district, corroborated the students' account of the search. Business wonkblog false after3th true Wonkbook newsletter Your daily policy cheat sheet from Wonkblog.

Neither search turned up any illicit drugs, according to Coleman. J.E.' Sheriff Clarke sued for ordering student's harassment who shook his head disapprovingly (with video) Milwaukee’s abusive snowflake and Donald Trump lapdog Sheriff David Clarke continues his Trumponian bonafides with a new lawsuit.

Sheriff Clarke sued for ordering student's harassment who shook his head disapprovingly (with video)

Back in January, Clarke was sitting his snowflake cowboy hat down in first class on a flight from Milwaukee to Dallas, where he was going to be the special guest of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Dan Black, a 24-year-old Wisconsin resident, was passing Clarke while boarding the plane and saw the Wisconsin sheriff sporting all Dallas Cowboy memorabilia.

This made Ned Black shake his head disapprovingly at Clarke. Clarke, being super sensitive about manly stuff, decided to use his power as a sheriff to have the younger man detained and questioned after the flight. Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke got police to detain passenger who questioned him on flight. An incident on an airplane in which Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke had a passenger detained and interviewed after the flight without having committed a crime has raised further concerns about Clarke’s alleged abuses of power, despite possibly being selected for a job with the Department of Homeland Security.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke got police to detain passenger who questioned him on flight

Police Chief Magazine: Possible New Revenue Streams For Law Enforcement. In the April edition of The Police Chief magazine, Paul LaCommare, Commander of the West Covina Police Department in West Covina, California, discusses new ways for law enforcement to raise money in light of dwindling revenue streams.

Police Chief Magazine: Possible New Revenue Streams For Law Enforcement

This article was sent to us by a reader who said, “If war is a racket, policing is even more so…” via Police Chief Magazine: The common reaction to a budget crisis is reducing personnel and cutting services. The focus of this article is to provide police agencies with an alternative to personnel and service reductions. This alternative could help the survival of a city and maintain or expand police service through generating new revenue streams as a proactive approach to meet the fiscal crisis of today and the uncertain future of tomorrow. Read the entire piece here. 'I'm Lucky To Be Living': Video Shows Cops Brutally Beating Unarmed Black Man In Michigan. The violent arrest of an African-American motorist by two white police officers in Inkster, Michigan, was caught on video and shows police brutally beating a man who claimed he did nothing wrong.

'I'm Lucky To Be Living': Video Shows Cops Brutally Beating Unarmed Black Man In Michigan

The Michigan State Police officers said they pulled over 57-year-old Floyd Dent for violating a traffic violation in January. The dashcam video, which was obtained by WDIV and released on Tuesday, shows Dent opening the door to his car only to be met by an officer who withdrew his gun and aimed it directly at him. Officers dragged Dent out of the vehicle, forced him face down to the ground and proceeded to place him in a chokehold. “I’m lucky to be living. I think they was trying to kill me, especially when they had choked me,” Dent told WDIV. According to police reports obtained by the TV station, the primary officer served 16 punches to Dent’s head, leaving his face bloody and body bruised.

Dollars, Death and the LAPD. In 2010, two Los Angeles police officers, one Black and one Latino, were patrolling Koreatown when they came upon Steve Washington, an autistic young man.

Dollars, Death and the LAPD

When he “failed to comply” with police orders, he was shot to death. Washington was unarmed. Washington’s mother was ultimately awarded a $950,000 settlement for her son’s death. The officers were consigned to desk duty and their requests to return to the field were denied. Stories Continue To Emerge From Chicago Police Department 'Black Site': Chicagoist. Image credit: Google Maps screengrab Despite vague and predictable non-answers from Chicago Police officials and lackluster “reporting” from the majority of local sources, more disturbing revelations from the CPD's facility on Homan Avenue have emerged.

Stories Continue To Emerge From Chicago Police Department 'Black Site': Chicagoist

On Wednesday, CPD responded to a Guardian expose detailing CIA style interrogation tactics at the building on the 3300 block of West Fillmore Street with a typical “nothing to see here” attitude, calling NATO demonstrator Brian Church's allegations of torture and abuse “false,” and blaming the death of another detainee, John Hubbard, on an accidental heroin overdose. New stories of abuse and interrogation tactics reminiscent of now freed police torturer Jon Burge however, continue to make national headlines. Kory Wright, a now 29 year old man living in Bronzeville, told The Intercept's Juan Carlson of his 2006 experience with several others at the Homan facility: St. Louis Cops Turned Off Camera to Hide Abuse of Suspect. St.

St. Louis Cops Turned Off Camera to Hide Abuse of Suspect

Louis cops turned off a dashboard camera that recorded them tasering and kicking a man pulled over at a traffic stop. But as the cops were abusing Cortez Bufford, a female officer told them to stop as a camera in a police car was still videorecording. “We’re red right now!” The officer exclaims before abruptly turning off the camera. America’s over-policing bombshell: How new data proves “stop & frisk” critics were right all along. People are talking about the police a lot these days.

America’s over-policing bombshell: How new data proves “stop & frisk” critics were right all along

The killing of unarmed residents. The killing of cops. Disputes between New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and rank-and-file officers over issues of respect. And yet, a policing issue that totally consumed and divided New York and the nation in recent years now garners little mention: the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy. One big reason, of course, is that the tactic is used much less now. America's Dirtiest Cops: Cash, Cocaine, Corruption on the Texas Border. The temperature was nearing triple digits when Jonathan Treviño strapped on his bulletproof vest, slipped his .40-caliber Glock into his ankle holster and got ready to go to work.

America's Dirtiest Cops: Cash, Cocaine, Corruption on the Texas Border

It was Thursday, July 26th, 2012, one of those summers in South Texas when the hot air settles on the Rio Grande Valley like a blanket. The Gulf breeze was already sticky as Treviño climbed into his unmarked Chevy Tahoe and started it up. NY State Trooper threatens driver recording stop: ‘I’ll find a way for the DA’s office to arrest you’ A New York State Trooper, annoyed that a motorist was recording their interactions, threatened to “find a way to arrest” him during a recent traffic stop. In the video recorded by John Houghtaling, the trooper — identified as Officer Rosenblatt — walks up to the car and immediately holds his hand up to block the view of his face from the camera. “Put the phone down,” The trooper tells Houghtaling, who asks the officer “why?” Adding, “Am I not allowed to record, officer?” After asking the trooper for his badge number, Houghtaling asks, “Am I being detained?” Origins of the police. The Five Points district of lower Manhattan, painted by George Catlin in 1827.

New York’s first free Black settlement, Five Points was also a destination for Irish immigrants and a focal point for the stormy collective life of the new working class. Cops were invented to gain control over neighborhoods and populations like this. In England and the United States, the police were invented within the space of just a few decades — roughly from 1825 to 1855.

WATCH: Plainclothes NYPD officer repeatedly strikes teen already subdued by three other cops. A plainclothes New York Police Department officer is being investigated by Internal Affairs after a video in which he rushes up and attacks a teen surfaced, the Daily News reports. In the video, three uniformed officers can be seen subduing the suspect while another uniformed officer supervises when a plainclothes officer in a camouflage jacket rushes toward the suspect and begins to punch him, repeatedly, in the stomach. “Stop it,” yelled bystander Sarah Doneghy, who recorded the arrest and uploaded the video to YouTube. “He’s 12!” WATCH: Arizona cop punches 15-year-old girl in face as mother begs her to stop. In video uploaded to YouTube on Friday, a female Mesa, Arizona police officer can be seen punching and brutalizing a teen girl as her mother begs the officer to stop. According to the Free Thought Project, the 15-year-old girl was a runaway who the police officer was attempting to apprehend.

As a witness filmed, the officer walked up to the girl and punched her, knocking her down. She then put the girl in a chokehold — even after the teen’s mother begged her and a second officer to stop, saying that the girl is asthmatic and has emotional issues. WATCH: Texas sheriff’s deputy sees man filming him, arrests him without reason. A sheriff’s deputy in Harris County, Texas was caught on video arresting a man apparently because the man was videotaping his conversation with another person, the Free Thought Project reported.

The footage shows the deputy, identified as “Hoang,” arriving onto private property and approaching a man sitting down on a chair when he turns and asks the person filming, “Is there a reason why you’re recording this?” The person behind the camera, identified as Michael Gardner, says, “Yes, sir, but I don’t answer questions.” Gardner, who is standing several feet away from the deputy while filming, then identifies himself as a friend of the seated man. Gardner told the Free Thought Project that he was working on the property and had been allowed by the owners to be there. Jon Stewart Has A Question For Rand Paul: 'What The F**k Are You Talking About?'

Jon Stewart On Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision: 'I Honestly Don't Know What To Say' Texas cop allowed to resign one week after video exposes him putting woman in chokehold. Police expert: War on terror has turned our cops into occupying armies — and we’re the enemy. The war on terror has essentially turned police into occupying armies in some American communities, said a police and criminology expert. Thomas Nolan, an associate professor of criminology at Merrimack College and former senior policy analyst with the Department of Homeland Security, said the focus of police work had shifted greatly since he was a Boston police officer in the 1980s and 1990s.

‘You wanna f*cking resist?’: NY sheriff’s deputy caught slapping man on camera. Man who lost testicle won’t face DWI charges because cop destroyed video of groin kick. Charges were dropped against a drunken driving suspect who lost a testicle when an Albuquerque police officer kicked him in the groin, and the law student then filed a lawsuit against the cop. Jeremy Martin, who studies law at the University of New Mexico, was stopped April 25, just days after the U.S.

Wisconsin police deploy armored vehicle over dog poop dispute, SWAT team executes dog. WATCH: Florida cop goes bonkers on ‘f*cking little wise-ass 20-year-old punk’ NYPD cop takes $1,300 from man, pepper-sprays him in the face when he complains. Deputies Who Flashbanged Toddler Bounkham Phonesavanh Avoid Charges. By David Beasley. WATCH: Cops smash window to use Taser on passenger during seat belt traffic stop. Marlene Pinnock, Woman In California Highway Patrol Beating Case, Reaches Settlement. Marlene Pinnock, the 51-year-old great-grandmother seen in a video being punched by a California Highway Patrol officer, has settled her case against the agency. Pinnock will receive $1.5 million, according to KTLA. In addition, the Associated Press reports that Officer Daniel Andrew will resign. Teen Bryce Masters In Critical Condition After Police Use Taser On Him: Report. Raw Story » Witnesses: ‘Django Unchained’ actress and boyfriend having sex in car before police arrived.

Raw Story » ‘Django Unchained’ actress detained by cops because they assumed she was a hooker. West Virginia cop caught threatening woman filming rough arrest of terminally ill man. Gun nuts’ special privileges: How police treated a dangerous “open carry” zealot. Santiago Hernandez Claims Police Brutality In NYPD Beating Caught On Video. ‘Poor judgment’: Florida cops caught misusing emergency lights for breakfast trip. Police report in the Michael Brown case. UN Condemns U.S. Police Brutality, Calls For 'Stand Your Ground' Review. Minnesota man will file civil rights suit against cops who Tased him for not identifying himself. Police Officer Will Not Be Charged In Killing Of Napster Executive. Police altered video showing what happened before cops shot WV man 23 times: lawsuit. “I’m not your brother!”: Video reveals police’s stunning double-standard for black Americans. Chicago Police Commander Relieved Of Duties After Allegedly Sticking Gun In Suspect's Mouth.

Live Stream Captures SWAT Team Charging Into Gamer's Office. WATCH: Florida man says cops beat him for not rolling down window all the way. WATCH: SC police beat man in Walmart as horrified shoppers beg officers to stop. Report: 79% Of Minority Suspects Receive Miranda Rights While Unconscious. Walking While Black: Beverly Hills PD Arrests Innocent Black Man. It’s Not Just the LAPD: The Big Lie About Police Brutality is That it’s Not Rampant. Travels Through the Police State. Protect And Serve: The Best Of Police Training Videos. Dallas Officer Suspended Without Pay for 30 Days for Trying to Confiscate Head Cam. Baton Vs. Camera: Police Openly Hunt for Citizen Journalists (Video) Philadelphia Cop Sucker Punches Woman Celebrating Latino Heritage. Aibuidefe Oghogho, College Student, Sues LAPD For Beating Him Outside Hollywood Club. The New York World.

A Dozen LAPD Officers Beat And Taze College Student Over Beer In Brown Paper Bag. Local Cops Now Paid With Federal Money To Troll IRC. Police State: Growth Rate of Cops Exceeds Population Growth. The Cancer of Police Violence. Michigan Police Shoot Homeless Man Over 46 Times. Louisiana Supreme Court Upholds Seizure of Motorist Cash. Arkansas Town Enacts Martial Law, ID Checks Of Everyone In Public. Cop Tells Photographer He Needs Permit to Film, Then Smashes Camera. Dad who died during arrest 'begged for his life'; witness videos ... Molested: My Unlawful Encounter With TSA. Homeless man ticketed for looking for a meal in trash. Cops Taser Then Shoot Man to Death After Family Calls 911 for Help for His Depression.

Second Video Of Dog Shooting Exonerates Police, Department Says, Lawyers Disagree. Radley Balko: “Once a town gets a SWAT team you want to use it” Caught On Camera: Police In Texas Violated Young Girls During Routine Traffic Stop. Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something To Prove Considering Career In Law Enforcement. Photographer Detained by LAPD for 'Interfering with Investigation' Norfolk PD: All Rape Victims Were Assumed To Be Lying. Watch As The NYPD Attempts To Stop Skateboarders' Annual Broadway Bomb. David Eckert Appears To Clench His Buttocks; Cops Order Enemas, Colonoscopy, X-Ray For Non-Existent Drugs. Today's Drug War Outrage: Man Dies In Jail Cell After Misdemeanor Pot Offense. Cops Video Themselves Tasing, Laughing at Mentally-Ill, Handcuffed Man. Unarmed Man Charged With Vicarious Assault After NYPD Trying to Shoot Him Missed and Shot Two Women Instead. Exclusive: How DC police use citizens as spies.

New Mexico Woman Billed $5,000 After Horrific 6-Hour Cavity Search At U.S. Border. Woman sues over vaginal, anal exams in El Paso drug search. David Eckert: Cops Forced 14hrs of Anal Probing For Non-Existent Drugs. Police Banned From Enforcing Traffic Laws In Oklahoma Town Over Abuse Of Traffic Tickets For Money. California cops Taser deaf man, beat him into unconsciousness as he tries to use sign language: lawsuit.

Amanda Jo Stephen, Jaywalking Suspect, Handcuffed And Thrown To Ground By Cops (RAW VIDEO) New Jersey man escapes 5 year sentence after dash cam footage clears him, indicts cops. Austin police chief says jaywalkers should be happy they’re not sexually assaulted by cops. Your Papers, Please: Texas Cops Unlawfully Detain Driver; File False Charges. Conversation with a Police Chief. NC deputy goes berserk, snatches phones from family after recording proves she ‘lied’ Man's Las Vegas casino winnings confiscated by police without any criminal charges.

Sober woman framed with 'drunk driving' charges after cop crashes into her vehicle. Noise Complaint Make Cops Tase Grandma. Albuquerque Police Face Federal Scrutiny, Local Outrage. Military Equipment Rolls Into America's Cities. A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2-year-old son (UPDATE) 'Gentle Giant' Dies After NYPD Cop Puts Him In Chokehold. Medical Examiner Rules Death Of Asthmatic Man In NYPD Chokehold Was Homicide. It's Perfectly Legal To Film The Cops. John Oliver Slams Militarization of Police. What Military Gear Your Local Police Department Bought.