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WATCH: Neighbors stunned as cop takes down Black Amazon driver for parking the wrong way. A neighborhood in Warren, Michigan expressed shock this week when local police took down a black Amazon driver for merely parking the wrong way on their street.

WATCH: Neighbors stunned as cop takes down Black Amazon driver for parking the wrong way

Fox 2 Detroit reports that witnesses say the Amazon driver was tackled by a police officer shortly after delivering a package to local resident Diana Gouim. Gouim’s neighbor, Geri Cheatham, tells Fox 2 Detroit that she didn’t understand why the police officer tackled the driver and why he then called for backup. “It was ridiculous for one little kid that was the size of me,” she tells the station. Jim Michaels, another witness on the scene, tells Fox 2 Detroit that many of the neighbors tried to convince the officers that the driver had done nothing wrong. “We, several of the neighbors, spoke with the officer saying the kid hasn’t done anything and the cop was like well, ‘He was parked the wrong way,'” Michaels recalls. Gerald Goines, the Monster Cop Who Encountered George Floyd in Houston. Video Shows Missouri Cop Run Over Fleeing Suspect With Car Then Tackle Him As He Screams. Video from the doorbell camera of a private home shows an officer in an unmarked Florissant, Missouri police car driving into the yard and running over a fleeing suspect at speed.

Video Shows Missouri Cop Run Over Fleeing Suspect With Car Then Tackle Him As He Screams

As the suspect screams in pain as he tries to limp away from the car, the officer tells him to “get on the fucking ground” as he tackles him. The video was first sent in to the Instagram account for RealSTLMedia, and was later picked up by TMZ. Warning: the noise of the impact is graphic: The local Florissant Police Department confirmed that the officer in the video was not wearing a body-camera at the time. The St. Watch: A group of cops in New York beat up a man riding a bike after curfew. Derek Chauvin victim taunts ex-cop on CNN: ‘Which one of us is in big boy jail now?’ Big hints lie in the official complaint against Derek Chauvin — and surprising details are left out: ex-prosecutor.

In a column for CNN, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig reviewed the criminal complaint filed against ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and said it gives clues as to the direction prosecutors are likely to follow to convict the alleged killer of Georg Floyd — but it also leaves out key elements of the case that should be brought before a jury.

Big hints lie in the official complaint against Derek Chauvin — and surprising details are left out: ex-prosecutor

As Honig wrote, the case against Chauvin is strong but may not go far enough. Explaining, “A complaint is, essentially, a preliminary summary of evidence that prosecutors use to lodge a criminal charge and make an arrest. It is a crucial legal document but it is not final or definitive. The complaint does not necessarily set forth everything that prosecutors know now, or will learn as the investigation progresses,” he went on to add, “… the lead charge itself — third-degree murder — is light, given the facts.

According to the former prosecutor, it is entirely possible that the charges could be upgraded in severity. This Was Your Life: The Traffic Cop. October 1, 2017 As punishment for his bad karma debt, God forced Loki to work the gate to the afterlife ushering the recently deceased to the underworld.

This Was Your Life: The Traffic Cop

Bored to death, Loki and his friends decided to pass the time by taunting humans for their mistakes in life. American Cops, You’re Delusional If You Don’t Understand Why Civilians Hate You. Hate is a strong word, but that’s the situation on the streets of America.

American Cops, You’re Delusional If You Don’t Understand Why Civilians Hate You

Don’t shoot the messenger, bro. America has always had a love/hate relationship with its police force, which was morbidly exemplified on July 8th, 2016, when a sniper in Dallas, TX shot 14 police officers, killing 5 in revenge for the hundreds of unarmed civilians police kill every year. In a show of solidarity towards the police and condemnation towards the killer, thousands of people lined the streets along the funeral procession for the slain officers.

Those men deserve sympathy and credit for the good things they did, and they deserve for their deaths not to have been in vain, but they will be if America can’t have an open dialogue about why people hate the police. The inconvenient truth is police provide the civilian population with an assembly line of reasons to hate them. At the top of the list is the aforementioned body count of innocent civilians. “I am going to say what no one else is saying. WATCH: Minnesota cops arrest CNN reporter and entire camera crew on live TV. Police in Minneapolis on Friday arrested CNN’s Omar Jimenez and his entire camera crew on live television.

WATCH: Minnesota cops arrest CNN reporter and entire camera crew on live TV

In the middle of a broadcast about the civil unrest in Minneapolis that occurred in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, Minnesota State Police surrounded Jimenez and put handcuffs on him. After Jimenez was taken away, the officers proceeded to arrest every other CNN employee on the scene. Police did not initially give a reason for arresting Jimenez, although they claimed shortly afterward that he and his crew were taken into custody because they refused to move when instructed.

However, no footage shown during the broadcast shows Jimenez refusing an order to move. Dallas Cops Plant Black Suspect At Murder Scene. DALLAS—Following what they described as standard procedure for homicide investigations, members of the Dallas Police Department planted a black suspect at a suspicious murder scene in their city, sources confirmed Wednesday.

Dallas Cops Plant Black Suspect At Murder Scene

“You never know when you’re going to need a young African American male to pin a crime on, so we always make sure to have a few on hand in case we need to divert attention from a more obvious suspect,” said Officer Lee Durham, turning off his body camera and signaling to his partner, who retrieved a 21-year-old black man from their cruiser, wiped him down to remove any prints, and positioned him at the scene before the camera was turned back on.

Ex-deputy’s checkered past detailed in new lawsuit. Copyright © 2019 Albuquerque Journal Jeremy Barnes’ law enforcement history is filled with disciplinary actions and terminations for unprofessional conduct and harassment, some of which included physical confrontations with other officers.

Ex-deputy’s checkered past detailed in new lawsuit

Recently fired from the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office, Barnes in previous jobs dispensed pepper spray in a police dispatch office, slapped a jail guard and threatened a prosecutor, according to documents filed with a recent lawsuit. Barnes is now charged with felony counts of child abuse, and false imprisonment and misdemeanor charges of aggravated battery and violating the Governmental Conduct Act for, when working as a deputy, tasing a 15-year-old special needs student at Española Valley High School in May.

Death of Freddie Gray: 5 Things You Didn’t Know. On April 12th, 2015, a 25-year-old black man from the west side of Baltimore named Freddie Gray was arrested for possession of a “switchblade,” put inside a Baltimore Police Department (BPD) transport van, and then, 45 minutes later, was found unconscious and not breathing, his spinal cord nearly severed.

Death of Freddie Gray: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Following a seven-day coma, Gray died on April 19th; his untimely death and citizen video of his arrest, which showed Gray screaming in pain, prompted both the peaceful protests and headline-grabbing riots. The subsequent two-week police investigation ultimately concluded that Gray’s injury happened sometime during the van’s route – over six stops, with two prisoner checks, and another passenger pick-up. On May 1st, 2015, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby stood on the steps of Baltimore’s City Hall to announce criminal charges against six police officers, an unheard of demand for police accountability. 1.

But our investigation found that Mosby was right. 2. Wild shootout near freeway in Riverside leaves CHP officer and gunman dead. A California Highway Patrol officer was killed and two other officers were wounded in a wild shootout Monday evening off the 215 Freeway in Riverside that also left the gunman dead and motorists dodging bullets.

Wild shootout near freeway in Riverside leaves CHP officer and gunman dead

Officer Andre Moye, 34, was killed, and a second officer was in critical condition Monday night after the shooting, which also left a third CHP officer with minor injuries. Authorities said two civilians are thought to have suffered minor injuries. The suspect, who has not been identified, died at the scene. Moye was a CHP officer for almost three years and was assigned to the Riverside office after graduating from the CHP Academy on March 3, 2017. WATCH: Traffic stop turns violent after officer pulls weapon on black man for ‘speeding’ Florida Deputies Who Slammed Black Teen's Head Into The Ground Are Charged With Battery. "Your Time is Up" bystander tells police officer conducting an illegal search. WATCH: Florida cop arrested along with son after punching woman in wild restaurant brawl – Raw Story. Arkansas cop claims black man has a gun — until he realizes he is being filmed: ‘He trying to shoot me’

Bystanders scream in horror as Florida cops brutalize black teens. Colorado cops detain black man at gunpoint for picking up trash: 'This is my house. The NYPD Is Upset That Waze Is Warning Drivers About Upcoming DWI Traps. Theroot. New Mexico cop shatters car window and drags driver over broken glass after accusing him of seat belt violation. Florida cops' beating of mentally ill man was so bad that bystanders tried to intervene.

Arrest Footage of NBA Rookie Sterling Brown shows what it's like to deal with A**hole Cops. Video Catches Cops Punching Underage Woman In Head After She Passes Breathalyzer. Milwaukee PD releases Sterling Brown arrest video and it's absolutely awful; officers 'disciplined' Theroot. Theroot. 'I can't breathe': Former NFL player completely unconscious after being slammed to the ground by police. Splinternews. WATCH: Citizens Call Out Cop for Breaking the Rules And All Hell Breaks Loose. San Diego, CA — Dramatic footage, taken Tuesday from Chicano Park in San Diego, shows what happens when a police officer is called out for driving his motorcycle into a park to harass citizens. According to John Vazquez, the person who took the video, there have been reports of San Diego motorcycle cops parking in Chicano Park, racially profiling people and needlessly harassing them.

Vazquez, who reportedly sits on the board that runs the park, began filming when citizens approached officer Flores for violating an agreement not to ride into the park. Instead of de-escalating the situation, Flores became belligerent, puffed out his chest and appeared to want a fight. “I don’t back up!” He barks as he attempted to intimidate the citizens. When the man fails to be intimidated, Flores assaults him by shoving him backward and then pulls out his taser. Advertisment When the taser comes out, Vazquez then demands Flores holster his weapon. “I do whatever I want to! Nation’s Police Officers Now Too Heavily Armed To Go Undercover Convincingly. Police Union Complains That Public Got to See Them Roughing Up Utah Nurse. Salt Lake City PoliceThe head of the Salt Lake Police Association has watched the country's outrage over the videos showing a nurse getting arrested for refusing to draw a man's blood without a warrant and has decided the correct response is to complain that the public got to see what its officers did.

Union head Stephen Hartney sent a letter to the city's mayor and police chief to complain video of the brief arrest of nurse Alex Wubbels has made "pariahs" of Det. Jeff Payne and his watch commander at the time of the incident, Lt. James Tracy. Wubbels became an insta-celebrity on Labor Day weekend after she released police body camera footage showing Payne very forcefully arresting her at University of Utah Hospital because she refused his demand that she draw blood from an unconscious victim of a nasty high-speed car crash. WATCH: Woman dragged off flight for dispute over ‘life-threatening’ pet allergy.

Graphic Video Shows Cops Beat Woman 'Like a Rag Doll' Over Failure to Use Turn Signal. Indianapolis, IN — In the land of the free, police claim the right to detain and extort you for failing to signal a turn in your vehicle. If you do not immediately comply with said detainment, police will claim the right to use violence and often deadly force against you to carry out this extortion. Kim Townsend learned this the hard way. Townsend, who was beat to a bloody and severly injured pulp during a traffic stop last year has filed a federal lawsuit against Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The lawsuit claims police used excessive force during an arrest on January 6, 2016. The horrifying arrest was captured on video. Video Shows Officers Watch as Mentally Ill Man Makes a Noose and Killed Himself in His Cell.

Glennville, GA — Richard Tavera was a 24-year-old mentally ill man suffering from bipolar disorder. When his mental illness got out of control, he decided to try and kill himself. He did this in his jail cell as four officers watched the life slowly leave his body. Guards at Smith state prison did nothing for nearly 8 minutes as Tavera fashioned a noose with his bed sheets and tied to a sprinkler above the cell. Videos obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution show this disturbing event unfold. Shocking video of a Utah nurse being violently arrested for refusing an officer's illegal command. Terrifying video shows cop pulling gun on unarmed motorcyclist during routine traffic stop.

Look for Military Drones to Begin Replacing Police Helicopters by 2025. General Atomics is working hard to put a close cousin of its Reaper anti-terrorism drone in the hands of local law enforcement. WATCH: Cop Smashes Drunk Man's Head into the Ground for No Reason, Knocking Him Out. Cop Explains How It Feels To Live Every Day In Fear Someone Might Record You Brutalizing A Civilian. Mexican Immigrant Died After Cops Took Him to Taco Bell. ‘We’ll never be the same’: How a hydroponic tomato garden inspired cops to raid a family’s home. Louis Trumanti’s Wife Called 911 to Say He Was Having a Heart Attack. The Police Came and Broke His Back. WATCH: Florida cop makes up law to ticket black man for walking without identification.

A Georgia sheriff ordered pat-down searches for every student at a public high school. Now they’re suing. Sheriff Clarke sued for ordering student's harassment who shook his head disapprovingly (with video) Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke got police to detain passenger who questioned him on flight. Police Chief Magazine: Possible New Revenue Streams For Law Enforcement.

In the April edition of The Police Chief magazine, Paul LaCommare, Commander of the West Covina Police Department in West Covina, California, discusses new ways for law enforcement to raise money in light of dwindling revenue streams. 'I'm Lucky To Be Living': Video Shows Cops Brutally Beating Unarmed Black Man In Michigan. Dollars, Death and the LAPD. Stories Continue To Emerge From Chicago Police Department 'Black Site': Chicagoist. St. Louis Cops Turned Off Camera to Hide Abuse of Suspect. America’s over-policing bombshell: How new data proves “stop & frisk” critics were right all along. America's Dirtiest Cops: Cash, Cocaine, Corruption on the Texas Border. NY State Trooper threatens driver recording stop: ‘I’ll find a way for the DA’s office to arrest you’ Origins of the police. WATCH: Plainclothes NYPD officer repeatedly strikes teen already subdued by three other cops. WATCH: Arizona cop punches 15-year-old girl in face as mother begs her to stop.

WATCH: Texas sheriff’s deputy sees man filming him, arrests him without reason. Jon Stewart Has A Question For Rand Paul: 'What The F**k Are You Talking About?' Jon Stewart On Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision: 'I Honestly Don't Know What To Say' Texas cop allowed to resign one week after video exposes him putting woman in chokehold. Police expert: War on terror has turned our cops into occupying armies — and we’re the enemy. ‘You wanna f*cking resist?’: NY sheriff’s deputy caught slapping man on camera. Man who lost testicle won’t face DWI charges because cop destroyed video of groin kick. Wisconsin police deploy armored vehicle over dog poop dispute, SWAT team executes dog. WATCH: Florida cop goes bonkers on ‘f*cking little wise-ass 20-year-old punk’ NYPD cop takes $1,300 from man, pepper-sprays him in the face when he complains. Deputies Who Flashbanged Toddler Bounkham Phonesavanh Avoid Charges. WATCH: Cops smash window to use Taser on passenger during seat belt traffic stop.

Marlene Pinnock, Woman In California Highway Patrol Beating Case, Reaches Settlement. Teen Bryce Masters In Critical Condition After Police Use Taser On Him: Report. Raw Story » Witnesses: ‘Django Unchained’ actress and boyfriend having sex in car before police arrived. Raw Story » ‘Django Unchained’ actress detained by cops because they assumed she was a hooker. West Virginia cop caught threatening woman filming rough arrest of terminally ill man.

Gun nuts’ special privileges: How police treated a dangerous “open carry” zealot. Santiago Hernandez Claims Police Brutality In NYPD Beating Caught On Video. ‘Poor judgment’: Florida cops caught misusing emergency lights for breakfast trip. Police report in the Michael Brown case. UN Condemns U.S. Police Brutality, Calls For 'Stand Your Ground' Review. Minnesota man will file civil rights suit against cops who Tased him for not identifying himself. Police Officer Will Not Be Charged In Killing Of Napster Executive. Police altered video showing what happened before cops shot WV man 23 times: lawsuit. “I’m not your brother!”: Video reveals police’s stunning double-standard for black Americans. Chicago Police Commander Relieved Of Duties After Allegedly Sticking Gun In Suspect's Mouth. Live Stream Captures SWAT Team Charging Into Gamer's Office.

WATCH: Florida man says cops beat him for not rolling down window all the way. WATCH: SC police beat man in Walmart as horrified shoppers beg officers to stop. Report: 79% Of Minority Suspects Receive Miranda Rights While Unconscious. Walking While Black: Beverly Hills PD Arrests Innocent Black Man. It’s Not Just the LAPD: The Big Lie About Police Brutality is That it’s Not Rampant. Travels Through the Police State. Protect And Serve: The Best Of Police Training Videos. Dallas Officer Suspended Without Pay for 30 Days for Trying to Confiscate Head Cam. Baton Vs. Camera: Police Openly Hunt for Citizen Journalists (Video) Philadelphia Cop Sucker Punches Woman Celebrating Latino Heritage. Aibuidefe Oghogho, College Student, Sues LAPD For Beating Him Outside Hollywood Club.

The New York World.