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System Requirements: Pentium III compatible processor, 10MB free space on the hard drive. CD-ROM, Floppy Drive or USB flash drive, keyboard, Internet connection (for product download). Compatible BIOS version.Windows system is required for installer to run. USB flash drive is required for the EFI version to work. Disk encryption is not supported. Tablets are not supported. Supported target systems: All Windows systems starting from Windows XP to Windows 10 (please note, authorization through domain controller is not officialy supported). Free Kon-Boot version is still available but it does not support 64 bit systems and Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10. All system requirements together with FAQ are available in our PDF guide. Related:  Distributions dédiées à la protection de la vie privée

Ophcrack Katana Katana v2.0 Release Updated: 11/10/2010 Katana is a portable multi-boot security suite which brings together many of today's best security distributions and portable applications to run off a single Flash Drive. It includes distributions which focus on Pen-Testing, Auditing, Forensics, System Recovery, Network Analysis, and Malware Removal. Katana also comes with over 100 portable Windows applications; such as Wireshark, Metasploit, NMAP, Cain & Abel, and many more. Release Notes: Katana v2.0 (y0j! Download here Whats New: - Introduction of Forge for installing additional distros Forge is simple to use graphical front end to assist in the process of adding addition distributions to Katana; like Samurai, Pentoo, Knoppix, WeakNet, and BitDefender. - Katana Bootable - Katana Tool Kit (additions) (Full list of Katana Tool Kit application available here .) - Katana on DVD An ISO of Katana can be generated using the script for Linux and make_iso.bat for Windows.

Open Port Check Tool KON-BOOT - ULTIMATE WINDOWS/LINUX HACKING UTILITY :-) System Requirements: Kon-Boot 2in1 can be only installed on USB thumb drive. Windows system is required for the installation. All other requirements were already presented above (in the Kon-Boot for Windows and Kon-Boot for Mac OSX sections). * Perpetual Personal Licenses receive 1 month support and 1 month of free updates. ** Perpetual Commercial Licenses are available to a developer within a a company or organization, requiring the software for general commercial use. Download Hiren’s BootCD 15.1 Changes From Version 15.1 to 15.2 New Added Softwares, Updated Functions: Updated Softwares: Troubleshoot If you are getting a virus warning from the downloaded files, please check FAQ page “Why am I getting a virus warning for a file downloaded from your website” section. If you are getting redirected to the download page or homepage while you are trying to download the file, please disable the softwares or settings can be blocking referer headers of your browser, connect directly if you are using a proxy, close your browser, clean browser cache and try again. Please check FAQ page for any other frequently asked questions. Filename: Hirens.BootCD.15.2.zipFilesize: 592.5 MB (621283886 bytes)ISO MD5: 7EFC81ADBBD551D56F6021C439C6837CZIP MD5: D342BBD6BF7554ABA24A376E41675DBF Antivirus Tools Backup Tools BIOS / CMOS Tools Award DMI Configuration Utility 2.43: DMI Configuration utility for modifying/viewing the MIDF contents (Dos Freeware).! Browsers / File Managers Cleaners Device Driver Tools Optimizers

Hack From A Cave - Katana Katana: Portable Multi-Boot Security Suite Last Updated: 11/10/2010 Links Description Katana Katana is a portable multi-boot security suite which brings together many of today's best security distributions and portable applications to run off a single Flash Drive. Twitter: #katanadrive Katana Bootable: - Backtrack - the Ultimate Boot CD - CAINE - Ultimate Boot CD for Windows - Ophcrack Live - Puppy Linux - Trinity Rescue Kit - Clonezilla - Derik's Boot and Nuke - Kon-Boot (See boot fix here ) And instructions on installing additional Distributions can be found here . Katana Tool Kit: - Metasploit - Wireshark - NMAP - John the Ripper - Cain & Abel - Firefox - PuTTY - the Unstoppable Copier - OllyDBG - Cygwin - ClamAV - IECookiesView - MozillaCacheView - FreeOTFE - FindSSN - The Sleuth Kit - OpenOffice and many more . Download Name: Katana v2.0 File: katana-v2.0.rar Size: ~ 4 GB MD5: d77f1fec607657b6d82264e8b5ca47a4 DOWNLOAD: TORRENT : katana-v2.0.torrent (preferred method) Installation 1. 2. 3. 4.

Welcome to Linux From Scratch! World's First Solar-Powered Blimp Set to Cross the English Chann Can a blimp propelled entirely by solar power cross the English Channel? We’re about to find out! Nephelios, the world’s first solar blimp, was built by Projet Sol’r — a collaboration between students at engineering and technical schools in France. The mammoth airship measures 72 feet long and 18 feet wide and has a nylon and polyethylene aluminum frame. We’ll be tracking the airship’s progress as it gets ready to launch — stay tuned! + Projet Sol’r

Password Bypass via kernel injection for Windows. by rajahmqar Feb 13