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Allan Masters

Working with Australia's largest fencing manufacturer for the last 15 years

Protective Fencing PTY Ltd - Somersby, New South Wales, Australia - Fencing & Gates. 358 Security Mesh Fencing – A Dependable Response to Uncertainty. We live in uncertain times; political events, rapid social and technological changes, and environmental upheavals threaten to undermine much that we once thought secure in our lives.

358 Security Mesh Fencing – A Dependable Response to Uncertainty

These are also desperate times for many people who will go to extreme lengths to circumvent established security measures. So, it always brings a sense of relief when we find a product that will meet the most severe security challenges with a solid assurance of dependable service and reliability. Promax 358 Security Mesh gives you the ultimate security fencing solution you have been looking for. You can rest easy knowing that your premises and the valuable livelihood that you have built up over the years is protected by the gold standard in security mesh fencing. Appearance and visibility are also crucial elements in modern security fencing because no one wants to feel trapped in a prison-like atmosphere. Promax 358 welded mesh is perfect for set and forget high security or safety requirements including: Fencing News and Updates – Google Drive. Protective Fencing Pty Ltd. Protective Fencing - Builders - 16 Pile Rd, Somersby New South Wales - Phone Number - Yelp.

Protective Fencing PTY Ltd. Wire Mesh INDUSTRIES. Protective wire Mesh Industries are a leading Australian manufacturer of specialised welded wire mesh.


We have significant machine capabilities to meet the highly specified requirements of the mining, safety, fabrication and fencing markets. With several generations of experience in the wire and mesh industry, our staff are highly qualified to recommend the best solutions to your welded wire mesh requirements. Specialty mesh capabilities include custom sheets for fabrication of pallet cages, trailer cages, beds, guards, screens and cable tray mesh.

Capabilities Protective Wire Mesh Industries have significant capabilities in the production of welded wire mesh (also known as weldmesh, welded mesh, steelmesh and Mesh Plus). All machines are capable of welding bright, standard galvanised, heavily galvanised, Galfan, and stainless steel wire and are designed for quick change over allowing for greater flexibility in producing custom sizes. Strata Control Mesh Ripple Mesh Rib Mesh Straps Oslo Strap. Powder Coating. Protective Powder Coating Pty Ltd is a fully integrated business of Protective Group focusing on both in house powder coating for Protective Fencing and Protective Wire Mesh Industries as well as offering powder coating services to an extensive range of commercial customers.

Powder Coating

Our dual batch and in-line systems provide the capacity to coat a wide range of sizes and quantities. Environmental – powder coatings generally produce no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and most powder coatings are free of any heavy metals or other hazardous materials. Consistent Quality – powder coatings eliminate need for solvent mixing or colour tinting providing consistent colour matching and more efficient application Easy to Apply – powder coatings are applied in a single application without drips runs or sags.

If a problem is detected before the part enters the oven the powder can easily be removed and re-applied. Automatic Conveyor-ised Systems – are ideal for large volume production requirements. Fencing Materials and Products, Huge Range Available In Stock. @protectivegroup. Allan Masters - Somersby, Australia, Protectivefencing, Central Coast NSW. Protective Fencing. Protective Fencing – PROVIDING PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS TO THE FENCING, SECURITY AND SAFETY INDUSTRIES SINCE 1975. Protective Wire Mesh Industries Pty Ltd - About. Protective Powdercoating Pty Ltd. - About. Protective Fencing PTY Ltd. - Información. Protective Group. Protective Group (@ProtectiveG) Leaders in Weldmesh, Wiremesh, Chainlink and Security Fencing.