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Information Science

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Over 300 Virtual Tours & Exhibits around the World. The Field Museum. Plants and fungi are essential to life on earth—key components of the planet’s ecology, biodiversity, climate, and human cultures.

The Field Museum

The study of plants and fungi is fundamental to medical science, conservation, genetics, agriculture, food-web studies, soil science, climate studies, anthropology, and many other fields. Field Museum botanists are leaders in the study of plant and fungi evolution, ecology, biogeography, environmental/climate impact, plant-animal interactions, and more. A glimpse of The Field Museum's Botany Department, with over 2 million specimens and a network of passionate researchers: Botany Research at the Field Museum Plants & Fungi Collections Andean Flowering Plants These are data on collections from Peru and our series of floristic inventories supported by National Geographic Society and National Science Foundation.

Learn more about Andean Flowering Plants Berlin Negatives The Botany Department's unique type photograph collection originated in 1929 when J. Bryophytes. National Museum of Natural History. The Best Mind Mapping Tools and Apps for Teachers and Students. March 4 , 2014 Creating and using mind maps is a great way to get students brainstorming ideas about a given topic, organize their thought processes and turn these ideas into a neatly written pieces.

The Best Mind Mapping Tools and Apps for Teachers and Students

I have been using several web tools with my students over the past few years. From teaching vocabulary to getting students engaged in the prewriting process, I found the functionalities and ease of use of these web tools a great way to enhance students productivity. Over last weekend, I have been working on a list that features the most important mind mapping tools and apps that teachers can use with their students. Check them out below. Untitled. Scaling Up Excellence. #1 Search Engine - bestbooklibrary. 1604 Everyone is an Innovator. Why You Must Change Your Content Marketing Approach. Now that pretty much everyone on the planet gets the importance of content marketing it’s time to throw a wrench in the works.

Why You Must Change Your Content Marketing Approach

How to Acquire Your First Ten Customers. Startup marketing is the most creative marketing genre.

How to Acquire Your First Ten Customers

No one knows if the offering has value until it’s generated revenue. No one can give a one-glove-fits-all-step-by-step guide to startup marketing like they can for optimizing Google Adwords. Startups inherently possess so many variables to scaling product market fit: industry, timing, execution, allusions of grandeur, funding, talent level, location, lucky breaks, quality of offering, etc. However, I can share the key startup marketing learnings from founding a marketing agency that serves early stage San Francisco startups. Here are my five priorities for acquiring a startup’s first ten customers, and the ensuing learning to acquire the next 100. 1. 7 Steps Report Bonus. Thanks!

7 Steps Report Bonus

An email from giving you instructions to download your free report is on its way. Why Interactive Content Marketing is the Future. You probably know a thing or two about creating good content.

Why Interactive Content Marketing is the Future

Perhaps you dabble on your own blog or write for your company. There’s a good chance you’re already creating more content in 2015 than you did in 2014. That’s the challenge. We’re all content creators trying to reach an audience. Content Marketing: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead? Is your website traffic going downhill?

Content Marketing: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead?

Are you desperate to halt the sharp drop in your site’s unique visitors? Stop your subscribers from deleting your emails before they click through? Or maybe just get more visitors to actually read your posts, instead of clicking away after a few seconds? Create Infographic - Sign In. Piktochart. Create infographics & online charts. Interactive charts, maps, and infographics. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Spanier translation English. Spa•ni•er m , -s, - , Spanierin Spa•ni•e•rin f , -, -nen Spaniard die Spanier the Spanish, the Spaniards stolz wie ein Spanier sein (prov) to be (very) proud Translation German - English Collins Dictionary die Spanier exp. the Spanish ; the Spaniards Spanier Additional comments: To add entries to your own vocabulary, become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member.It's easy and only takes a few seconds:

Spanier translation English

Learning Online: Searching and Researching - University of Leeds. This course is just one of a series about ‘learning online’.

Learning Online: Searching and Researching - University of Leeds

You can sign up to the other courses in this series through the Going to University collection. In this course, you’ll explore the rich and diverse range of information available to you online, how to use search tools effectively, and the ways in which you can begin to assess information that you might want to use in your studies. Using a wide range of learning activities, you will be challenged to dig deeper and think critically about the information that you find online. Note for students. Learning Online: Learning and Collaborating - University of Leeds. This course is just one of a series about ‘learning online’.

Learning Online: Learning and Collaborating - University of Leeds

You can sign up to the other courses in this series through the Going to University collection. You are probably used to learning online on a daily basis, including turning to your phone for information rather than referring to books. More formal online learning is likely to be important for you in the future, either at university or in the workplace. Learning online is different to learning in the classroom, it needs different skills. Challenging Wealth and Income Inequality - The Open University. From religious leaders to heads of state, everyone is talking about economic inequality.

What form can such inequality take in different countries? What impact does it have on society? And why should it matter to you? Has the baby boomer generation had it all? This free online course will explore the growing concerns surrounding rising inequality in income and wealth in developed countries. Courses - New & Upcoming. Free ebooks by Project Gutenberg. How to do anything. How to - Discover the expert in you!

Udemy: Online Courses Anytime, Anywhere. Khan Academy. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities. University of Reddit. Browse courses. The best free cultural & educational media on the web. 19 Websites That Will Make You Smarter in Every Way. It’s almost unbelievable that in this day and age almost everyone is carrying around a library of knowledge, richer in resources than that of the Library of Alexandria. So it comes as no surprise that many want to utilise this resource, the internet, to become a better, smarter, productive being! With this in mind, 19 of the top websites that will make you a smart person, in every way, has been compiled for you.

Academic 1. Smarterer Want to test your writing ability? 2. If you’re a fan of TED Talks, this is basically the TED Talks of the university world. 3. Flash cards, mixed with the addictive nature of gaming. 4. 19 Websites That Will Make You Smarter in Every Way. 25 Websites Other Than Social Media To Upgrade Your Life.

Have you been spending too much of your time on social media recently? Is that making much of your internet usage wasteful? Social media can be so addictive, so much that we spend hours on it without really noticing. 20 Smart Apps For Enterpreneurs To Use. Running a successful business is hard, especially if you don’t have the right tools at hand. Razor sharp time management skills and keeping your productivity levels high are essential when you have a lot on the plate. Don’t forget: Time is Money. 12 Reasons Why Disorganized People Are More Intelligent. The clutter continues to accumulate—it has all of your life. You can’t find your car keys or your cell phone; you get in the car to go somewhere and you find yourself going in the wrong direction; if you have a workspace, it’s a mess; nothing is ever “where it’s supposed to be.” You “suffer” from what psychologists now call “chronic disorganization.” But, what these psychologists also now tell us it that chronically disorganized people have higher intelligence and greater creativity.

9 Tips To Surf The Web Like A Hacker. Draw On Maps and Make Them Easily. Free Screen Sharing, Online Meetings & Web Conferencing. Learning, made joyful - Memrise. Trello. Photo Editing, Collage Maker, Graphic Design. TinEye Reverse Image Search. 29 Incredibly Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier. There are so many wonderful websites around, and it is difficult to know each and every one of them.

The below list provides some of those websites that I find particularly helpful, even though they are not as famous or as prevalent as some of the big names out there. 1. Skillshare. Free online courses from the world's best universities. Learn Spanish, French and other languages for free. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Free Speed Reading Course - Read Faster & Improve Comprehension. Comprehend Faster, To Read Faster. How to Google like a boss - Become a master of Google search with these little-known tips. No doubt about it, Google Search has revolutionized the way we do research. 15 Super Smart Tricks To Help You Search For What You Want On Google.

Google search need not be complicated. Google search is very efficient, when you know what you’re doing.For example, simply type in the word ‘weather’ followed by a zip code and the weather in any area will pop up. FreeStockPhotos. Sick of Bad Stock Photos? Here's a New Resource You'll Want to Bookmark. As marketers, we know that content with images performs better. A lot better. How to Search on Google: 31 Advanced Google Search Tips. Search Google Like An Expert. 20 Tips To Use Google Search Efficiently. Millions of people use Google search every day for a variety of reasons. Students use it for school, business people use it for research, and millions more use it for entertainment.

Improve Your Google Search Skills [Infographic] 13 Hacks to Improve Your Google Search. Even the king of all search engines can be throttled up with a few simple tricks. Create infographics & online charts. Improve your Google Search with 6 Useful Tips & Tricks.

Information Science

Improve your Google Search with 6 Useful Tips & Tricks.