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Learning, made joyful - Memrise

Learning, made joyful - Memrise

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101 Free (or Free-to-Try) Online Collaborative Learning Tools Have You Ever Considered Making Money Online? Kelly Richards of New York was tired of worrying all the time where the next dollar would come from. Life seemed merely a succession of bills and worrying about how to pay them. One late night while surfing the internet, her long hours of research finally paid off and she discovered a secret system that would help her get a break in life and beat the recession. She was finally able to provide for her three children while staying home with them. Some Good Mac Apps for Learning A New Language July 20, 2015 After posting about language apps for iPad and Android, today’s post is introducing you to some useful Mac apps students can use to learn a new language. The list comprises carefully handpicked apps which have been popular among teachers. Check them out and share with us if you have other suggestions to add to this selection. 1-Language Learning Centre ‘Unique study method.

How to Learn a Foreign Language Via a Language Exchange You should practice using the Cormier method, a language exchange method that has been proven for over 3 years at the C.E.L.M. school in Montreal, Canada. Overview Following the Cormier method, you will practice with native speakers of the language you're learning, in small mixed groups of speakers of the two languages - ideally, between 2 and 4 people.

Survey: Instructional Designers 'Pivotal' in Tech Adoption Ed Tech Trends Survey: Instructional Designers 'Pivotal' in Tech Adoption By Dian Schaffhauser05/09/16 Benny Lewis reveals how to learn a language in three months Benny Lewis can speak seven languages fluently, and many more conversationallyBelieves the key thing is to be prepared to make mistakes when learningImportant to keep learning fun, so change computer games into different languages and watch foreign films and cartoons By John Hutchinson for MailOnline and Benny Lewis For Mailonline Published: 09:36 GMT, 3 June 2015 | Updated: 15:00 GMT, 3 June 2015 Britons and Americans do not have the world's best reputation for learning foreign languages. But apparently we all have the ability to learn multiple lingos, at least according to Irish polyglot Benny Lewis.

Scavenger Hunts: Searching for Treasure on the Internet! Internet scavenger hunts are a way for students to practice problem solving, improve their reading and comprehension skills, and learn how to search the Internet. Included: A sampling of online scavenger hunts for students of all ages! Scavenger hunts, or treasure hunts, have quickly become one of the most popular tools for teaching students how to access and use the resources and information available on the Internet. There are many reasons for the hunts' rapidly growing popularity.

50 Incredibly Useful Links For Learning & Teaching The English Language Teaching a new language to non-native speakers may be one of the most challenging educational jobs out there, so ELL teachers can use all of the help they can get! Thankfully, many excellent resources for ELL and ESL exist online, from full-service websites to reference tools and communities, all designed to make the task of educating ELL students just a little bit easier and more effective. We’ve scoured the Internet to share 50 of the best of these resources, and we hope you’ll find lots of valuable content and tools through these incredibly useful links for ELL educators. Websites Afrikaans 101 - Learn Afrikaans Online for Free Afrikaans Language Overview Afrikaans speakers worldwide 16 million Afrikaans speaking countries Botswana Lesotho

3 Ways to Take Your Students Deeper With Flipped Learning Editor's Note: This post was co-authored by Aaron Sams, Managing Director of and founding member of the Flipped Learning Network. Flipped learning is more than just an efficient way to teach. It is also an opportunity to take students to deeper levels of comprehension and engagement. SCILT > Adult Learners > Language learning opportunities The Centre for Open Studies at the University of Glasgow offers courses in 15 languages at levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Languages on offer are: Arabic, Chinese ( Mandarin ), Danish, Dutch, French, Gaelic, German, Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. The classes are designed to enable participants to speak the language they are learning. As part of normal classroom teaching, students will practise speaking the language in pairs or small groups and will also be given the option of doing written homework between classes. All of the courses can contribute credit to the Certificate in Higher Education.