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Homepage : Chloe De La Chaise. Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans. November 1st, 2011 I’m preparing for a couple of craft fairs (details coming soon) at the moment and decided to have a go at making some Festive decorations by recycling some drinks cans I’ve been collecting.

Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans

I found this tutorial the other day and thought I could adapt it to me own needs. So here goes… What you will need: - Empty drinks cans - Scissors - Craft Knife - Ball point pen or an embossing tool with a fine point - Sharp pointy thing – not sure what the name of this tool is! Step One First you need to get a star shape printed onto paper or card and cut out. Step Two Next you need to cut the tops and bottoms off your drinks can and give the insides a good clean – I used a craft knife to do this as well as scissors – be careful of sharp edges!

Step Three. Hope. Introduction There are many key terms and concepts in Scripture like faith, hope, love, joy, grace, peace, pleasing the Lord, etc. that we come across as we read our Bibles, but often these are just vague concepts for many people.


The following study is designed to provide a condensed biblical explanation of hope as it is found in the Word of God. As time allows we will provide other such condensed studies on key terms, especially of the New Testament. A Definition of Hope What is hope? In Scripture, according to the Hebrew and Greek words translated by the word “hope” and according to the biblical usage, hope is an indication of certainty. Using Marine Paint for Wood Floors. We love the look of wood floors in a bathroom.

Using Marine Paint for Wood Floors

We inherited a wood floor in ours — it was about the only thing we loved about the tiny, long and narrow space. One of the first things we did was repaint it white, and we struggled with the best choice of paint for a floor that would get wet in spots. Our neighbor, a vintage boat restorer, suggested a traditional (and local!) Wood floors, painted white. The floors on the second story of my house are old, but they are not original to the house.

Wood floors, painted white.

They are narrow-plank oak, and were laid over the original wide-plank pine, most likely in the early 1900’s—a decade or so after the house was built. The pattern of the boards is quite nice, with the borders running perpendicular to the center pieces. The Remodeled Life: Painting a Bathroom Floor. I'm not going to lie, I think you are either going to love this or hate it.

The Remodeled Life: Painting a Bathroom Floor

We just happen to love it, and that's a good thing since we live here; but I know it's not every one's cup of tea. A little while back we began work on our little half bath that sits in the back of our house next to our master bedroom. Other than the kitchen this back area of our house is probably the most out-dated part of our home. It sports a really retro - but not so trendy retro- linoleum floor that was really throwing us for a loop as to what to do. There is big potential that this floor has asbestos underneath and ripping it out will be a pain and very costly. We do have options for future flooring, we can use laminate wood flooring and go over the linoleum or some other floating type floor, which will probably be our final decision.

So first off, this floor is old but in really great condition. Then the floor was ready for it's first coat of primer. How to paint paneling and makeover a room. Back when I talked about our summer goals for 2009, I mentioned that I had found the time to paint the paneling in the kitchen.

How to paint paneling and makeover a room

Apparently, I was unable to find the time to show you, as I painted the paneling in August, wrote about it in November, and am just now getting around to post the pictures. So hate me. I do try to have a life outside of this blog. :-) DIY Day with The Cupcake Tower. Welcome to DIY Day!

DIY Day with The Cupcake Tower

Are you ready to share your latest project? If you’re new here, every Tuesday we get together to share our newest DIY projects. I’m really flexible about what constitutes a DIY project. A furniture makeover, an outdoor project, a holiday craft, some new artwork…maybe a great recipe? Today, we have a super-fun prize from the gals at The Cupcake Tower! The towers are available in sizes from tiny (holds 32 cupcakes) to large (holds 208 cupcakes). I think my favorite part is that you can choose the ribbon detail for the edge to customize the cupcake tower for your event or party. So how can you win one of these adorable cupcake towers? Now let’s see those projects! Include a short description of your DIY project in parenthesis after the name of your blog. Powered by MckLinky Get your free Mcklinky here…