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Upcycled Wood Dining Table. This Industrial Pallet Dining Table features mid-century style table legs and upcycled lumber.

Upcycled Wood Dining Table

Although this Upcycled Wood Dining Table isn’t made from pallet wood, you can apply this idea to your next pallet project! This table can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. It is perfect for family gatherings, game nights, or a poker night for the adults! 3-pallet Chevron Pallet Entryway Table. I built this Pallet Entryway Table project using three damaged pallets.

3-pallet Chevron Pallet Entryway Table

I used what worked, then sanded, stained, and varnished the piece. The legs and frame are pallet stringer boards, and I featured the forklift arches. Instead of aligning the deck boards in a straight line, I assembled this table with a chevron pattern. 3 Ways to Use Wood Pallets to Improve Your Garage. Is your garage just a place to collect clutter?

3 Ways to Use Wood Pallets to Improve Your Garage

If so, you should consider making some improvements to turn your garage into a nice, usable space. You might be surprised to discover that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to improve your garage. In fact, there are several projects you can do using wood pallets to make your garage a more organized, usable space.

When you’re ready to get started, take these tips into consideration. Revamp the Entryway with Wood Pallets Most people understand it’s important to keep up the exterior of the garage and look to places, such as Doorcare, for new garage doors or garage door repairs. Build Your Next Compost Bin Out of Recycled Pallet Wood. Fruits and vegetables don’t come from grocery stores or supermarkets.

Build Your Next Compost Bin Out of Recycled Pallet Wood

They come from the gardens! Upcycle twice when you build pallet compost bins! There are several styles to fit your backyard or garden space, and composting volume! Turn veggie-based kitchen scraps, spoiled fruit, grass clippings, and leaves into black gold for your garden! Your backyard and garden areas need pallet compost bins! When you recycle your own yard and kitchen trimmings, you know that the end product is safe and beneficial for your yard, garden, and family. Posts found with "pallet planters" DIY - Do It Yourself. Swing from the Trees. DIY: Instant Summer Hammock. Older DIY: Instant Summer Hammock by Alexa Hotz Issue 75 · Travels with an Editor: Paris · June 7, 2013 Newer Issue 75 · Travels with an Editor: Paris · June 7, 2013 Share on email Nap season is upon us.

DIY: Instant Summer Hammock

Whether you're looking for a quick fix or inspired to whip out the sewing machine and install metal grommets into canvas, this utilitarian DIY hammock is the way to go for outdoor lounging. Above: The Le Beanock Hammock in white canvas is $641.48. It's considerably less expensive (and perhaps just as satisfying) to make your own version. PAINTED DOORMAT. So Casey and I have been talking about painting our nasty doormat forever but we never figured out exactly how we wanted to do it.


Yesterday I decided I was just going to go for it. Our doormat couldn't have looked worse than it already did. We had seen a doormat that said "Nice Underpants" and well, that is exactly something our doormat would say. So here is how I did it.... From Messed to Impressed: A Total Basement Makeover. I'm always a sucker for a good makeover (home related or not), so it's safe to say that this basement renovation is blowing my mind!

From Messed to Impressed: A Total Basement Makeover

I've been following this renovation from Nicole Balch, a talented designer and big-deal blogger (Making It Lovely, anyone?) , since she first unveiled the "before" photos in November. Fast forward a few months (and what I can only imagine were more than a few late nights) and you have what you see before you: a total basement renovation complete with art on the walls. Make a Modern-Industrial DIY Mounted Shelving Unit.

Fresh Steamer Trunk Makeover. I'm torn.

Fresh Steamer Trunk Makeover

I kinda love the rough, pirate-y personality of this steamer trunk before its makeover. But I also love it after its makeover. Shannon, to whom the trunk belongs, taped out the leather straps, the wood cross beams and metal parts and then painted it, using a sanding block after the paint was dry to bring back a little of that roughness. The outcome is completely fresh. Bench Gets Colorful Rag-Rug Makeover. Courtney turned the ho-hum, painfully traditional bench you see above into the most colorful, fun and funky bench ever using--of all things--a rag rug.

Bench Gets Colorful Rag-Rug Makeover

(Genius.) The bench is destine to be a favorite in the teenage girl's room for which it was made. To read and see more about the makeover, head on over to A Little Glass Box. DIY Idea: Make a Reclaimed Wood Planter Wall. Move over, wallpaper.

DIY Idea: Make a Reclaimed Wood Planter Wall

Take a hike, paint! There's a new accent wall treatment in town -- and it's green from head to toe. Reclaimed, up-cycled materials? Check. Easy DIY Chicken Wire Pendant Lights. In need of some whimsical, Anthropologie-style accent lighting? Try your hand at these simple DIY chicken wire pendant lights! These babies are so easy to make, they practically don't need a tutorial -- but check out the how-to on A Subtle Revelry for tips and some more pretty photos!

DIY Chicken Wire Pendant Lights by A Subtle Revelry Tagged : How-To, Inspiration, chicken wire Material : metal, paint Design Style : eclectic, rustic. Modern DIY Brass Chandelier. 11 DIY Outdoor Mood Lighting Projects. This season feels made for hosting outdoor dinner parties and relaxing under the trees of your own backyard, especially once the sun goes down.

And one of the first things I think about when it comes to outdoor entertaining is mood lighting. Why? Well, there aren't a lot of bell and whistle decorations needed for the great outdoors. DIY Triangle Shelves. Photo: A Beautiful Mess This fun little project comes via the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess, combining the love of collectables, with the modern twist. Printers trays are back in fashion (though avid collectors will say they've always been in style!) , there is something rather special about showcasing our little treasures and keepsakes and these DIY shelves offer just the ticket. You'll find step-by-step instructions and photos at the link below. DIY Triangle Shelves via A Beautiful Mess Tagged : How-To, shelves, wall art, DIY Triangle Shelves. Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans.

November 1st, 2011. Metal Flowers Picture Tutorial. I am just in love with my metal flowers!! Love making them in all different sizes and shapes. Getting better at each time! So many ways you can use them. Hope the picture tutorial will help you make some pretty ones too! Alice's Soda Can Bookmarks.

What does Wonderland's Alice have to do with Christmas? Wire Sculpture Tools & Techniques. A Colorful DIY Screwdriver Coat Rack. Making Fused Plastic. DIY Eco Friendly Packaging. February 26th, 2013. 8 Clever Uses for Plastic Straws.

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