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DIY: Rope Bracelet. Hi everyone! It's Jenny Bevlin bringing you another DIY post. I love accessories, but I especially love jewelry! I've noticed lately that I have been buying a lot of bracelets and even making some myself. I find that making my own accessories is very rewarding. Hot Glue GunFlat Nose PliersScissorsRope trimJewelry Jump RingsJewelry Lobster ClaspJewelry Ribbon Endings Steps: Measure the rope around your wrist leaving about an extra inch longer than your wrist. Cut 3 more strands the same length as the first strand. Lay out the rope as shown in the photo above. Overlap the rope as shown in the photo above. Pull the end of the top rope under and up through the bottom rope. Pull the ends of the rope tight.

Trim the ends so that they are all the same length. Put the rope ends into the ribbon ending and close with the pliers. Use the pliers to add the jump rings and lobster clasp. Make a Stylish Ring With a Piece of Bathroom Tile. Co. So we might be stretching the definition of nautical, but we couldn’t help but dream of summers spent on the water while making our sweet braided t-shirt necklaces.

And you know, they’d be pretty perfect for sporting if you happen to be hangin’ with T-Pain and the boys of Lonely Island. If you’re thinking to yourself, “all my t-shirts are way too awesome to get rid of or re-purpose” (that Bush t-shirt from the mid 90s is still awesome), stock up on a few of our favorite new t-shirts out there and get creative with some of your old ones. Materials: - t-shirts (we used men’s M-XL) - electrical tape (green, yellow, blue) - 2 pairs of scissors (1 for the tape, 1 for the fabric) Lesson one: If you’re an aspiring crafter, the first thing to know is that you always need a pair of scissors dedicated to fabric.

First thing to do is to cut out all the seams of the t-shirt. Next is braiding! Stay tuned for more creative ways to re-purpose old t-shirts and other odds and ends. Believe It or Not, These Stylish Bracelets Are Made From Cardboard! Easy DIY beaded hoop earrings. My practical self tends to buy only silver earrings since they match everything. But it would be good to add some color, so I made a few beaded hoops to add to the mix. These only cost a couple bucks, so you could do a rainbow array. Find seed beads and plain wire hoops at a craft store or on Etsy. These hoops were $1.50 a pair at a local hobby shop, but you can probably find them even cheaper. To make the earrings, thread beads onto the hoop. Then with a pliers, bend about 1/4" of the end of the wire back at a 90 degree angle.

It might be fun to have a ladies jewelry party some night (with cocktails, if you really want to test your hand-eye coordination). Download a printable tag for these right here for gift giving. I see so many do-it-yourself jewelry projects that I’m desperate to try. I often buy all the materials, get my tools ready, and then majorly fail during the execution. I’m really intimidated by anything that requires a clasp, so I was thrilled to come across these wooden craft bangles for $3. I had a bunch of ombre rainbow cord leftover from one of my above-mentioned failed projects (a recreation of this necklace), so I gave it a while. And it worked. NO clasp. No Clasp Bangle DIY Materials: Wooden bangle (i like the dome exterior here) Embroidery thread/rattail cord (I used a rainbow ombre rattail from MJ Trim, you can also get it online here) Fabric glue Directions: Wrap thread/rattail tightly around the bangle.

Inspired by: I Spy DIY. For the Love of (doing it yourself) Ombre Seed Bead Necklace » For the Love of... For the Love of… Design Mom asked me to create a spring version of a classic DIY of mine, the seed bead necklace. I ended up creating this pretty coral and gold version for her site, but I also created a fun ombre layered necklace for me and I wanted to share it with you all! I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, working with seed beads is simple, but tedious. Expect this project to take you about 3 hours, but the level of ease is quite high. A novice should be able to recreate this beautiful interpretation of a fun trend out there. Your Supplies: Various colors of seed beads in light to dark shades, stringing wire (looks just like fishing wire), crimp beads, 4 jump rings in varying sizes (2 larger for your ends, one tiny one to attach your chain to and 1 medium size ring to leave on the end of your chain to lengthen – Michaels has a pack of various sized jump rings that contain all the sizes you need), 1 lobster claw closure, a small bit of chain, and scissors, wire cutters and needle nosed pliers.

Braided Leather Cuff. All right, I have a project today that proved far, far easier to make than to explain. I hope I’m able to give you a clear tutorial today – seriously, this bracelet took me about five minutes to make, and nearly an hour to photograph and explain. :) It was worth sharing, because it’s a fun look for very little time invested, and the supplies are inexpensive too!

With the same method, you can make either look: a loose braid, like above, or a tighter braid, like below. It’s made from a single cuff, with slits cut to make it three strands. The very cool effect to this cuff is that yes – you CAN braid something that is already joined! I found these cuffs at Hobby Lobby in the leather section, they came in a 2-pack. If you already work with leather often (I do not) you could easily cut your own cuff and add a snap, but for me, beginning with a pre-made cuff made the most sense – a 2-pack with snaps already attached was only $3, no special supplies required except a utility knife. …two: …three. DIY Project #15: Bride to Be Bangle Game | Penelope and Pip. My best friend is getting married soon and as her bridesmaid I wanted to do something super special for her on her Hen’s night. Where I live you often see a gaggle of girls out on the town on Saturday night with an embarrassed Bride-To-Be in tow wearing a giant veil or a big sash announcing her soon to be wed status on it.

I knew my super stylish friend would rather die than be seen wearing tulle in public, so I had to think of a way to get her to wear something for the night to make her feel special, but also feel comfortable. Enter the Bride-To-Be Bangle Game! This game is a great ice-breaker, conversation starter, celebration of the Hen’s relationship and also makes a gorgeous keepsake for the night – perfect for a chic bride to be. You could also adapt this game for a baby shower or a birthday. For rules of the game and how to play, see Step 06 below.

Firstly, the materials: PenScissorsAssorted ribbons in colours the Bride-T-Be lovesHole puncher (mine has a cute heart shape too!) DIY: Hair Comb. *UPDATE! See the step-by-step instructions here. This is a super simple project. All you need is a hair comb and embroidery floss. I had a pack of hair combs that I got at Walgreens a long time ago (Like 10 or 12 combs for $4- they still have them). I'm going to keep these old photos up for kicks and giggles. :) But I decided to make another comb and take a few photos. I wrapped in a V-shape pattern. *Update: Forgot to mention that this layout is from Pugly Pixel. Hair Cuffs (with DIY) I'm obsessed with metallic hair cuffs on high and low-slung ponytails - so simple yet classy! The best part is that it's a super easy, quick, and cheap DIY. Three DIY options : 1.

Sandra from 5 inch and up uses some metal rings which are normally used for wine bottles to prevent the drops from running down the bottle neck. What do you think? I'm off to wrap some presents now ; have a lovely day! Day 22: A Crystal Wrap - a diy bracelet tutorial. I love this crystal trim–its inexpensive and very twinkly. From the moment I saw it, I wanted to make this wrap bracelet. I started by trying to tack it to ribbon. It wasn’t stiff enough to carry it off, which is how I ended up with the ruffle necklace. Its twinkle led me to use it for the sparkle headbands, too. But, still, I was determined! The plastic crystal trim is easy to find and buy inexpensively at a craft store in the ribbon section. Together, they just look so Christmasy, don’t they? Materials: 1/4 or 3/8″ cotton twill tape (enough to wrap wrist 4x plus an inch – 36 inches or so for my daughter) Plastic crystal trim (on a spool) Needle Thread 1″ piece of cord elastic Plastic crystal button Time: 40 minutes Hem approximately 1/2 inch of the twill tape to start.

Tack on the crystal trim by stitching in between each bead. Let the bracelet fall as you stitch so you are stitching the beads with the twill tape curved as it would be around your wrist. Here it is from the front. Finis! Diy upcycled bangels. I have TONS of cheapy silver bangles that I have acquired. I mean really... how many silver bracelets can one girl own?... A LOT according to my jewelry drawer. So I decided to spruce some of them up! What you need: ScissorsHemp cords (as many colors as you like)An old bangle Pick a color you want to start with. When you are ready to add your next color, tie a tight double knot next to were you left off with the previous color.

Alternate the colors as much or little as you like....tucking theprevious color as you go When you reach the end, double knot the cord and cut the loose end. Since you cant have just ONE bangle..I made two :) DIY Braided Clay Bracelet. Yes I am obsessed with polymer clay. Its such a fun material to work with because if you mess up... you just mash it all up and start again. Today's DIY is a spin off of this project that I did a little while back. Knead the clay with your hands to soften it up. Using the palm of your hand roll out three long tubes.

Mash the top of the tubes together and begin braiding. Using your own wrist as a guide determine how long you want to make your bracelet. Connect the two ends and gently mash ( I cant think of a better word so mash it is) the two ends together. Bake for 25 minutes at 245 degrees. I decided bright yellow was not very "fall" so I switched it out for bronze. Have a little wrist party and make as many as you want! If you want to see more ways to create with polymer clay you can check here here and here. Perfect Summer Bangle. Here's a fun tutorial on how to make a message bangle that's one-of-a-kind, done in the sun, waterproof and weatherproof. Even after several trips to the beach, it won't fade or wash off! Essentially, it's the Perfect Summer Bangle. Used in this tutorial: Inkodye Red Prepare. Transcribe. Perfect. Pour. Brush. Wipe. Wrap. Tape. Expose. Develop. Cut. Reveal. Wash.

Enjoy. DIY Statement Necklaces. The hottest thing in jewelry right now are Statement Necklaces. Theres no better way to quickly glam up even the most basic of tops than with a bold necklace. This DIY project will show you how to make a statement necklace in less than 5 minutes that will keep you on trend and add some serious punch to your wardrobe. 1 Piece of neon cord3 BroochesWireHot glue Step 1 Fold the ends of your neon cord over, making a small loop and glue. With a big flashy statement necklace like this you dont need any other jewelry. Stay tuned for my next DIY where I’ll show you another quick and fab project to make with these same supplies! How would you make this your own? DIY Painted Chevron Bracelet. Let me start by saying I had no clue if this pattern was chevron, tribal, triangles or just something random. Thanks to a few helpful Twitter friends I was informed that it is indeed chevron. A chevron pattern was my original plan but things that I concoct up in my brain do not always translate into what I had originally imagined...hello house decorating.

Whole other story so anywhoo... What you will need: Strip of leather (found at Michaels)Some kind of closure. Decide how wide you want your bracelet and cut the leather accordingly. Cut out thin triangle strips like above and place evenly spaced along the leather strip. Paint the strip of leather. Wait about 20 minutes until the paint is dry (I am so impatient so this was hard) and remove the blue tape to reveal the pattern. Attach the button closure. Such a fun little accessory to make! On a side note: It is the first day of December, which means....I am going to eat the first piece of chocolate in our advent calendar :) Easy Button Earrings Tutorial.