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Handmade jewellery. Handmade jewellery. Handmade jewellery. Handmade jewellery. Diy handmade jewelry set tutorials. Upcycled jewelry from wire and cable. Pinteres… Making Paper Beads. DIY Rope Bracelet. Climbing rope?

DIY Rope Bracelet

Bracelets? Count us in. Inspired by Miansai‘s colorful, stackable and adjustable rope bracelets, we were determined to add another do-it-yourself bracelet to our growing collection. With some colorful rope and an S hook from the hardware store, making this bracelet is as simple as mastering the versatile sliding knot. 25 Places to Sell Handmade Crafts Online. Over the past several years, the handmade community has grown from a tiny niche to a fully functioning industry.

25 Places to Sell Handmade Crafts Online

Online marketplaces like Etsy have led the way for allowing makers of all types to sell and market their products to a global audience online. But Etsy is only one of the places to sell handmade crafts online. Below are websites where all kinds of makers can sell, market, and find new homes for their handmade goods. Etsy Etsy is probably the best-known marketplace for artisans and craftpeople of all types to sell handmade crafts online. ArtFire ArtFire is another well-known indie marketplace with an active community feel. Diy drop earrings. 650 × 533 -

diy drop earrings

20 Creative DIY Tutorials How To Make Fancy Earrings - Take a look these 20 creative DIY tutorials how to make fancy earrings !

20 Creative DIY Tutorials How To Make Fancy Earrings -

Here we have some marvelous ideas which can be useful for you and your free time , if you like to spend some creative and quality time with yourself , in order to make yourself some beautiful earrings. It wont cost a lot , and it wont take you a lot of time of course . In the tutorials you can find very interesting ideas, combine with different colors , shapes and styles. Choose the one which you think it fits the best with you and your clothing style and lifestyle ! Pick one or more , and spend some creative time with yourself . Source source. World soil day pendant. 925 × 596 -

world soil day pendant

Spool knitting. Shoebox Studio: Jewelry Making Techniques. Knitting copper wire with a knitting spool and steel crochet hook.

Shoebox Studio: Jewelry Making Techniques

(photo: Chris Kafader) In my opinion, the hardest part of spool knitting with wire is finding an appropriate knitting spool. 40 DIY Bracelets You Need to Check Out. Glamming up a bare wrist is super easy.

40 DIY Bracelets You Need to Check Out

Throw on a chunky cuff or slip on stacks of bangles and you’ve effortlessly made a style statement. Making your own bracelets can be just as simple, and we’re smitten with the creative ways these DIYers have sewn, twisted, baked and glued together scraps of materials to turn them into gorgeous works of arm art. Check out these 40 beautiful bracelets you can make yourself! 1. Thread Tassel Bracelet: We love the variety in these mixed materials – girly pearls, strong metal chain, and frilly thread. 2. 3. 4. Honey We're Home: DIY Wooden Tassel Bracelets & Necklace. Did y'all have a nice, long weekend?

Honey We're Home: DIY Wooden Tassel Bracelets & Necklace

Best part about it is a short work week! :) We went on a short road trip to Austin for the University of Texas college football game opener (our 2nd annual trip with our son). Trial & Error Creativity: DIY Alex n Ani Bracelets: Make Similar Bangles For 1/8th The Price. First there were the Livestrong bracelets, then Pandora -- now the biggest craze is the Alex & Ani bracelets.

Trial & Error Creativity: DIY Alex n Ani Bracelets: Make Similar Bangles For 1/8th The Price

I think these are the most adorable bracelets. However, these bracelets can easily run you up to over $50 a pop (with the average bracelet still costing at least $25+). And these bracelets, much like charms on a charm bracelet, are meant to be collected, I could easily go broke trying to buy them all. So, I made a trip over to Michael's and made my own (low-end) version. All I needed was: - Beading wire (I suggest getting stainless steel, as aluminum is too flimsy) - Charms - Pliers (flat-nosed and needle-nosed, are preferred) - Wire cutters.

Simply Bold: for the love of creativity: wrapped chain bracelet. I love the way an armful of bracelets looks but unfortunately I am several shy on unique bracelets that can be mixed and matched easily.

Simply Bold: for the love of creativity: wrapped chain bracelet

So I decided I'll just have to fix's my most recent creation. When I saw J.Crew's bright dahlia color I knew I wanted to utilize it for this project it wasn't difficult to hunt down a similar color floss. You'll need: Electrolytic Copper Etching. As part one of my mission to make my studio practice healthier for me and any future babies, I decided to give electrolytic copper etching a try. It turns out it's so easy to do I am surprised more people haven't tried it. I downloaded an article from Art Jewelry about how to do it, but you can also find lots of good information floating around the internet.Basically, all you need to do is hook up a D battery to two pieces of copper suspended in a saltwater bath.

One is the piece you are etching, the other can be any piece of scrap copper. The current draws copper from the etching piece to the scrap copper. You can use the same kinds of resists you would use for acid etching, but you don't need the etching chemicals. Tela Formosa Jewelry Designs. This mini tutorial will demonstrate how to make a whimsical, person pendant. The finished size is about 2 1/2 inches. 14 Easy Tips On How To Organize Your Jewelry.

Pinterest. The Perfect Necklace Holder. Make a Necklace Display: A Cheap & Easy Way to Create A Great Looking Necklace Bust. DIY chain ring⎥An easy how to⎥by Adikt blog. You may have seen this photo in an earlier post. I’m wearing my DIY chain rings so much at the moment, one might say I’m adiktd to them! I made the rings using crimping pliers. They are such a great tool, they really finish things off well. I paid about £3 for them on eBay – I just hope they last. The great thing about these rings is that you make the to fit your finger so they fit perfectly and they are so versatile. Learn how to make diy chain earrings! Super easy! I love making my own jewelry but sometimes it’s quite a bit of work! This project however is extremely easy and perfect for any level of DIY-er! These earrings would be a wonderful gift for your bridal party… or fantastic to wear to any special wedding event that is on your horizon!

Supplies: piece of felt or other material to work on, ruler, round lipstick (or other cylindrical type object), mini pliers, mini wire cutter, silver (or gold!) Ear wire with the type loop end, and the link chain of your choice. DIY Embroidery Thread Wrapped Earrings. This is a special guest post was created by Anne Weil of Flax & Twine. Find more handmade lovelies, simple design and beautiful inspiration on her inspiring blog. Hi everyone! I’m so happy and honored to be a guest poster on Creature Comforts today.

I’ve been following along with excitement as Ez has shared her big move with us. Having just moved across the country myself, I am empathetic to the anxiety and discombobulation that comes along with the thrill of a moving adventure. DIY Jewellery. 60 DIY Accessories- Last Minute Gifts For Fashionistas. Happy Friday! Although I started my Christmas shopping early(ish) this year, I still have a few missing presents. Now, stores and malls are overcrowded, and shipping deadlines for most online shops have passed. Darn procrastination! But it's not too late for a quick and easy DIY project, that doesn't involve a crazy amount of time or fancy supplies. Most of these are perfect for fashionistas of all age, require 30 minute tops and either supplies that you already have lying around or that you can easily find at your local craft store. 1.

Popsicle Stick Jewelry. Well obviously you need popsicle sticks, tongue depressors or wood craft sticks. The wider style is preferred over the skinny popsicle sticks, but they too can be made into jewelry. New or used is fine, just wash and dry them first if they are used. Tutorial for weaving a belt.

Upcycled Jewelry

Macrame. Beaded. Wire Jewelry. Utiliser 80 % OFF vente monstre papier par Prettygrafikdesign. The Blue Bottle Tree - Polymer Clay Tutorials and Information. New Projects. Britta Ambauen. Make An Awesome Drop Spindle. Drop spindles are an ancient tool for spinning fiber into yarn or thread. Wrapped Stacked Wire Ring (Tutorial)

Jewelry Pricing Formula. Cheap Lamination! Black and White Cold Process Soap Kit. Pin by Bramble Berry on DIY Bodycare Projects. Lotion Archives. This thick and luxurious body lotion makes a lovely Christmas gift. It leaves the skin soft and slightly peppermint scented, and if you’re looking for a bit of an extra festive hint, you can add a touch of mica for some holiday shimmer. (more…) Posted in Lotion Tagged beeswax, butter, candy, Christmas, cocoa, cocoa butter, coconut, coconut oil, cream, draw, essential oils, lotion, mica, oxide, peppermint, silk, skin, vanilla, vegetarian This herb spiked lotion features some of my favourite eczema fighting ingredients, making it perfect for the onset of winter.

Youtube. - Learn How to Make Jewelry, Free Bead Patterns, Find Free Jewelry Making eBooks, and More! How to Make Synthetic Gemstones. How to Repair Jewelry With a Soldering Iron. Hammers and Mallets, Blocks and Anvils - Jewelry Making Info. How to Make a Ring by Steam Bending Wood.