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Wire Jewelry

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Boat People Vintage - DIY style & art de vivre. This past weekend, I got lucky: I found, at my house, a forgotten bag of semi-precious polished stones and some metal wire. How convenient, and perfect to create stone pendants I thought! Making them required a bit of dexterity but besides that it’s a quick, easy and fun DIY. Plus, it leaves lots of room for creativity and each piece is guaranteed to be unique. Follow the six quick steps below to create your own! What you need: Stones (can be any kind; polished, raw, precious etc. click here for more info about rocks and minerals)Artistic wire (copper wire or gauge wire)PliersCutters Start by placing your stone in the middle of your wire so you can wrap it around the stone. Then twist your wire perpendicularly so you can wrap the rest of the stone. Twist the wires until you’ve reached the desired length and then make a hoop shape with it.

Now that you’ve got a hoop shape, use the extra wire to solidify the hoop by wrapping each of the wires once or twice around it. Cut the extra wires. Open wire woven bracelet. Wirework snake ring. Mermaid Braid Bracelet. Woven Rings. Making Earrings -- Free Instructions using Gemstones, Beads and Jewelry Wire. Making Earrings -- Free Instructions using Gemstones, Beads and Jewelry Wire. Jewelry Tools, Jewelry Making Supplies, Wire and Beads by WigJig. Pin by Lee Maggio on Jewelry Making | Pinterest. Silver chainmaille bracelet - box chain - fresh water pearls - silver… Silver Shaggy Loops Chainmaille Bracelet with Sterling Silver Beads, … Lavender Beaded Silver Cable Chainmaille Bracelet - Beaded Chainmaill… Poison Ivy Chainmaille Bracelet- Batman comic book inspired. Stainless Steel Silver HEART Charm Chainmaille Bracelet. Neon Rainbow Chainmaille Bracelet, silver plated jumprings and neon r… Crystal Pearl bracelet, green and white bracelet, swarovski crystal, …

Ribbon, Chainmaille Bracelet. Copper chainmaille bracelet. Handmade Brown and White Chainmaille Bracelet, Chainmaille Bracelet, … Chainmaille Barrels Bracelet, Chainmail Charm Bracelet, Wooden Beads,… Wavy Chainmaille Necklace and Bracelet Set. Wire wrapping Search Results. Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Tutorial. JagWear Jump Rings Tutorial. Making Your Own Jump Rings First let's show you what jump rings are. The following picture shows a necklace in which the entire rope chain was done using home-made 6mm jump rings. Getting Started First you need to find a wooden dowel (sometimes chopsticks work, if they're uniformly round). Get one the same thickness as the inner diameter of the rings you want. 5mm, 6mm or 7mm diameter rings work well, especially to start with. Anything smaller than 5mm in diameter would be very difficult to work with. About the Wire Of course, you need the wire you'll be working with.

Carefully and tightly wrap the wire around and around the stick until you have enough loops to make as many rings as you'll need. Coiling the Wire I should mention here that there are several good wire coiling jigs on the market. Work slowly to make sure the loops are tight to each other and tight around the dowel. Cutting the Rings Take a Dremel-type tool with a metal cutting disc attachment and cut through all the rings.

Bead & Coil Earwires (Tutorial) Curly Wire & Crystal Earrings (Tutorial) Earring Projects. Don't know what to do with your extra paper beads? Make twisted wire jewelry! | I Love Paper BeadsI Love Paper Beads. The other day, I was wondering what to do with some random paper beads I had laying around. There were a lot of colors and different shapes, and I thought they might look nice as a big chunky bunch of beads. I found a YouTube video on how to make a twisted choker necklace by BeadTV. (You can see the video at the bottom of this post.) So, grabbing up my beads and some 20 gauge wire and my tools, I followed the instructions on how to make a choker. Twisted wire necklace the uses up leftover paper beads The real beauty of this is that the different sizes and textures of the different beads gave the necklace a fun artsy feel.

I didn’t have to worry about matching — it was time to let my inner kindergartner run free! Next, I was inspired to make a bracelet using silver plate, antique brass, and gold colored wires. Twisted Wire Bracelet with Paper Beads I finished both the necklace and the bracelet up with a simple handmade hook and eye clasp. Back of the twisted wire bracelet with my little clasp. Easy Folded Wire Ring Tutorial. Ornament Hook Earrings.

The other day I shared an easy earring gift idea with the use of ornament hooks over at A Nest for All Seasons. Yep, you read that right. Ornament hooks. Have I gone crazy? Haha. Meanwhile, it's time for me to wrap some presents I snagged yesterday. Tutorials. 34 Free Chain Maille Jewelry Patterns | Our Free Jewelry Projects | P… Thread Bear's Picnic - How To: Make Pretty Daisy Drop Earrings. In which I give a free tutorial on making pretty wire crochet earrings in the shape of a daisy chain. Happy Spring, everyone! Yes, it is Spring. - Yes it is. - Yes it is!!! And I have a gift for you lovely people. Your very own pretty bitty daisy earring How-To! This time of year always has me impatient for things to start growing, for the weather to brighten just enough for me to play in my balcony garden and to enjoy seeing everywhere slowly get greener.

Today, in fact, I got a call from my little sister, to let me now the daffodils were starting to appear around her work. In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy wearing my Daisy Drops, and I hope you do, too. The key to crocheting with wire is to use a metal hook. What you will need to make these pretty litle diasy drop earrings is: 3mm hook 2 earring fixtures some #28 wire. Note: The fllowing is written in UK stitch names. 1. 2. 3. ch 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Byzantine Earrings. Introduction This is the third project in a series of chainmail earrings for beginners. This month's chainmail weave is called Byzantine. You may see references to some of its other names: Idiot's Delight, King's Link, Birdcage, and others.

Byzantine is one of the most popular weaves & it is very versatile. Changes in the size of the wire and the rings can produce very different looks. As well, the basic byzantine segments can be linked together in different ways to make interesting bracelets, necklaces & collars. And Byzantine is perfect for adding beads! Metals Many different metals can be used to make jump rings. One of the most interesting recent developments in metal for jewelry is Argentium Sterling Silver. it is still 92.5% silver, but the alloy used, germanium, makes it virtually tarnish-free. Handcrafted artisan jewellery by Nicole Hill » Tutorial – Helmsweave chainmaille bracelet. Update: You can now purchase this tutorial in an easy-to-print PDF version! Update 2: You can now purchase a kit to make this bracelet, which comes with a PDF copy of the below tutorial for easy reference Today, I thought we’d try a tutorial for a simple chainmaille bracelet in a helmsweave pattern. The finished article can be found for sale on this website, if you just want to buy one that’s already done: This bracelet uses two sizes of ring, but is otherwise a fairly simple weave once you get the hang of it.

My large rings are in 16 gauge (1.29mm) wire, with an Inner Diameter (ID) of 6.9mm; the small rings are in 20 gauge (0.81mm) wire with an ID of 4.2mm. I’m going to be working in aluminium, but the same sizes should hold true for pretty much any metal. For a 7 inch bracelet, you’ll need approx 52 large rings and 36 small rings. For ease of reference in the photos, new rings we add in that step will be coloured; older rings will be in silver. You’re done! Tutorials. 34 Free Chain Maille Jewelry Patterns | Our Free Jewelry Projects | P… Pretty flower earrings | Beadjewel me | Pinterest. How to Make a Braided Wire Bangle Bracelet with Cyan Acrylic Beads. Although not all the women suit braided wire bracelet, none of them would really dislike pretty jewelry, such as this DIY wire bangle bracelet. The perfect combination of cyan acrylic beads and aluminum wires makes the whole braided wire bracelet more charming and lovely. Now, let's start to learn how to make a wire bangle bracelet with detail steps!

Materials needed in DIY braided wire bangle bracelet: 1.5MM Aluminum Wire 0.3MM Copper Wire 10MM Cyan Acrylic Beads Instructions for how to make a braided wire bangle bracelet: Step 1: Start to DIY wire bangle bracelet 1st, cut off about 50cm aluminum wire, make a hook at one end as picture shows; 2nd, cut off another two 40cm aluminum wire, and then overlap them together; 3rd, cut about 20cm 0.3mm copper wire, wrap it around the three aluminum wire to fix them, and then cut the extra copper wire.

Step 2: Weave the braided wire bracelet Step 3: Finish DIY wire bangle bracelet Here is the final look of the DIY braided wire bangle bracelet: Wow! How to Make Tree Branch Wire Bracelet with Orange Beads. With autumn coming, I’d like to introduce you my new branch jewelry design.To make this tree branch bracelet, I choose gold wires to make the trunk and branches of the tree, and decorated with orange seed beads and pearl beads in the twigs. I think it will be a surprised jewelry for autumn with warm. Now, come and follow me!

Materials needed in making wire tree branch bracelet with beads: 0.3MM Copper Wire 0.8MM Copper Wire 6MM Pearl Glass Beads 2MM Seed Beads Lobster Clasp Jump rings Instructions for making wire tree branch bracelet with beads: Step 1: Make the trunk for the tree branch bracelet 1st, cut off about 80cm 0.8mm copper wire, make a loop in the middle of the wire; 2nd, cut off about 120cm 0.3mm copper wire, wrap it around the 0.8mm copper wire, keep one 0.3mm copper wire and one 0.8mm copper wire as a strand, then twist the two strands together; this is the trunk of the tree. Step 2: Make the tree branch for the wire bracelet This is the final look of the tree branch bracelet: DIY Chainmail Jewelry on How to Make a Jump Ring Bracelet with Colorful Wood Beads. I think everyone who likes DIY jewelry will be very familiar with jump rings.

In this jump ring bracelet pattern, I want to make a bracelet all with jump rings and wood beads, which may make you more youthful and charming. Make sure you have big size jump rings, and then follow me to learn how to make a jump ring bracelet! Materials needed on how to make a jump ring bracelet: 6MM Colorful Wood Beads 10MM Jump Rings 4MM Jump RingsSlide Lock Clasps Instructions for jump ring bracelet pattern: Step 1: Make three jump ring chains for the bracelet 1st, use a yellow wood bead to connect two 10mm jump rings together, and then use a red wood bead to connect another 10mm jump ring together as picture shows; 2nd, use the same method to make the rest yellow and red jump ring chain until get your desired length; 3rd, make two more jump ring chains in the same method.

Step 2: Finish jump ring bracelet pattern The final look of jump ring bracelet is like this: Wow! Coiling Gizmo Projects – How to Make a Flower Coiled Wire Bracelet with Beads. This coiled wire flower bracelet is the only accessory you'll want on your wrist all spring and summer long. The tutorial provides pictorial step by step guides in constructing the bracelet using coiling gizmo projects. All you need are just some copper wires and some beautiful beads or accessories to decorate it.

Now, let's start to learn how to make a wire coiled bracelet! Materials needed in coiling gizmo projects: 10MM Pale Green Glass Pearl Beads 0.5MM Purple Copper Wire 0.5MM Red Copper Wire 0.5MM Green Copper Wire 0.5MM Blue Copper Wire 1.5MM Aluminum Wire 1MM Aluminum WireToggle Clasp 10MM Jump rings Instructions for how to make a coiled wire bracelet: Step 1: Make the coiling gizmo projects 1st, cut off about 15cm 1.5mm aluminum wire, and then use a 0.5mm blue copper wire to wrap around the aluminum one 10~12cm; 2nd, cut the excess wire and remove the aluminum wire from the blue coils; this is the basic wire work; Step 2: Make the flowers for the coiled wire bracelet Well done!