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Eimear Walshe / The Land Question. Camille Henrot: Grosse Fatigue. Versatile, solitary, talented.

Camille Henrot: Grosse Fatigue

Born in 1978. For several years now, French artist Camille Henrot has been exploring the multiplication of the illusion of power versus the actual control that is contained in the way we look at the world. Until now, she has done so from the position that France's art world reserves for its non-militant female artists, which is to say the most uncomfortable one there is. Women artists receive no forgiveness in this country lying just over the Alps from Italy — nor perhaps do they in most of "Latin" Europe. Hollis Frampton Zorns Lemma. youtube. Manifesto – Prototype. When Jia Tolentino wrote that the internet seemed like a pretty good place at first, I knew exactly what she meant.

Manifesto – Prototype

Democratic conversation, transparency, inexpensive publishing – that was digital’s promise. But the reality is so much murkier. Cheap and ubiquitous internet advertising has eroded public journalism, elections are fought and lost on social media, Soylent-slurpers jizz their new wealth all over us while coveting our data. Elizabeth Price interview, Part One. Social aspects of television. The social aspects of television are influences this mediums had on society since its inception.

Social aspects of television

The belief that this impact has been dramatic has been largely unchallenged in media theory since its inception. However, there is much dispute as to what those effects are, how serious the ramifications are and if these effects are more or less evolutionary with human communication. Positive effects of television[edit] Social surrogacy hypothesis[edit] Educational advantages[edit] Allgemein - n.b.k. - Video_Forum. The n.b.k.

Allgemein - n.b.k. - Video_Forum

Video-Forum The n.b.k. Video-Forum is not open to visitors until further notice. AFI Films Archive - Whitechapel Gallery Archive. 2020 - Approaching a Ghost - Victoria Verseau. The video work ‘Approaching a Ghost’ is selected to be the Swedish contribution in Artists' Film International 2021.

2020 - Approaching a Ghost - Victoria Verseau

The work will be screened in art institutions on almost all contintinents and finally be presented at Bonniers Konsthall. Upcoming screenings are:Ballroom Marfa, Texas USA | Belgrade Culture Centre, Serbia | Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm | Center for Contemporary Art, Afghanistan (CCAA) | Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Vilnius | Crawford Art Gallery, Cork Ireland | Friends of IZIKO South African National Gallery, Cape Town South Africa | Foundation Proa, Buenos Aires Argentina | GAMeC, Bergamo Italy | Hammer Museum, Los Angeles USA | Istanbul Modern, Turkey | KWM artcenter, Beijing China | MMAG Foundation, Amman Jordan | Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia | Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Polan | NBK, Berlin Germany | Para Site, Hong Kong | Project 88, Mumbai India | Tromsö Kunstforening, Norway | Whitechapel Gallery, London UK.

Raqs Media Collective. Categories - Screen Cultures Project.

Experimental Animation

16mm Filmmaking. Cinematography. Post Production / Found Footage works. Greenscreen. Virtual Reality. Online Programmes, Archives and Resources. Interviews. Texts and Books to read. Galleries, Institutions, Festivals, Biennales- Moving Image and Digital work. FilmFreeway - submitting to festivals etc. 4:3. House of Women by Michelle Williams Gamaker. Focal Point Gallery — In My Room. EXPLORERS: Illuminating the Wilderness - Project Artworks. Scout and pine: Zerkalo. Friday, April 29, 2011.

scout and pine: Zerkalo

Hetain Patel Works - Hetain Patel. SENSE, Barbara Knezevic, 2020, The Film London Jarman Award 2020 Presentation. News Story The Film London Jarman Award 2020 A world-renowned annual prize for artists' moving image in the UK, established in 2008Inspired by visionary artist filmmaker Derek JarmanArtists are nominated by art and film world experts across the UK each yearA jury of industry leaders select 6 artists for the shortlistWorks by the shortlisted artists are toured to key cultural venues across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland£10,000 prize moneyPrevious winners are Luke Fowler (2008), Lindsay Seers (2009), Emily Wardill (2010), Anja Kirschner & David Panos (2011), James Richards (2012), John Smith (2013), Ursula Mayer (2014), Seamus Harahan (2015), Heather Phillipson (2016), Oreet Ashery (2017), Daria Martin (2018) and Hetain Patel (2019) Find out more about The Film London Jarman Award shortlisted artists: Find out more about FLAMIN projects: News Story The Film London Jarman Award 2020 Find out more about The Film London Jarman Award shortlisted artists:

The Film London Jarman Award 2020 Presentation

UbuWeb Film & Video: Elizabeth Price - The Woolworths Choir of 1979 (2012) THE WOOLWORTHS CHOIR OF 1979 2012 is a large-scale digital video projection that combines archive footage, music and text.

UbuWeb Film & Video: Elizabeth Price - The Woolworths Choir of 1979 (2012)

It has a duration of twenty minutes and exists in an edition of three plus two artist’s proofs. Tate’s copy is number one in the main edition. The artist’s preference is for the work to be shown as an immersive installation, although there is also the possibility for it to be screened just as a video projection if necessary. Film Archives - Bryony Dunne Bryony Dunne. Clare Langan. CINEMA-19. (nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton 1/4. Wendy McMurdo. Elizabeth Price, USER GROUP DISCO (excerpt), 2009. 'The Teachers' - JAMIE QUANTRILL. Alex Da Corte, TRUƎ LIFƎ, 2013. Watch Anna (Film London Jarman Award 2008) online. ISOLATION TV. IFFR presents: YOU ME AND IT by Anita Delaney. John Smith - The Black Tower (1987, DVDRip) Times Square Arts: Midnight Moment. The Two Faces of Tomorrow — Patrick Hough. The Atomic Tree (360) Rise and Fall. Cast Moniek Toebosch Keyna Nara Matthew Miller Written and Directed by Fiona Tan Production Manager Marty de Jong Production Manager, Canada Stephanie Rebick Director of Photography Claire Pijman Peter Lataster.

Rise and Fall

Monitoring – Exhibition for Time-Based Media Art / Kasseler Dokfest. The exhibition Monitoring is a section of Kassel Dokfest and presents up to 20 art installations that are based on cinematic, audiovisual or digital approaches.

Monitoring – Exhibition for Time-Based Media Art / Kasseler Dokfest

It provides a platform for time-based media art in the three-dimensional space as a complement to the film program of the festival. Installations of any topic and form can be submitted. A selection committee of cultural professionals, artists and curators decides which installations are to be presented in the exhibition. Exhibition. The Case for Video Art. Alex Da Corte - Daggering (2011)</a> Alex Da Corte Slow GRaffitti An Artist Remakes a Film Classic — With Frankenstein’s Monster. The artist Alex Da Corte’s elaborate installations are often carnivalesque, filled with strange sculptural objects (motorized plastic swans, an enormous box of Kleenex, a cat-shaped neon sign) and otherworldly environments.

That makes Vienna Secession — one of the classic white cube galleries in Europe, where Da Corte is currently the subject of a solo show — a rather unexpected place to encounter his work. Candice Breitz TREATMENT (Composite), 2013. Sampha: Process (2017) Trailer on MUBI. Patrick Jolley. Main : MARTIN HEALY. IMMA Screen #4. Isabel Nolan. We are delighted to present Isabel Nolan’s two video works as the fourth instalment of IMMA Screen. While Sloganeering 1-4 (2001) has been part of the IMMA Collection since 2002, The Condition of Emptiness (2007), was acquired more recently as part of a major donation of the Kerlin Gallery Collection to the museum in 2018. In addition to the two videos, a recently recorded interview between Isabel Nolan and Christina Kennedy, Head of Collections, IMMA, is also available further down this page.

Alongside this, a series of recordings relating to Nolan’s work from the IMMA Audio Archive are available in the ‘Additional Resources’ section. These include the audio work titled The Three Body Problem (2014), a conversation between Nolan and writer Sally O’Reilly and an introduction by curator Karen Sweeney to Isabel’s 2014 solo exhibition at IMMA, titled The weakened eye of day. About the works: The work explores the line between the desire for self-seclusion and its associated anxieties.

Wendy McMurdo. Chat Room (2019) is the latest iteration of Wendy McMurdo’s ongoing body of work exploring the relationship between young people and the digital world. In this piece, she uses animation, pixel replacement and still photography to explore the hyper-connected world of gaming. What does it mean to grow up in a world of constant connection where reality and simulation often seamlessly converge? In Chat Room, the four walls of the school room are transformed into the shifting borders and terrains of the game – a world where simulation takes over and the laws of gravity are suspended.

Kristin Reiman The Drowse. Alter Bahnhof Video Walk Cardiff and Miller. Ploughing up my Practice. Ploughing up my Practice Mini DV transferred to Digital Colour projection with soundDuration: 05.21mins An artist walking in the countryside attempts an improvised rap in order to explain the changes undergoing her practice. Deploying a ritualistic approach, the artist engages with standing stones and other rural phenomena, in order to invoke desirable outcomes from both galleries (non-profit) and funding bodies. This notion of repetition, a kind of erasure of the past, whilst evoking the present, brings to mind a little known fact about Derrida.

Lottie Davies - Artist, Photographer, Writer. This is the fictional story of a young man, William Henry Quinn, who is walking from the south-west of England to the far north of Scotland in post Second World War Britain. Although fictional, the work is in response to the real experiences of young men and women post-trauma, both in the early twentieth century and now. The life changes imposed on each generation by conflict and global socio-economic collapse as well personal tragedy produces a constant stream of people left untethered in the world, often literally travelling in any way they can, to find a new home, a new purpose and to rebuild their place in the world. As we follow Quinn on his odyssey, we travel with him on a physical and metaphorical journey mediated by the British landscape, which is both changed and unchanged since the 1940s. Walled Unwalled (2018) by Lawrence Abu Hamdan. Artists’ Films: Simon Faithfull, Going Nowhere series. The films will be screening on Thursday 13 – Sunday 16 September, then again from Thursday 20 – Friday 21 September 2018.

DEvelopers by Alice Lyons & Orla McHardy. Patrick Jolley. Adult Swim. Cyprien Gaillard Interview Tate Shots. Emily Wardill - Carlyle's Hands pt 5. Duncan Campbell - Positions #3. Duncan Campbell - LUX. Don't Follow the Wind - A Walk in Fukushima (360 view use Chrome browser) David Hall making TV Interruptions. Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016. Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016 focuses on the ways in which artists have dismantled and reassembled the conventions of cinema—screen, projection, darkness—to create new experiences of the moving image. The exhibition will fill the Museum’s 18,000-square-foot fifth-floor Neil Bluhm Family Galleries, and will include a film series in the third-floor Susan and John Hess Family Theater. The exhibition’s title refers to the science fiction writer H.P.

Remains clip. John Akomfrah – Why History Matters. David Hall - TV Interruptions: Tap piece (full version) 1971. Joan Jonas - Vertical Roll (1972) Blanche Neige Lucie, Michelle Deignan - Looking for Gary. Bait review – one of the defining British films of the decade. Cornish film-maker Mark Jenkin’s breakthrough feature is a thrillingly adventurous labour of love – a richly textured, rough-hewn gem in which form and content are perfectly combined. Movements Recollected - Mairead McClean. Cities of Gold and Mirrors. Cyprien Gaillard. ROBINSON IN SPACE. Two Years At Sea. Eija-Liisa Ahtila - Interview 2012. Dara Birnbaum on her life and art. Mark Lecky Fiorucci made me Hardcore. How Mark Leckey became the artist of the YouTube generation. Podcast By Charlotte Higgins. Ann Hirsch- Scandalishious Project. Guy Sherwin 'Paper Landscape'

Kevin Atherton: In Two Minds. The Tanks: Aldo Tambellini. Iain Sinclair on Susan Philipsz. Susan Philipsz. Gillian Wearing takeover: Dancing in Peckham – video. Lis Rhodes – 'An Opposition to Commercial Cinema' Harun Farocki: Deep Play - Images. Exposition "Deep Play" Harun Farocki - Installation view. What is Expanded Cinema? Pipilotti Rist: Sparkling Pond, Bold-Coloured Groove & Tender Fire, Sydney.