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Portali (design, arte, suono)

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Actualité photographique et photographie. The Terraforming Education Programme. C/O Berlin Foundation. C/O Berlin is a charitable foundation that presents a cultural program with an international standing.

C/O Berlin Foundation

The exhibition venue for photography and visual media shows works by renowned artists, promotes emerging talents and accompanies children, teenagers and adults on their journeys of discovery through our visual culture. Foundation Based on the civic commitment of the three founders—photographer Stephan Erfurt, designer Marc Naroska, and architect Ingo Pott—a private initiative has developed into a unique institution that receives widespread public acclaim.

As a non-profit foundation, C/O Berlin operates independently of commercial interests and is financed through admission fees, book sales, and sponsoring as well as by donations and contributions of the C/O Berlin Friends e.V. Animate Projects. Network per l'arte contemporanea. Chiudi Vent'anni di UnDo.Net, un'opera d'arte ideata da artisti che hanno coinvolto centinaia di altri autori e operatori nella costruzione di un ecosistema, di un dispositivo che ha influito a più livelli sul fare arte.

network per l'arte contemporanea

Nouveaux Media. YOUNG ARTISTS BAY. Urban&landscape. Cultura, comunicación, medio ambiente y turismo. SOCKS – An online magazine of Art, Architecture, Media, Culture, Sounds, Territories, Technology) Artisti Italiani - arti visive e promozione. “ARTISTI ITALIANI - arti visive e promozione” è un' organizzazione fondata nel 2010 da Benedetta Spagnuolo, si occupa della promozione delle arti visive e contemporanee, di tutti gli aspetti promozionali e curatoriali dell’arte, dalla comunicazione web all’organizzazione di eventi espositivi. valorizza, in modo particolare, gli artisti italiani che operano su tutto il territorio nazionale ed internazionale.

Artisti Italiani - arti visive e promozione

Noi riteniamo che nel mercato italiano ed internazionale dell’arte contemporanea sia fondamentale essere rappresentati da personale specializzato come gallerie, associazioni e curatori che si occupino totalmente della gestione e promozione dell’artista. Ecco perché la nostra organizzazione offre agli artisti numerosi benefit grazie al supporto professionale e completo del proprio staff. Per lei la fotografia rappresenta "il parallelismo costante di tutti gli opposti", dove la concettualità si trasforma in materia attraverso l'obiettivo fotografico. The Book Design Blog – Celebrating the beauty of book, zine and editorial design.

Campo de relámpagos. Untitled. FONDAZIONE BONOTTO - Fluxus, Sperimental Poetry and Textile Collection. CUVO festival. ArtFem.TV Art and Feminism ITV - HOME. Le Devin Tirésias se métamorphosant en femme. ‎Syntagma (1983) directed by Valie Export. Altered Bits: Free Vintage Photos, Free Medical and Anatomy Photos, Free Background Images, Free Paper Textures, Free Images, Free Backgrounds, Free Altered Art Templates (Artist Trading Card Envelope, Altars)

Free images of the moment: Free Vintage Tintype #1.

Altered Bits: Free Vintage Photos, Free Medical and Anatomy Photos, Free Background Images, Free Paper Textures, Free Images, Free Backgrounds, Free Altered Art Templates (Artist Trading Card Envelope, Altars)

Che fotografia. MyVisto - Sfida la tua Creatività. Untitled Document. Daily Art Fair. Themes. Center for the Study of Political Graphics. The Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG) is a United States non-profit, educational and research archive that collects, preserves, documents, and circulates domestic and international political posters relating to historical and contemporary movements for social change.[1] From its base in Los Angeles, California, CSPG organizes travelling exhibitions,[2] lectures, and workshops, and publishes educational material.

Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Their website also hosts virtual exhibitions. Carol A. Wells, Founder[edit] Blog. Beautiful, free stock video footage for your homepage. Punctum books – An independent, open-access para-academic publisher. International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art. Web projects. Science for a changing world. UbuWeb. Digital Art, Design and Culture. No Film School. Someone Has Built It Before.

I.C.A.S. — A NETWORK FOR INDEPENDENT NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS DEDICATED TO ADVANCING SOUND CULTURES, MUSIC AND RELATED ARTS. NeXT Hyper Obscure. Home - italianeography. GIZMO » Architecture: research, criticism, books and news » articles. Electronic Arts Intermix. Cultor Estetica. ArtBOX - Home. Gosheven: 'I have very apocalyptic visions of the world' - Shape. Gosheven is the solo project of Bálint Szabó, member of the improvisation trio 12z and curator at Trafó House in Budapest.

Gosheven: 'I have very apocalyptic visions of the world' - Shape

Leaper is his first solo venture, released in May 2017 on Opal Tapes. He put to use the several years he spent studying different tuning systems for electric guitar. He’s developed a unique electric guitar with strings that can be placed in a stereo field to further enrich the already unusual sounds of the retuned instrument, inspired by some of the greatest American minimalists, such as La Monte Young and Terry Riley, and Italian Renaissance composers (“Unbalanced Holiness” is based on a composition by the great Giovanni Maria Trabaci). His sophomore Gosheven album, Bivaq, is out on Opal Tapes in April. We caught up with him in his Budapest flat, located on the city’s leafy, historical side Buda. What have you been up to? I’m preparing for my April concert with a retuned guitar which I’ve never used before in a concert situation. It’s a very long story. In what way? Local Inspiration From Around The World.

Home. 18 top stock photo libraries. Are you struggling to find images to complete your latest project?

18 top stock photo libraries

If so, these great photo libraries could be the solution to all your problems. iStock offers millions of affordable, unique, royalty free images and stock photos. Images can be downloaded using iStock credits, which are sold in preset packages. The site features a simple search facility as well as a 'browse by category' function, making it easy to find what you're looking for amongst the thousands of images it holds. 02. Photo library Veer has millions of images in its archives, all for the purpose of design and creativity. 03. Founded in 1995, Getty Images was the first company to license imagery online. 04.

Fotolia is devoted to offering affordable creative imagery. 05.