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Psycho. The Art of Composition 140 Iconic Shots in 1 minute. Elements of Composition The Rule of Thirds Firstly, the rule of thirds is one of the most common camera framing techniques used in film or photography. 1917. Django unchained. Back to the future. Inception. Terminator. Titanic. Scène du manège - Strangers on a Train - Alfred Hitchcock. Les Bases du Cinéma #2 - Les Valeurs de Plan. Rules of Shot Composition in Film: A Definitive Guide. Qu'est ce que Cadrer. 50+ Camera Angles, Shots, and Movements: A Complete Guide. Have you ever been overwhelmed at the possibility of every camera angle, framing, and shot type available as a filmmaker?

50+ Camera Angles, Shots, and Movements: A Complete Guide

Us too. So we provided a cheat sheet with definitions for you! The cinematography that changed cinema. Camera shots.