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Journaux en ligne (revues académiques, d'institutions culturelles, etc.)

[FR] IFdigital / Institut Français. [FR] Centre des arts, Enghien-les-Bains. [FR] BN - Bains numériques / Centre des arts, Enghien-les-Bains. [FR] Numeric lab / Centre des arts, Enghien-les-Bains. LABOMEDIA - Arts numériques. [FR] Labomedia. MUDA Museum of Digital Art - Zurich. [CH] MuDA Zurich. [DE] ZKM - Center for art and media, Karlsruhe. [US] MIT - Center for Bits and Atoms. [US] Center for Art, Science and Technology / MIT. [US] Perceiving Perception / MIT. For the first time this semester, MIT offered a Vision in Art and Neuroscience course designed and taught by computational neuroscientist Sarah Schwettmann, light artist and MIT Museum Studio Manager Seth Riskin, and Professor Pawan Sinha from MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

[US] Perceiving Perception / MIT

The course explored the intersection between art and neuroscience in a novel manner: by treating perception as an act of creation, the creation of an individual’s world of experience, and finding shared ground between art and neuroscience in the creative faculty of vision. From limited and noisy sensory data with infinite potential interpretations, the brain builds a rich world of experience and expectation. [US] Rhizome (New York) [US] Base de donnée en ligne de Rhizome. The ArtBase is Rhizome's archive of digital art, freely accessible to the public online.

[US] Base de donnée en ligne de Rhizome

The Rhizome ArtBase was founded in 1999 to preserve works of net art that were deemed to be "of potential historical significance. " Encompassing a vast range of projects from artists all over the world, the ArtBase provides a home for works that employ materials such as software, code, websites, moving images, games, and browsers. Until 2008, the ArtBase accepted open submissions for consideration, but currently works are added to the collection by curatorial invitation and through Rhizome's commissioning and exhibition programs. [US] Net Art Anthology / Rhizome. [DE] medien kunst netz = media art net. [US] Electronic Arts Intermix. [DK] Artificial - catalogue d'art digital. [CA] La fondation Daniel Langlois : À propos de la fondation Daniel Langlois. [CA] La fondation Daniel Langlois - Œuvres, Artistes. [US] Still Water. [US] "At the Edge of Art" - un livre, un site Web par Joline Blais et Jon Ippolito.

[CA] HTMLLES - Festival féministe d'arts médiatiques + de culture numérique. [FR, BE, CH, DE] Nouveaux Media - New Media - Neue Medien.

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