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Find the Best Ayurveda Yoga Renew Packages in India. Peaks and Valleys - American Forests. I was getting a stern talking-to.

Peaks and Valleys - American Forests

A determined pika was chirping at me while I scrambled up the steep couloir of the Mountaineers Route on Mount Whitney, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. The tallest peak in the contiguous United States at 14,505 feet, its granite summit is continuously sought after by hikers and climbers from around the world. Actually, I enjoyed the company. The momentary diversion from the territorial pika took my mind elsewhere while searching for the right footing and handholds to the top of the gully. The morning sun had just crept above the daunting Inyo Mountains to the east, setting ablaze massive granite slabs in alpenglow. Climber Ryan Rogers scrambles up the steep couloir of the Mountaineers Route on Mount Whitney. Just one other climber separated me from Iceberg Lake more than 1,700 feet below.

From the summit hut, hikers and climbers reveled in another great day on the mountain. However, this wasn’t an ordinary put-in. 10 Tips for Improving Your Wildlife Photography. A Guest Post by Wildlife Photographer – Morkel Erasmus Ever since digital SLR technology has become more readily available, more and more people have become photography enthusiasts, and more and more photography enthusiasts have started venturing into a genre previously reserved for only a select few…Wildlife Photography.

10 Tips for Improving Your Wildlife Photography

It seems that this field, in conjunction with Landscape Photography, has really seen a huge growth spurt in these last few years…at least as it pertains to the amount of people practicing them as serious hobbyists or budding professionals. This is especially true in my native country of South Africa, where it’s long been many a family’s tradition to visit legendary self-drive safari locations such as the Kruger National Park. Having neighbouring countries like Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe also doesn’t affect this trend negatively!

8 Days Rejuvenating Ayurveda Wellness and Yoga Retreat in Kollam. The Complete Guide To Wildlife Photography: 89 Great Tips. If you are out in the wild, photographing animals, then you are shooting wildlife photography.

The Complete Guide To Wildlife Photography: 89 Great Tips

It involves documenting the creatures, in and out of their habitats. For everything you need, from gear to techniques, read our wildlife photography guide here. What is Wildlife Photography? This is one of the most challenging areas of photography, as you are dealing with animals that can’t take model direction easily. Not only do you need to have superb technical skills, but also know how to expose, frame and compose well enough. 101 Wildlife Photography Tips - PhotographyAxis. Mother India Yoga Retreat. How to Be a Professional Wildlife Photographer. I never have to wait long before I get an email or message on social media asking for advice on how to make it as a professional wildlife photographer.

How to Be a Professional Wildlife Photographer

It’s an incredibly popular pastime, and it’s no surprise therefore that everyone is keen to make money and build a career behind the camera. Lots of people really want to work for companies like National Geographic. The thing is, there are very few who actually join the legendary organisation on full salaries – and those positions are pretty much already full.

That’s not to say it’ll never happen, but emailing Nat Geo for a job is not going to work. Instead, start your career as a wildlife photographer by working for yourself. Indian wildlife photographers to follow on social media. To all those constant social media users who have an eye for wildlife photography, here are a few Instagram and Twitter accounts that you must follow. 1.

Indian wildlife photographers to follow on social media

Rathika Ramaswamy With close to 45.6K followers on Instagram, Chennai-based Rathika Ramaswamy is considered one of India's foremost woman wildlife photographers. Fragrant Nature Resort, Kerala, India - Ayurveda Treatment Packages. Fragrant Nature Resort offers wellness holidays away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It nestles amongst graceful palms, on five acres of beautifully landscaped, waterside land, on a breathtakingly beautiful and serene lake.

"Prana", the spa at Fragrant Nature offers a wide range of Ayurveda treatments. 'Aroma Fresh' is the hotel's horticulture wing, which has a retail network of food stores across South India. They have own farms which follow strict quality measures to ensure 100% pesticide free and nutrient balanced farm produces. Vegetable and fruits used at the hotel are sourced from Aroma Fresh. The Essentials of Wave Photography - Underwater Photography Guide. Wave photography has become a huge passion for me.

The Essentials of Wave Photography - Underwater Photography Guide

Waves are fascinating; they are all different and provide an endless subject to photograph. When shooting waves, my goal is to make people feel the energy that can be found in the ocean thru the different shapes of the waves. Urban nature photography tips - Canon Europe. Nature photography isn't just the luxury of those living in the countryside.

Urban nature photography tips - Canon Europe

Look in your garden, in the streets, under the rocks, around ponds and in city parks, and you'll find the perfect opportunity for nature photography in the city, right on your doorstep. Young Finnish photographer Ossi Saarinen has built up a six-figure following on Instagram, photographing nature in the city – adorable squirrels, mice and foxes that look straight at the viewer, and funny-looking, round birds full of character. Fragrant Nature-Übersicht-Vivamundo Reisen.

Zimmer Die 29 Zimmer und Villen sind mit umweltfreundlichen Materialien hochwertig ausgestattet und in 4 Kategorien aufgeteilt.

Fragrant Nature-Übersicht-Vivamundo Reisen

See the winners of the Nikon Small World micro-photography contest. As scientists scour the natural world in search of truth, they often capture its beauty.

See the winners of the Nikon Small World micro-photography contest

Such was the case for microscopy technician Teresa Zgoda and micro-photographer Teresa Kugler. While helping with a class at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass., the pair combined fluorescence microscopy and stereomicrography to create a vivid portrait of a developing turtle embryo. Because the embryo was more than 2.5 centimeters long, Zgoda, now at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and Kugler, a recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, couldn’t capture it all in such detail in one image. 15+ Creative Baby Photography Ideas - Canvera Blog. A new baby’s homecoming is one of the most exciting times for everyone.

15+ Creative Baby Photography Ideas - Canvera Blog

From day 1, the new parents will want to record every moment spent with their tiny bundle of joy. We know how beautiful it is to watch your baby sleeping, yawning, weeping, and expressing different emotions. These cute expressions are ones to be cherished, for many years to come. So, one craves for creative baby photography, to capture all these adorable spontaneous baby faces, here is a list of 20 creative baby photo ideas for your baby’s journal. Make their dreams come true. Fabulous India. 11 Different Types of Photography to Help You Become a Better Photographer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in your photography career, learning new types of photography can open up a whole new world of professional and creative possibilities. Exploring different photography styles is a great way to develop your skills while challenging yourself to change your point of view.

You can start with something similar to what you already know and love, or if you’re feeling adventurous try something completely different from your usual work. Toto je tvorca najlepších optických ilúzií, aké ste kedy videli! - MMagazín. Príroda je najúžasnejší tvorca, aký na Zemi existuje. Jej diela sú tak ohromujúce a pôsobivé, že častokrát sa zdá, že nie sú súčasťou nášho, ale nejakého fantastického sveta mimo našej reality. Takéto fotografie sme tu už dávno nemali! How to Take Sharp Photos. Top 5 Photography Tips to Improve Your Photos.

One of the easiest ways to improve your photography is by taking photos of interesting subjects. Of course, you can take great creative photos of uninteresting subjects, but if you choose an interesting subject to photograph in the first place, it makes taking a great photo much easier. Photo by aotaro; ISO 400, f/0, 1/60-second exposure. 1. Photographer Urges Parents To Drop Gender Stereotype Norms And Let Kids Dress Up However They Want. ‘Boys can be princesses, too.’ That’s the main idea of photographer Kitty Wolf’s new campaign of the same name. The Chicago-based photographer believes that anyone, regardless of gender, can “enjoy the magic, beauty, and empowerment of a fairy tale princess.” “I have seen boys being told that princesses are ‘just for girls’ or that liking princesses and especially dressing as one somehow makes them weak, inferior or not boys. They’re told it’s not manly, or macho, or normal.

This leads boys to feel ashamed of their interests, confused, sad, and lonely,” Kitty writes on her website. Best of 2019: Top 50 Photographs From Around the World. As the clock winds down on 2019, there is a growing urge to stop and reflect on the past year—the highs, the lows, and everything in between. And the best way to take a look back at the past 365 days is through photography. Luckily, we live in an age of technology and just about everyone has a camera on hand.

There are countless photographers (professionals and amateurs) who have documented all corners of the world to account for every single day. With such an abundance of images available, though, it becomes a daunting task to truly take a look back at it all. Fortunately, our team at My Modern Met has taken the time to sift through some of the most impactful images of 2019 and we’ve narrowed the list down to our top 50.

I Captured The Unusual Bond Of The Kazakh Eagle Hunter With His Golden Eagle. At the beginning of December I visited Gunny – traditional Kazakh village at the foot of the Tian Shan mountains in Almaty Region, Kazakhstan. One of the people I met there was the Eagle Hunter (burkiti in the Kazakh language). After the solemn welcome, I saw him sitting with the bird on his arm by the entrance to the yurt and I totally fell in love with this magnificent couple. 35 Serene and Calming Pictures I Captured Of Betta Fish. Photography.

Leaping rabbits picture wins Nature Photographer of the Year. Sixth Annual Nearby Nature Photo Contest is Open. Focus On Nature Photo Contest. First Place Winner Kendall Rittenour Rushing Creek Below Moraine Lake. The Winning Photos of the 2016 Nat Geo Nature Photo Contest. Nature photo competition: Winners 2018 - EuroNatur. 21 Of The Best Nature Photo Entries To The 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest. National Geographic’s annual Photo Contest is under way, which means it’s once again time to see some of the best travel photos that both amateur and professional photographers around the world have to offer. The contest, which will wrap up at the end of the month, takes submissions in three simple categories – People, Places and Nature. The first-place winner in each category will win $2,500, and the grand-prize winner, in addition to first-place in their category, will receive $7,500 and a trip to Washington, D.C. to participate in National Geographic’s annual photo seminar.

All of the entries (the good and the bad) can currently be viewed on Nat Geo’s website, and they’re still taking submissions, so you can try your luck as well. The Complete Guide To Adventure Photography: 65 Tips. If you like photographing in the great outdoors, adventure photography is your game. Ready, Set, Go: A Guide to Adventure Photography. The hardest part about outdoor adventure photography is picking up your camera. How to build a camera kit for adventure photography. 6 Adventure Photography Tips. Just like the sports they capture, adventure photographers need to be competitive and up for a challenge. Jody MacDonald from NatGeo Creative shares with us what sets her work above the rest. The 100 Most Influential Adventure Photographers on Instagram. Travel + Leisure. Adventure Photography Tips with Adam Jordan.

6 Tips to Capture Wildlife Photography with Impact. Winning images in the 2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. A golden couple of endangered monkeys wins the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018. Journey of a Passionate Wildlife Photographer and his Quest to find the Phantom - Blog. David Yarrow’s “The Amazing View” Photography Exhibition – Cowboys and Indians Magazine.

15 Famous Contemporary Photographers and Their Photos. 15 Famous Modern Photographers and Their Photos. Top 12 Best Landscape Photographers Working Today. Darkness, rain and dirt: My wildlife photography adventure. Announcing the 2019 Adventures in Nature Photo Contest. Darkness, rain and dirt: My wildlife photography adventure. Top 12 Best Landscape Photographers Working Today.

15 types of photography genres to pursue as a professional photographer. Photography. Photography. Photography. Introduction to Photography: The Universal Language. A-Z of Modernist Photography. To Save Coral Reefs, Start With Parrotfish – National Geographic Society Newsroom. 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Early Entries. 35 Best Nature Photography Inspiration. Photography Helped Me Defeat Depression And See The World In A New Light. Nature photography 101. Everything you Need to Know about Nature Photography. Cold Weather Photo Tips. The Art Of Seeing, Part 1. 12 Great Tips For Improving Your Nature Photography Skills. Wildlife Photography Techniques: An Ethical Guide to Taking Nature Pictures. Masterclass. The Wild Life: How to Become a Professional Wildlife and Nature Photographer. The Approach To Better Landscape Photos. 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Wildlife Photography. When whimsical wildlife photography isn’t what it seems. 6 Traits of a Great Nature Photographer - Do You Possess Them?

Nature and Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners. Connecting to Nature Through Photography. Consent Form. 40 Beautiful Nature Photography examples for your inspiration. American Scientist. Love Nature Photography ? Then this article is for you. World Photography Awards' best photos of the year. Headlines : Mobile Photo Awards Blog. The Latest Entries From The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Will Cheer You Up - @BonnieMcEwan. Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition 2017 Winners. 2019 National Geographic Travel Photography Contest Winners - Nature Photography Simplified.

Winter Photography in Iceland: Digital Photography Review. Travel Photographer: A Guide to Becoming a Professional Photographer. Travel + Leisure. How to Become a Travel Photographer (6 Career Boosting Tips) The Complete Guide To Travel Photography: 113 Tips. Ready, Set, Go: A Guide to Adventure Photography. 4 Best Adventure Photography Camera Systems. Fragrant Nature Kochi. Fragrant Nature Munnar. What To Expect At Better Photography’s Wildlife India Forum! - Better Photography.

6 Steps To Better Photography. Fragrant Nature Kochi. 10 Powerful Tips To Become A Better Photographer. 5 Easy Steps to Better Photography - Christopher Boswell - Medium. Fragrant Nature Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. 7 exercises that will make you a better photographer. Better Photography Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2014-15 - Better Photography.