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Totally Tropical Coconut Cookies. Tropical Coconut Cookies My 4 year-old informed me that I did not have enough snack food in the house.

Totally Tropical Coconut Cookies

I went to the pantry and started pulling things out. Agave Nectar: Good or Bad? Is agave nectar good?

Agave Nectar: Good or Bad?

Is agave nectar bad? Believe it or not, I thought I’d written a definitive post on this topic. As it turns out, I hadn’t. Earlier this week a reader emailed me, seeking an answer to the classic question: Agave nectar — good or bad? She pointed out that she’d done a search for agave nectar on this site and only turned up two entries. Your Freezer Doesn't Need Bar Codes to be Fun for Summer! 50+ Dairy-free Frozen Treats You Should Make and Not Buy. This post is written by contributing writer Debra Worth of Worth Cooking.

Your Freezer Doesn't Need Bar Codes to be Fun for Summer! 50+ Dairy-free Frozen Treats You Should Make and Not Buy

It is less than a month until summer starts. Time to break out the ice creams, popsicles, and other frozen treats. *laughs* Healthy Marshmallows Recipe. Make Your Own Vanilla Cashew-Almond Milk (Recipe) Simple Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse: dairy-free, paleo-friendly. What happens when you combine coconut cream, cocoa powder and raw honey?

Simple Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse: dairy-free, paleo-friendly

Pure, heavenly, silky, real food dessert deliciousness- that's what. This quick coconut chocolate mousse is the one sweet treat that almost everyone at my table agrees upon. From traditional, paleo or vegan diet followers, to grain-free and dairy-free folks, but most importantly for those simply looking to enjoy a tasty bite of food- this effortless dessert is bound to impress. Raw Power Protein Balls Recipe (with Cacao, Hemp, Chia and Flax Seeds) 29th March 2015 By Trinity Bourne Contributing Writer for Wake Up World This isn’t just any old high protein treat, it’s a superfood extravaganza – high in essential fats and antioxidants.

Raw Power Protein Balls Recipe (with Cacao, Hemp, Chia and Flax Seeds)

7 Simple (and Portable) Homemade Healthy Snacks To Help You Avoid Making Unhealthy Choices. Have you been trying to eat healthier and perhaps started to adapt a more plant-based diet?

7 Simple (and Portable) Homemade Healthy Snacks To Help You Avoid Making Unhealthy Choices

Many people agree that they enjoy the benefits of eating healthier, but find it quite challenging to keep up with the diet while on-the-go. Coconut Milk Kefir “Yogurt” - The Paleo Mom. I have been making my own coconut milk Kefir for quite a while now.

Coconut Milk Kefir “Yogurt” - The Paleo Mom

The Ultimate Energy Bites. These energy balls are filled with all the most amazing super foods in the world – almonds, walnuts, hemp protein, flaxseed, chia seeds, coconut oil, raw cacao, cinnamon and medjool dates.

The Ultimate Energy Bites

They really are little bites of perfect health. Although of course they are unbelievably delicious too! The most awesome thing about all of these ingredients is that they’re almost all totally packed with all kinds of awesome plant proteins, hemp protein being the richest sources of plant protein available, which means they give you buckets of energy and keep you bouncing around all day long. Chia & Raspberry Breakfast. It has become more and more obvious to me that Luise and I have lived these last years inside the eye of a whirlwind.

Chia & Raspberry Breakfast

Life seems calm when we sit here in our Stockholm kitchen, but recipes, apps, emails, comments, books, raising a child, freelancing, workshops, photography and social media are spinning around us faster and faster every month. Our old professions and lives have been swept away and new things have come along. It has been unreal, in the best kind of way. All of a sudden we are working with our passion and with each other. We are constantly learning new things and have no idea how the next month will look like. But living in a whirlwind also makes me dizzy. The theoretical solution is easy. We are still not sure what we can afford or where we will end up, but we will probably be traveling from the beginning of December to the end of February.

Spinach & Quinoa Patties in a bowl. You might have heard this little tip before but we really encourage you to try it.

Spinach & Quinoa Patties in a bowl

It will make it so much easier to eat well throughout the week, also when you have no time to spare. Always, always cook twice as much quinoa, millet, buckwheat, beans and lentils as you need for a recipe and store the leftovers in separate containers in the fridge. Pumpkin Bread (low carb, grain free) This is one darned tasty treat, gluten free or not. Roland said it’s as good as anything you’d get in a bake shop, and I have to agree. Starbucks has been advertising their seasonal pumpkin baked goods and drinks, which got me thinking about pumpkin bread yesterday. I adore the stuff. Especially toasted and spread with something yummy. Butter, almond butter, apple butter…..oooh I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow to have another slice! The Nourished Psychologist.

This recipe is adapted from the delicious jersey caramel recipe from Wholefood Simply. You can find the original here: We often still make this original recipe but roll it into balls and coat in desiccated coconut. My kids call them rum balls because this is what we made at Christmas time instead of rum balls! For these bliss balls: 14 medjool dates (add in one or 2 more if yours are quite small). 2 cups desiccated coconut (make sure it has no preservatives added). 1 tbsp. raw cacao * 1 tsp. vanilla essence (make sure it is the real stuff!) A good pinch of sea salt 1 – 2 tsp. protein powder (check ingredients for nasties. 1 tsp.

Place all ingredients into a food processor and process until it comes together (about a minute or so) Roll into balls and then roll in a little extra desiccated coconut. Delicious Apple Pie Smoothie is packed with Vitamins, Antioxidants and Great Taste. Almond Coconut Bars - The Paleo Mom. This is the recipe that got me through Halloween this year without eating a single fun sized candy (for the first time since I had enough teeth to chew them!). It is a modification of a recipe posted by Riki Shore at Three Squares. I immediately liked how easy this recipe sounded. At the time, I had also been meaning to try the more involved recipe for Chocolate Almond Joy Bars by Elena Amsterdam (I LOVE her blog So, I was inspired, but I also saw some ways I could adjust the recipe to reflect my newest information on nutrition. This is a bit of an aside, but I need to talk about flax meal for a second. I should also put in a bit of a note on coconut oil.

50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making. You may be realizing that most conventionally made products out there contain a lot of toxic chemicals. Not only that, many of these products are harmful to our environment in a number of ways. Making things yourself not only saves you money and helps the environment, but it lets you know where your products are coming from and exactly what has been put in them. You can make anything from food items to personal care and cleaning products, all in very simple ways. Remember: Whenever you can, use organic foods and ingredients in recipes. Use sea salt instead of table salt. 3 Ingredient AmazeBalls. Sometimes accidents are happy. I went into a bio shop (health food store) the other day looking for carob, which I happen to actually like. Sweet Gratitude: A New World of Raw Desserts - Matthew Rogers, Tiziana Alipo Tamborra.

Lavender Coconut Ice Cream [Vegan] Elderflower & Ginger cordial. The Soulful Spoon: Anti-Inflammatory Raw Chocolate Coconut Cookies- Grain Free, Vegan,Nut-Free, No Sugar Added. Get-Happy Ginger Cookies (Easy, Gluten-Free & Plant-Based!) Veggie Showdown: Beets Vs. Carrots. Blissful Blueberry Banana Spelt Muffins (vegan + refined sugar-free) Vegan Chocolate & Almond Butter Fudge (Takes 5 Mins To Make!) My Pasty Recipe - Ann's Pasties. Breakfast pancakes. Nutri Centre Health Supplements Blog.

Make 12 Cupcakes.