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CV Dazzle – Adam Harvey. Camouflage from Computer Vision This project is under active development CV Dazzle Look 1. 2010.

CV Dazzle – Adam Harvey

Hair by Pia Vivas. Photo: Adam Harvey CV Dazzle is a type of camouflage from computer vision. *The following is an overview of the project concepts, background, and initial tests. How It Works” CV Dazzle works by altering the expected dark and light areas of a face (or object) according to the vulnerabilities of a specific computer vision algorithm. Computer vision is always based on an accepted probabilistic threshold that can be exploited by altering the key visual features to appear one step below the threshold of detection.

Because face detection is the first step in any automated facial recognition system, blocking the detection stage also blocks any subsequent facial analysis including recognition and emotional analysis. Look Book The first design (Look #1) was created in 2010 as a proof of concept for my masters thesis at ITP NYU. CV Dazzle Look 1. 2010. CV Dazzle Look 2. 2010. Style Tips. Geometryczne Ombre Nail Art. Des gouttes qui rebondissent. How to be perfectly unhappy. How to Talk to Kids About Sexy Dolls Without Sex-Shaming. “Is it slut shaming to dub Polly Pocket 'Polly Prostitute'?

How to Talk to Kids About Sexy Dolls Without Sex-Shaming

No, it isn’t,” Rebecca Hains wrote in response to comments on this Jezebel article by Margot Magowan. I disagree, but I know where Magowan, Hains, and the artists behind the recent craze for Bratz doll make-unders are coming from. I really do. Shopping for Halloween costumes for my daughter when she was 3 sent me into a seething rage over the aisles full of sexy costumes for the 4 to 6 age group. It’s both disturbing and depressing that companies market “sexy” to little girls who are way too young to understand what sexy means. But there are ways to do this that involve slut-shaming, and ways that don’t. Art can heal PTSD's invisible wounds. Pourquoi les Français sont (vraiment) nuls en anglais: Carol Bausor at TEDxIsèreRiver.

Self Compassion. How to become a minimalist. 3 THINGS : ways to fight well with your boy- or girlfriend. As you know, i love hanging out with david. so much so in fact, that i’m willingly spending 24/7 with him. sharing both work and play time. ( for example, watch us hang out in our new MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode at the bottom of this post. ) come to think of it, i can’t even remember the last time one of us left the apartment without the other. oh yeah, david goes for jogs without me like 3 times a week. that’s about it for alone time. does that sound totally unhealthy ?

3 THINGS : ways to fight well with your boy- or girlfriend

I’m having a blast, and i don’t feel the need to do stuff alone at all. at least not yet, let’s see how i feel about it 6 months from now. working together and spending all waking time together does mean that we can totally get on each other’s nerves of course. especially since our work is very intense, with long hours, and with very few ( if any ) days off. and as soon as we get stressed out, the fights come running. annoyance, irritation, frustration. all the good stuff. in our ten years together (!) Timeout ! Love // jenny. HOW TO BE CONFIDENT - 8 WAYS. What Art Museums Are For. What's Education For?

Reasons to Remember Death. When is One Ready to Settle Down? The Wisdom of Pessimism. What's wrong with the media. Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Signs of Sexual Abuse - trigger warning. An Instruction Manual To Oneself. The Lottery of Life. Politics in the Animal Kingdom: Single Transferable Vote. Quick and Easy Voting for Normal People. The Abominable Charles Christopher. History as a Cure for Our Times. Romanticization of mental illness. Success at School vs Success in Life. CALM: Insomnia. L’ONU recommande de devenir vegan, et de taxer la viande – Vegactu. Un rapport de l’ONU vient de pointer du doigt, comme jamais auparavant, le lien de cause à effet entre consommation de viande et réchauffement climatique.

L’ONU recommande de devenir vegan, et de taxer la viande – Vegactu

Et d’en tirer les conséquences : Une réduction substantielle des impacts [environnementaux] ne serait possible qu’avec un changement substantiel, au niveau planétaire, de régime alimentaire, d’où serait bannie la consommation de tout produit d’origine animale. Le Professeur Edgar Hertwich, auteur principal du rapport de l’ONU, a ajouté : Les produits animaux causent plus de dégâts que n’en cause la production de minéraux et de matériaux de construction, tels sables et ciments, plastiques ou métaux. La biomasse et les cultures spécifiques pour les animaux sont aussi dommageables que la consommation de combustibles fossiles. What the Function? with Smarter Every Day! How to Pin an Insect. The Breast Episode Ever. The secret to effective nonviolent resistance.

How to Remain Calm With People. People with Alzheimer's tell us memories they never want to forget. Safe and Sorry – Terrorism & Mass Surveillance. In Praise of Short-Term Love. The Taxonomy of Candy. Beetles, Mites, Cockroaches Oh My! [Insect Collection Tour]