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Breathtaking images capture South Africa's striking divide between the rich and the poor. The shocking apartheid in South Africa has been brought to light in a series of breathtaking images.

Breathtaking images capture South Africa's striking divide between the rich and the poor

Captured by photographer Johnny Miller, the striking collection of photographs reveals the country's prominent lasting divide between the rich and the poor. The snaps, which were taken using a drone, show on one side the larger homes with swimming pools and driveways - and on the other, a series of over-populated neighbourhoods with little space to move. Entitled 'Unequal Scenes', the collection consists of images taken above the likes of the Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course in Durban, Kya Sands in Johannesburg and even Imizamo Yethu - a settlement that houses more than 33,000 residents. Read more: UK weather: See spectacular thunderstorms hit Britain as month's worth of rain expected in three hours Johnny Miller/Millefoto/Rex Shutterstock Born in Seattle, Miller said he travelled to Cape Town to study and ended up trying out new angles and projects.

How Different Cultures Understand Time. 10 Spoken Word Poets Who Speak to Diverse Latino Experiences. Doodle 4 Google: Meet the Winning Artist Akilah Johnson – Doodle 4 Google Winner: Teenage ‘Black Lives Matter’ Artist Featured By Google. Akilah Johnson, a sophomore in high school, won Google’s “Doodle 4 Google” contest just last month.

Doodle 4 Google Winner: Teenage ‘Black Lives Matter’ Artist Featured By Google

This morning, her Google Doodle was featured on the world’s most visited page: According to the Washington Post, Akilah was “surprised and overwhelmed” when she was told that she was a national finalist in the Doodle 4 Google contest. After receiving the news that she’d won Google’s doodle contest, she said she was overwhelmed with emotion. “I was so excited, I started crying, I didn’t even look at anybody – I was just looking at the framed copy [of the Doodle] they gave me,” Akilah told the Washington Post today.

In previous years, the Doodle 4 Google contest had excluded Washington, D.C., from the list of eligible states, but as of this year, Google allowed D.C. to be included. “I didn’t think I was going to win, then when I got up there and it hit me, I started crying so hard, it was unbelievable,” Doodle 4 Google winner Akilah Johnson told USA Today. [Image via Google 2016] Liu Bolin: The invisible man. TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript. TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript. Half Past Autumn: The Life and Work of Gordon Parks. 25 New Books by African Writers You Should Read. Who Is Black? Yesterday, an interesting thing happened to me.

Who Is Black?

I was told I am not Black. The kicker for me was when my friend stated that the island of Puerto Rico was not a part of the African Diaspora. I wanted to go back to the old skool playground days and yell: “You said what about my momma?!” But after speaking to several friends, I found out that many Black Americans and Latinos agree with him. Traveling Teaches Students in a Way Schools Can't. When I turned 15, my parents sent me alone on a one-month trip to Ecuador, the country where my father was born.

Traveling Teaches Students in a Way Schools Can't

This was tradition in our family—for my parents to send their first-generation American kids to the country of their heritage, where we would meet our extended family, immerse ourselves in a different culture, and learn some lessons on gratefulness. My family’s plan worked. How classrooms look around the world — in 15 amazing photographs. To mark last month’s World Teachers’ Day (sponsored by UNESCO , the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), photographers from Reuters took pictures around the world of educators with their students in a telling exhibit of the very different circumstances under which children attend school.

How classrooms look around the world — in 15 amazing photographs

Here are 15 pictures taken by Reuters photographers, revealing the spectrum of “classrooms” — from those with literally no resources to those well-stocked and housed. Teacher Mahajera Armani and her class of girls pose for a picture at their study open area, founded by Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), outside Jalalabad city, Afghanistan September 19, 2015. (Reuters) local answer-sheet. ‘Dia de los Muertos’, A Colorful Animated Short Film Showing the True Meaning of the Mexican Holiday. Literacy Through Photography Blog. For decades Wendy Ewald has collaborated in art projects with children, families, women, and teachers in Labrador, Colombia, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Holland, Mexico, and the United States.

Literacy Through Photography Blog

Starting as documentary investigations of places and communities, Ewald’s projects probe questions of identity and cultural differences. Elephant. Put the Fun Back into Your Photography with a Cow Safari. Whether you are a pro photographer or a dedicated amateur, sometimes when you are photographing a lot you can get so caught up in achieving the perfect image, that you lose the sense of fun that got you interested in the first place.

Put the Fun Back into Your Photography with a Cow Safari

Actively putting the fun back in can not only help you to enjoy your regular photography work more, and assist in getting your photo mojo back, but can inspire new ideas you otherwise might not have come up with. My favourite way to do this is a Cow Safari. It’s kind of like an African safari, but with cows. Why cows? Well, for a start they tend not to eat you as much as lions and it’s much cheaper than a trip to Africa.

Cows make a great safari subject and are generally vegetarian so your risk of getting eaten by one is fairly low. Nepal's 8 Key Historic Sites: What's Rubble, What's Still Standing. The collapse of Kathmandu's 183-year-old Dharahara Tower, which once loomed nine stories over the ancient city and modern capital of Nepal, has become a symbol of nation’s cultural loss in the wake of last weekend's earthquake.

Nepal's 8 Key Historic Sites: What's Rubble, What's Still Standing

(See how the earthquake has devastated Nepal.) While the 19th-century watchtower was a civic icon, sites of critical importance to the more ancient cultural and religious legacy of Nepal have also been damaged and destroyed by the quake. A country that occupies a mountainous land 1/20 the size of India (approximately the size of the U.S. state of Arkansas), Nepal is nonetheless home to eight UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites. Portraits of Reconciliation. Last month, the photographer Pieter Hugo went to southern Rwanda, two decades after nearly a million people were killed during the country’s genocide, and captured a series of unlikely, almost unthinkable tableaus.

Portraits of Reconciliation

In one, a woman rests her hand on the shoulder of the man who killed her father and brothers. In another, a woman poses with a casually reclining man who looted her property and whose father helped murder her husband and children. Children at play around the World.

Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story.