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12 Super Fun Collaborative Group Art Projects for Kids. Creating Bold Black and White Landscape Photographs: Part II - Photo Processing.

Sculpture 6. Fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. Meet My Religious Neighbor: Celebration of Holi - Iowa Interfaith Exchange. The “Meet My Religious Neighbor” open-house series continues March 8 with the celebration of Holi, beginning at 11am at the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center, 33916 155th Lane, Madrid Iowa 50156.

Meet My Religious Neighbor: Celebration of Holi - Iowa Interfaith Exchange

3/24 Meet My Religious Neighbor: Holi Celebration at Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Iowa – The Comparison Project. Fait désormais partie d’Verizon Media. □ Emojipedia — □ Home of Emoji Meanings □□□□

Film vs digital

3 Ways to Ask Questions That Engage the Whole Class. It’s likely one of the most common questions that educators use when attempting to engage a room full of students: “Who can tell me?”

3 Ways to Ask Questions That Engage the Whole Class

Though it may come in different forms—“Does anyone know the answer?” —the results are the same: Typically only a few students raise their hands, and their responses serve as a barometer for gauging the progress of the entire class. Of course, those responses can be misleading, lulling teachers into believing that all of their students are learning when they aren’t. Luckily, there are far more effective ways to check for understanding, ways that allow all students to process and respond to teacher prompts. The three simple techniques here can help teachers structure their lessons so that all students are required to actively demonstrate their learning. Chalkboard Splash The Chalkboard Splash gives teachers a peek into the minds of students when they respond in writing to a particular prompt.

Accessible art

10 Israeli Photographers You Should Know About. Marine park, Eilat, Israel ©Yair Aronshtam Whether through staged photographs and tableaux vivants, most of Israel’s contemporary photographers deal with their homeland’s current situation.

10 Israeli Photographers You Should Know About

India's 10 Best Contemporary Photographers You Should Know. Photography Exhibition| © Atursports/Shutterstock India has a legacy of cultural variety and deep-rooted artistic expression.

India's 10 Best Contemporary Photographers You Should Know

Staying true to that history, the nation is fast producing a generation of photographers rooted in the diversity of the country and at the same time looking outwards, seeking inspiration from different sources. We present to you ten Indian photographers who have captured moments so evocative that they demand attention. Sign Up. Get More. Read the Culture Trip newsletter. 10 Nigerian Photographers You Should Know. A bold new generation of Nigerian photographers is emerging to capture the changes and challenges sweeping across the country.

10 Nigerian Photographers You Should Know

From hard-hitting photojournalism in the Niger Delta to subversive fashion photography, take a look at the photographers shaping Nigeria’s thriving visual culture. Sign Up. Get More. Do More. Read the Culture Trip newsletter. 10 Contemporary African Artists You Should Know.


How do I add all items or a random set from an ... How do I insert stimulus content in New Quizzes? How do I create a Fill in the Blank question in... How do I embed images from Canvas into the Rich... How do I insert stimulus content in New Quizzes? Wheel Throwing Examples/ Related Skills. History of photo. Sculpture 19. Assessment resources. TipsToResizePhotosForContests. Shultz Photo School - Get the 7-Part [Snackable] Photo Course FREE! Genius Professor Turns His Classroom Into a Giant Pinhole Camera. The nanny who took thousands of photos of daily life.

Publicly, she was a children's nanny.

The nanny who took thousands of photos of daily life

Privately, she was an avid photographer who captured more than 100,000 images. But Vivian Maier's decades of work remained hidden - until her negatives, prints and 8mm films were sold at a thrift auction in Chicago in 2007. Now, a documentary film - Finding Vivian Maier - looks at her intriguing and remarkable legacy. One of its directors, Charlie Siskel, spoke to BBC Radio 4's Today programme about the woman - the street spy - who captured fascinating moments of daily life from the 1950s to the 1990s. Finding Vivian Maier is released in the UK on 18 July 2014. All images ©Vivian Maier/Maloof Collection. Audio interview by Tom Bateman. Related: Vivian Maier photography website. Light Stalking Cheat Sheet Thanks - Kent has helped thousands of photographers like you, with his various best-selling books.

Light Stalking Cheat Sheet Thanks -

He has an incredible teaching method. It's simple to follow, easy to understand and never boring. 3 Ways To Use Color To Make Your Photographs, Just Awesome! Image by Unsplash FREE BONUS: If you want to really enhance your portraits so you can understand the ways to use color, then download our free Portrait Photography Cheat Sheet.

3 Ways To Use Color To Make Your Photographs, Just Awesome!

It’s packed full of useful tips you can apply right away! Download it here. Photography as a Performance. Volume 9, No. 2, Art. 38 – May 2008 Photography as a Performance.

Photography as a Performance

Tips for Learning How to See Photographically. Open your eyes: learn to appreciate the wonder that is all around you The camera is definitely a tool that can be used to capture moments in time, and record memories for posterity.

Tips for Learning How to See Photographically

However, the potential is there for so much more than that. If you think of the assembly of plastic, metal, and electronic gadgetry you hold in your hands as a paintbrush, and the world around you as paint, then untold possibilities await. Look at ordinary objects in a new way One way to investigate this idea is to use your camera as an instrument, to turn the ordinary and mundane aspects of life into something unique.

While there is certainly a whole world of possibilities when considering the abstract, sometimes a scene will present itself that simply stops you in your tracks. How To Give a Constructive Critique in Street Photography. (Above image copyrighted by Fred Herzog) To become better in street photography (or anything in life), it is essential to get honest and constructive criticism. However the problem with the internet nowadays is that our attention spans are short, and the majority of the comments/feedback we get on our Facebook/Flickr streams include phrases such as, “Nice shot!”

, “I love the light!” , or my personal favorite “What camera/lens do you use?” Critique Portfolio Pro - Photo Critiques and Discussions. Pottery Wheel Rap.


Mashable. SHONA SCULPTURE with Stalin Tafura from Zimbabwe. The Nyanhongo show at Gallery Sur "The Process" Agnes Nyanhongo, Shona Stone Sculptor, August 2012. From Idea to Finished Form - Ceramics Monthly. Teaching resources. How to Curb Questions and Empower Students with Anchor Charts - The Art of Ed. Has this happened to you? You’re teaching a lesson that is process based – possibly making clay pinch pots, weaving, or working through origami. You’re about halfway through and the kids are mastering the steps as you work hard to help anyone who falls behind. It’s hectic, but you’re making it work and it looks like you’ll get everyone through just in time to get the room clean. Suddenly, you hear a sound and look up.

It’s those five kids you thought were absent who were actually in another classroom making up a test. How to Use A Scaffold for HSC Visual Arts. When it comes to HSC Visual Arts there’s lots of ways to practice and prepare for your exams, but the extended response can be a bit of a tough spot. Annotated Bibliography Lesson Part 2.

Objectives, Aims, and Outcomes... Oh My! A Trick To Staying Calm All Day Long. Keeping a calm, unruffled temperament makes classroom management easier. Finally! Research-based proof that students use cell phones for LEARNING. Wksp%201%20Rubrics%20and%20Checklists.


New school year. Research articles. Google drive helps. Tahiti. Research. Resources for writing. Standards Based Grading - PHS Visual Art Department. Reflection Rubric. Looking: Ten Times Two : Artful Thinking. NAEA conference. Seesaw. The art of curriculum design. Art of ed. Tell your story. Embrace the shake. Ceramics. National art standards. Digital photography.


Art and science. Character. History of photo. Love this. Good ideas. Art and music. Art video clips. Oeil pour oeil - Lucia PIEHI. Videos for ceramics. Nceca. Painting with light. Tech resources. Pinhole photography. Photography. Art history. Stone carving artists. Lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you. Lightroom. Peace. Jewelry ideas. Glass. Printmaking. Resources. Kids projects. Other items. Encyclopedia of Earth.