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Cardboard Crafts: Useful Things

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Make Cardboard Desk Organizer. Makedo Cardbord Desk Tray. DIY Cardboard Sketchbook. Make A Cardboard Lazy Kate Yarn Ply Tool. Oh my. This Yarn Everyday challenge has totally revved up my interest in spinning. I usually go through each of my fiber-interests in phases. Knit a lot for awhile, design a few things, weave for weeks on end, etc. Well, I’ve been in a knitting phase recently, but having to spin a little everyday has allowed me to have my attention focused on more than one thing at once! I’ll do a big photo retrospective at the end of the month, but today, after spinning the same natural-colored alpaca for almost two weeks, I got three full bobbins and got ready to ply.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that I’d never done a regular 3-ply before! So I set myself up a quick lazy Kate with a cardboard box and some 14″ metal needles. How much do I have? 171 yards. How do I know? I just did the mini skein using the elbow method. If I had 16 ounces, or 1 pound, that would be 288 yards. From my 40 ounces I should end up with about 720 yards, which should be plenty for a nice big blanket! Like this: Permalink. DIY Cardboard T-Shirt Folding Device: 7 steps. Edit Article Edited by Dpereda, KnowItSome, Dave Crosby, Ben Rubenstein and 16 others Those who travel full time for a living know the worst thing about traveling is packing.

Trying to get one's entire life crammed into two suit cases is very frustrating. If you are not very good at folding you might like to think about making this folding machine. Ad Steps Warnings Please make sure you don’t cut or ruin what is underneath the material you're cutting. Cardboard Portable Light Box. DIY Projector For Painting A Wall Mural. DIY Carton CD Stand DIY Projects | #236606 on Wookmark.

DIY Collapsible Cardboard Pet Carrier. Anyone who's ever tried to transport a sick or wounded animal in a small automobile can fully appreciate the usefulness of a pet carrier. However, because such a device is likely to be needed only infrequently, many folks are reluctant to acquire one (after all, the cages can be expensive to buy and bulky to store). Well, here's a solution to that problem! The carryall described below is a collapsible cardboard pet carrier — it can be disassembled and folded flat for easy storage, and is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to build. The "pet case" is constructed from the sort of cardboard that has a single layer of corrugation between two face veneers.

(The best source of this material is probably a large, discarded box, such as those that major appliances are delivered in. The carrier is held together by ten 1 1/4"-long, two-pronged brass paper fasteners, which are available at office supply stores. Once that's done, it's time to make fastener holes in the side panels. Cardboard Chandelier. DIY Eco-Friendly Cardboard Flip Flops. How To Make An Abacus From Cardboard.