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GIANT ROBOT FINGER ASSEMBLY. NOTE: There are 3 levels of difficulty - -from a simple one-piece finger, to a whole hand -- depending how far you go in the instructions.


Going to Step 4 will give you a basic finger with one tendon. That's enough to get the point about how tendons work. Flying Pig. MiniProject. Marble Machine. Please ensure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Marble Machine

If you leave JavaScript disabled, you will only access a portion of the content we are providing. <a href="/science-fair-projects/javascript_help.php">Here's how. </a> Abstract Put your engineering skills to the test to see if you can build a machine—powered by nothing but gravity—that will automatically sort out two different sizes of plastic spheres. Note: This project can also be done for your local science fair, in addition to, or instead of, the Fluor Challenge. Objective. Week-Six. The Scientific Mom: Let's Play Pinball! What can you do with a cardboard box, wooden skewers, marbles, and hot glue?

The Scientific Mom: Let's Play Pinball!

You can make a pinball machine! Over the summer, our family took a trip to Las Vegas. While we were there, Kat and I went to check out the Pinball Hall of Fame! We had $18 in quarters and a lot of arcade ambition, we were ready to go play some pinball! Tabletop Pinball. I have included measurements where I can.

Tabletop Pinball

Most of this was made through trial and error, with lots of adjustments to make things work the way I wanted. If you plan to make one, depending on the materials you use, you may need to do a bit of measuring and tinkering to work out some of the details on your own. 187.pdf. 111.pdf. 226.pdf. 11: The Magnet Motor Chimes. Build a Big Wheel. Lesson courtesy of TryEngineering, sponsored by the IEEE.

Build a Big Wheel

Click here for a .pdf of the original activity. Summary In this activity, teams of students learn about the history and engineering behind big wheels (Ferris wheels) by constructing a working model using pasta, glue, and teabags. Grade level: K-12. Oakland Discovery Center: Sound Automata. Sound automata is a modified automata mechanism designed to make a series of sounds instead of animate a scene or character.

Oakland Discovery Center: Sound Automata

We've separated the material needed for the mechanism for the automata and the noise makers in order to make things clearer. Oakland Discovery Center: Scribbling Machines. Materials: • Skewers • Dowels • Popsicle sticks • Clothes pins • Cups • Cardboard tubes • Pipe cleaners or wire • Masking tape • Rubber bands of various sizes • Straws • Hobby motor • Annealed steel wire.

Oakland Discovery Center: Scribbling Machines

How to Make a Custom Operation Game. In the original game, the patient had ailments such as "Butterflies in the Stomach", "Spare Ribs", and a "Wish Bone.

How to Make a Custom Operation Game

" However, each special edition used ailments that were specific to the featured character. For instance, Iron Man had a "Fried Power Core" and Buzz Lightyear had a "Cracked Communicator. Marblerun youtube. Marble-Run. LEGO Hi-Chew Dispenser. Spider Box. This simple box looks just like any other box.

Spider Box

It's made from an old pallet; however, this box contains a hidden secret that should get more than just a slight reaction from an unsuspecting passerby. Encased in this simple wooden box is a plastic spider that will surprise anyone trying to open your box. I tried to get the reactions of a few of my friends on camera, however they were all too suspicious of me. If you get any great reactions with your spider box, please share them in the comments. AccuCut Education. Marble run transport snail 152 mm 7 twists by thomasdr. How To Work With Cardboard. I am very pleased today to bring you a tutorial on how to work with my favorite-est crafting material of all: I've been working with cardboard even longer than I've been sewing and working with fabric.

How To Work With Cardboard

One of my most-used toys as a kid was a roll of scotch tape, with which I assembled all kinds of structures with found objects around the house. Whenever we had access to cardboard, which wasn't as often as I wished, and certainly nowhere as often as I have now, I was practically in heaven. 116. Kinetic-Contraptions-Pre-Post-Activities.pdf. TornadoBottle.pdf. Tornado Machine. Marble Drop - CSWN Project Library. Gumball.pdf. Tower.pdf. Pendulumtime.pdf. Rollercoasters.pdf. Last month, I joined a group of collaborators from various institutions around the world to host a space for making and tinkering at the ECSITE conference in Trento, Italy, where people could experience activities, discuss best practices, and share ideas.

This was our third year running a maker space at the conference and this time we were extremely fortunate to be working with Sabina, who hosted us in her wonderful FabLab at the stunning MUSE building. We set up spaces around the circular table in the FabLab for people to try out laser cutters and 3D printers, along with some other unique food-themed digital fabrication tools. As well, we set up some work tables for people to try making and tinkering activities during the conference. One main idea for the space is that through trying out activities together, people attending the conference would naturally start to share ideas, ask questions and make deeper connections. Design Your Own Cardboard Pinball Machine. The PinBox 3000 is an DIY desktop pinball kit made from cardboard. If we’re being honest, there are only two classes of dioramas that get made in school: embarrassingly bad; and the too-perfect dioramas secretly made by parents.

The great equalizer between these two types of dioramas is that they’re both equally boring. Do you know what’s exciting? Pinball! Combine the two and you have the PinBox 3000, a flat-packed cardboard kit that allows you to assemble and design your own desktop pinball machine. Design Modelling with Jude Pullen. Some tips I found useful below. Please get in touch if you would like to share any of your own tips. 90 Degree Joint A basic cardboard joint to get you started. Cardboard_Automata.pdf. CLOHE Caterpillar by Peter Markey 9_27. Mechanical Cam Plunger 6_27.

CLOHE project Mechanical Low Cam 1_27. CLOHE Mechanical Rocker Arm 14_27. CLOHE-Mechanical Jumping 11_27. Teachers%20Guidelines%20_EN.pdf. Automata Sampling. Mechanisms & automata. Automata. Automata. Make a Mini 3D Projector with a Smart Phone. Do you really want to know? Some things should remain magical. But as you may find out while crafting, anyway, I will tell you how this works: This technique is called Magic Screen.

The iPhone projects the image of 2 wheels, the yellow stripes, the driver and the light onto a 45° overhead transparency. You can’t see that because as the name says, it’s transparent. Nevermind the bumpy camera panning, it should just show that the layer is really in 3D space and works from every perspective. Make It @ Your Library. Before we can really begin addressing how a motor works, lets focus on what a motor does. A motor uses electromagnetism to create motion, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. Magnetic fields produce physical force that can move things. Marble Machines Board. Ds_pe_event_guide_four_corners.pdf. Ds_pe_event_guide_pop_fly.pdf.

DS_TG_KickStick_Teach.pdf. Wooden Coin Sorting Machine (Runs On Gravity) Tired of sorting coins manually? Coin sorting is a tiresome job. Let's make a wooden coin separator out of common materials! The sorter uses plain old gravity to separate the coins to their designated container. Engineering: Simple Machines. Summary. Marble machine - Bounce Module. Pitch: Making Guitars. Cardboard book holder. Triangles: Designing a Newspaper Chair. Build Cardboard Furniture Video. Cardboard Cryptex Safe! Workshop Cardboard Instructables. Ds_pe_event_guide_four_corners.pdf.