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How to Create a Self-Paced Classroom. Twitter. LingoTube - Apprentissage des langues avec vidéo. Youtube. Youtube. Youtube. Youtube. 4 Modes of Instruction: Tech in a Human-Centered Classroom. When I began teaching a decade ago, few of my colleagues used videos in class.

4 Modes of Instruction: Tech in a Human-Centered Classroom

We used email to communicate with each other, social media to stay in touch with our friends, and the rest of the World Wide Web for entertainment and news and everything else. But most of our classrooms—mine included—remained relatively unchanged from a century prior: teacher, board, students, paper. Well, that’s changed. 4 Modes of Instruction: Tech in a Human-Centered Classroom.

Youtube. Projector. Créer une vidéo avec des slides. VideoAnt. Un bon outil pour annoter une vidéo. 360converter. Transcrire en texte sons et vidéos. Youtube. Youtube. Modernclassroomsproject.cmail20. Dragster Design Notebook (Modern Classroom) PUBLIC Must do, then Do, May do. Unit 0 - Lesson 1. Youtube. Taking a Modern Approach to Project-Based Learning. At the onset of this pandemic, many teachers were encouraged to begin utilizing project-based learning with their now online students.

Taking a Modern Approach to Project-Based Learning

As a ten-year practitioner of project-based learning, I was shocked. If you’ve never done project-based learning before, trying it out during a pandemic didn’t quite seem like the right timing. Nevertheless, the idea was out there and I was determined to find a way to make it work not only for myself, but so that I could educate others on how to do it, in the event that this virtual-hybrid crazy teaching scenario continued.

Youtube. Everything You Need to Know About Building a Great Screencast Video. How to Create a Self-Paced Classroom. Modern Classrooms Project Podcast. Youtube. - Tracking Success. Research Toolkit — Modern Classrooms Project. Modern Classrooms Accessibility Guide 1 Pager. Modern Classrooms Accessibility Guide. Modern Classrooms Project Podcast Episode 23: Manageable Grading in a Modern Classroom. Freemake. Outil gratuit pour télécharger des vidéos YouTube. Modern Classrooms Project Podcast Episode 43: Motivation in a Modern Classroom.

Publications — Modern Classrooms Project. ★ “The Lecture-Less Classroom.”

Publications — Modern Classrooms Project

Modern Classroom Fellow Moira Mazzi explains how eliminating a start-of-class lecture from her teaching practice makes learning more efficient — and reduces the stress on students and teachers alike! (Next Generation Learning Challenges, December 2, 2019) “It’s Never Too Late to Innovate: Why November is the Perfect Time for Educators to Refine Their Practice.” Robert Barnett explains how forward-thinking educators can use The Modern Classrooms Project’s new online course to continue improving as teachers during the school year.

(Next Generation Learning Challenges, October 30, 2019) Webinars — Modern Classrooms Project. Youtube. Modern Classrooms Project Podcast Episode 1: Introducing the Modern Classrooms Model. Grades Note Taking Station # Apr 25, 2021 Episode 35: Coaching Teachers in Modern Classrooms In this episode, we hear from Lisa Doty and Jamie Forshey, two educators who coach and support teachers in their school districts who are implementing the Modern Classroom instructional model.

Show Notes Virtual Mentorship Program ( Screencast-o-Matic ( and Modern Classroom tutorial ( Modern Classroom resources ( Modern Classroom webinars ( School and District partnerships ( including Expert Consultation sessions Making Thinking Visible ( by Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church, Karin Morrison and Lisa’s infographics: * Chalk Talk ( * Connect-Extend-Challenge ( * Micro lab protocol ( * See, Think, Wonder ( * I used to think... L'essentiel de la.Classe Moderne en FRANÇAIS. Create Netflix-style learning with screencasts. Netflix gives us video at our fingertips.

Create Netflix-style learning with screencasts

What if we created video in class as much as we watch it on Netflix? Here’s how. (Netflix logo used under fair use.) We have had students turn in documents, slide presentations and spreadsheets digitally for a long time. We’re comfortable with them. How to write the perfect explainer video script. So, you want to write a script that will not only hook your audience in, but leave them wanting to learn more.

How to write the perfect explainer video script

We have to warn you, it's not always easy. But the best things never are! The Jigsaw Method. Youtube. Modern Classrooms Project Podcast Episode 23: Manageable Grading in a Modern Classroom. Grading Policy Examples — Modern Classrooms Project. Revisions - Google Slides. Example Mastery Rubrics. Copie de Mastery Check Template - Google Docs. Checkpoint: Scatterplots. End-of-Unit Reflection: Crime and Correlation. Modern Classroom Essentials: Self-Pacing Plan. Exemplar #3: Self-Pacing Plan - Google Docs. Unit 1 Progress Tracker (Public) - Google Slides. MCP Behavior + Relationship Strategies - Google Slides.

Webinar: Collaboration in a Modern Classroom. Collaboration in a Modern Classroom. Public Progress Trackers - Google Docs. Modern Classrooms Project Podcast Episode 34: Monitoring Student Progress in a Modern Classroom. Student-facing Progress Trackers. Remote Learning-Friendly Progress Trackers. Lesson classification examples - Google Slides. Adding Subtitles to Instructional Videos. Remote Learning Resources Guide - Google Docs. Modern Classrooms: Slide Development Template - Google Slides.

Video Theory + Best Practices - Google Slides. Shared-document - OneDrive. Edpuzzle. Youtube. How to Create a Self-Paced Classroom. Collaboration in a Modern Classroom. Lager In Class Tracker Example. DDay reading last names A J. Seating Charts for Modern Classrooms. Student facing Progress Trackers. □U0: Intro to MC and Health Objective Tracker - Google Docs. Exemplar Units — Modern Classrooms Project. Embed h5p into google sites. Automatic Transcription & Subtitle Generator - Happy Scribe. Creating Narrated Slideshows with iMovie.

Réaliser un pitch vidéo multimédia à partir d’un diaporama PowerPoint. 19 questions for better student feedback. There’s a powerful weapon in the teacher's arsenal, and it uses something you have access to every day.

19 questions for better student feedback

Student feedback. Student feedback done the right way is focused, asked in the moment, and concerned with uncovering how you can better support your students. In fact, it likely encompasses a range of activities you’re probably already doing. Enseignement à distance : la qualité des vidéos importe-t-elle? Lecture Quality Checklist. Taxonomie couleur2. A 5-Step Guide to Making Your Own Instructional Videos to Replace Lectures. Imagine lecturing to a class in which some of your students are grade levels behind, some are grade levels ahead, some have special needs, and some are absent.

A 5-Step Guide to Making Your Own Instructional Videos to Replace Lectures

It’s pretty hard to do that effectively, isn’t it? As teachers in a Title I high school, we developed an instructional model built around self-made videos that empowered students at all levels to learn at their own pace and build mastery skill-by-skill. We used these screencast-style videos: How Self-Pacing Improves Students' Academic Achievement and Self-Confidence (Opinion)

By Kareem Farah, Mathematics Teacher at Eastern Senior High School, D.C.

How Self-Pacing Improves Students' Academic Achievement and Self-Confidence (Opinion)

Public Schools All great teachers recognize that each student is unique. Every child arrives at your classroom with varying academic abilities, social and emotional skills, passions, and learning styles. To meet the needs of their students, most teachers differentiate their curriculum through the content, process, and products of each lesson. These adjustments are time consuming and complicate both the classroom structure and evaluation of learning. Getting Rid of the Lecture Bottleneck. When I first started teaching high school math, I followed the common “I do, we do, you do” pedagogical formula to stay afloat.

Getting Rid of the Lecture Bottleneck

Each day I used a simple framework: Opening: Get everyone’s attention Direct instruction: Deliver a 10–20 minute lecture to the whole group Guided practice: Work through a problem as a whole group Independent practice: Give the students an assignment to work on individually Closing: Administer an exit ticket to assess learning I worked tirelessly to make sure the class would operate like a well-oiled machine.

The Power of Classroom Relationships in Schools. I have been genuinely surprised by how much more time I spend in deep, content-focused discussions with students, not only because I’ve regained the ten or so minutes of lecture time, but also because I spend so much less time managing behavior. In fact, even when I do find myself in discussions that aren’t about music, they’re rarely about behavior management. Just a few days ago, I spent five minutes discussing property taxes and home equity with an eighth grader (who was on pace with my classwork). Remember, I teach music, but I have other areas of expertise, and my students have other interests—we were able to explore this topic together, and he was still able to finish his music lesson and stay on pace!

These little focused discussions pop up all the time in my class because students know I’ll take the time to indulge their curiosity (usually around musical topics, but not always). Use Live Class Time With K-12 Students to Center Relationships. Think back to your own experiences as an elementary, middle, or high school student. What made going to school meaningful? For both of us, that answer is simple: It was the human connections we made.

Yes, we liked learning new things—but, more often than not, our enjoyment came from the support we received from caring teachers and the satisfaction of discovering new ideas with friends. FAQs The Modern Classrooms Project. Error 400 (Bad Request)!!1. Flexible Lesson Planning for Middle School World Language Classes. With the myriad challenges of this year and especially the need to transition from virtual learning to hybrid and in-person classes, I have adapted how I teach content in my Spanish classes in a strategic way by breaking up lessons into five parts to make these transitions easier for both my students and me. Each lesson part, which is paced using a set amount of time, provides multiple ways for learners to engage with the content in meaningful ways.

Lesson Planning for Maximum Flexibility Warmup: My warmup takes five minutes and is an opportunity for students to get their brains ready for learning middle school Spanish. I usually have five review questions from the previous class. During this quick activity, I open the Zoom classroom and also greet kids at the door of my classroom. At a Glance — Modern Classrooms Project. FAQs: The Modern Classrooms Project. Youtube. Edpuzzle. Teacher Resources — Modern Classrooms Project.