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Geodesic domes

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I love domes for their simplicity, unique space, strength, portability and flexibility... So many pluses, what's not to like? Ahem, lack of security, difficult to collect rain water and insulating is complex.,.

If u have any suggestion or solutions I'm all ears. Smartdome – Smartdome Constructions. How one construction company is thinking. These revolutionary Eco Domes use air to construct the worlds greenest habitat so far. Domes represent a way of constructing buildings that inherit a lot of things long forgotten.

These revolutionary Eco Domes use air to construct the worlds greenest habitat so far

They always resemble an attitude to go green, can be built in a highly efficient process and literally feature a breath of fresh air if you’re living in it. Here comes architect Nicoló Bini envisioning a construction method that provides highly efficient building envelopes, naturally stronger and more flexible in size and shape. Using air as his formwork, the so-called Binishells could easily be seen as the greenest way to construct an amazing bubble-shaped habitat. They can also be built fast and cost efficient, becoming affordable for almost any application area, ranging from high-end residential to schools, gymnasiums, commercial buildings or even emergency shelters. Home - Postech screw piles - Thermal Screw Piles - Experts. Off-grid Autonomous Tents are made for luxurious camping. Tents can come in many shapes and sizes, as well as levels of luxury.

Off-grid Autonomous Tents are made for luxurious camping

Aimed squarely at "glampers" (a portmanteau of "glamourous" and "camper") is this luxurious, off-grid camping structure by Autonomous Tents. Designed by maverick architect Harry Gesner for the Denver, Colorado-based start-up, the tent is made out of a hi-tech, rot- and mildew-resistant fabric attached to a frame that's capable of tolerating snow loads of up to 30 pounds per square foot and 90-miles-per-hour winds.

Frames can either be steel or aluminum tubing, or laminated wood beams. DomUp Treehouse. Eternal Earth Technologies Incorporated. This prefab eco-home in the forest spins around at the push of a button to let in optimal sunlight. Eighty miles from New York City’s bustling core is a rotating wooden structure, resembling an alien spacecraft and designed to withstand nearly any disaster.

This prefab eco-home in the forest spins around at the push of a button to let in optimal sunlight

Fforest Dome. Fforest’s most famous feature is the dome.

Fforest Dome

We were the first in the UK to have them and continous improvement means ours are still the best. Each dome is sited to offer privacy and take advantage of the wonderful views on offer. Some are located in open meadow with plenty of room to run around, while others are tucked into peaceful corners just a short hop from the cedar barrel sauna. More than 16000 Photos, articles. New ideas for home design. April 12, 2011 7:50 AM Gaby Lingke shared with us a short documentary about architect Fritz Eisenhofer , who designed and built a futuristic earth-sheltered dome in Peka Peka , Aotearoa, New Zealand .

More than 16000 Photos, articles. New ideas for home design.

Build Your Own Dome Structure or a DIY Dome Survival Shelter. Using Bamboo Mesh and Render – Learn How to Build a Really Strong Dome Structure, Dome Shelter or Even Survival Bunker using a cheap and efficient System A Comprehensive DIY Guide A Graphical Story of Two Dome Projects.

Build Your Own Dome Structure or a DIY Dome Survival Shelter

Green, cheap and efficient straw bale dome homes :) - Energetic Forum. Hi easyrider.

Green, cheap and efficient straw bale dome homes :) - Energetic Forum

The dome structure is very solid, it now supports around 3-4 tons of weight with all the clay and straw bales. The work is rather hard and weather dependent, if it is raining, you need to cover the dome with something to prevent water damage, if it is sunny, you need to remove the rain protecting plastic or whatever so that clay can dry better. You need to do all the inside and outside clay works before you can proceed to waterproofing the inner and outer surface. Constructing Our Geodesic Dome — After a year of living and camping in the desert, Patrick and I decided to build a geodesic dome structure to provide us with shade and shelter from the elements.

Constructing Our Geodesic Dome —

Simple picnic tents and EZ-up shelters that are commonly used just won't cut it in this desert environment. #geodesic. No people #geodesic The Gring - the dome #loop #geodesic #fuller #omnitriangulated #dome #geometry #gif.


Fforest Dome. Round House Design Offers a Unique Architectural Experience. This beautiful Round House is a unique home design concept where soft curves replace the dusty corners of a typical four-sided home.

Round House Design Offers a Unique Architectural Experience

Developed by L.A. -based architecture firm Johnston Marklee, the completely open interior space is enclosed by floor to ceiling windows, allowing light to radiate throughout the space from all around. For more privacy, sliding doors can be pulled closed to section off the space into separate rooms. To top it off, the roof terrace, including swimming pool, provides residents with a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. The project is part of Solo Houses, a program developed in 2010 to revolutionize the world of architecture. Johnston Marklee websiteSolo Houses website via [MoCo Loco] Word Pro - Formula.lwp - formulas.pdf.

Domebuilder's Blues. Buckminster Fuller didn’t invent the geodesic dome. The first guy who stitched together a soccer ball did. Soccer balls are made up of the same configuration of hexagons and pentagons. Just take a soccer ball and cut it in half — in your mind’s eye, anyway — and you’ve got the basic design. As a matter of fact, the plutonium core of a nuclear weapon is put together exactly the same way. Timberline Geodesics. Geodesic Structures Pre-Planning Architectural Options Construction. Eco_shell. New construction technique allows concrete domes to be "popped up" There probably aren't many domed concrete structures where you live, and there's a reason for that – they're difficult to build. Doing so usually requires the construction of a supporting wooden structure, that holds the concrete in place while it hardens. Now, however, a team at the Vienna University of Technology has devised a system that allows concrete shell structures to simply be "inflated" and cinched together with a steel cable.

View all Called the pneumatic wedge method, the technique has been likened to peeling an orange and lying its skin flat on a table – except in reverse. Here's how it works ... First, a number of flat rebar forms are laid out side-by-side on the ground at the building site, on top of a deflated plastic air cushion (see the photo below).


Complex Earthbag Domes. The Dome Calculator. Conduit Dome Tips. Conduit, or EMT seems to be the material of choice for domes at Burning Man. Conduit is easy to work with, relatively inexpensive, and plated so painting isn't necessary. This page will provide tips for making conduit framed domes. STEP 1: Deciding on a frequency The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of dome you want to build.

If this is your first dome, the 2 or 3 frequency domes are recommended. These domes require a fewer number of struts, and therefore less confusion. STEP 2: What Size? STEP 3: Calculating Strut Lengths This is where the Dome Calculator comes in. Step 4: Eliminating Waste This part is tedious, but worth the effort because it will save you money and you won't have to feel bad about throwing away tons of wasted pipe. Step 5: Cutting the struts Cut the tubes according to the strut factors plus 1½". Geodesic Hub Connectors. Bambus-Verbindungstechnik, Bauen mit Bambus, Bambushaus, Bambuskonstruktion - Bambusbau, Bambuskonstruktion, Bambuspezialist, Bambushandel, Bambusrohre - CONBAM - Spezialist für Bambuskonstruktionen, Bambusrohr und Bambusholz.

Die innovative CONBAM Verbindungstechnik gewährleistet leistungsfähige und ästhetische Anschlüsse für Baukonstruktionen aus Bambusrohren. Moderne Tragstrukturen sind dadurch mit dem schnell nachwachsenden Rohstoff Bambus realisierbar. Durch Anwendung der CONBAM Verbindungstechnik entsteht ein konischer Abschluss des Bambusrohres, der auf elegante Weise den Kräfteverlauf zeigt. Die Anwendbarkeit beliebiger Schraubverbindungen ermöglicht zudem vielfältige Anschlussmöglichkeiten, einen schnellen Montageablauf und Demontierbarkeit. Die handwerklich hochwertige Ausführung sowie die Kombination mit Edelstahl erzeugen ein einzigartiges Produkt. Magical Dome House in Remote Thailand Constructed in Six Weeks for Just $8000! When most people imagine their dream home, they probably think of a large, sprawling vacation house that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Frameless Geodesic Dome.

Geodesic Dome Diary. Written by Rene K. Straw Bale Dome. Pacific Domes.

But on a plus side there is an amazing level of light and connection with nature through sounds. – mirosan
Also how does one collect rainwater? An in ground channel seems like a solution but one looses the ability to use gravity to fill a high tank and thus also have gravity fed taps ie no energy required in operation. Gravity is quiet and very reliable as no pumps thus no power.... – mirosan