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Eco-Dome: Moon Cocoon - Cal-Earth Building Designs

Eco-Dome: Moon Cocoon - Cal-Earth Building Designs
The Eco-Dome is a small home design of approximately 400 square feet (40 sq. meters) interior space. It consists of a large central dome, surrounded by four smaller niches and a wind-scoop, in a clover leaf pattern. Learning and building an Eco-Dome is the next stage after building a small emergency shelter and provides hands-on learning experience in the essential aspects of Superadobe construction. It's small size of approximately 400 square feet (interior space), makes it a manageable structure for the first time owner builder. The finished "very small house" is self-contained and can become a small guest house, studio apartment, or be the first step in a clustered design for community use in an Eco-Village of vaults and domes. Built from local earth-filled Superadobe coils (earth stabilized with cement or lime).Tree free.Maximum use of space through alternative options. Note: The Eco-Dome plan is a part of the Cal-Earth educational and research program.

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Earthbag building What is it? According to some estimates, one-third of the world’s population is housed in earth buildings. Building in earth has a very long history, and has been practised in regions as diverse as Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and in modern times Australia. The adobe buildings of the Southwestern United States are well known, as are the astonishing earth buildings, indeed earth cities, of Africa. Bargains As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I have a Web Marketing & Development firm with an IT Services division. Having a business/techie background makes me very mindful of the future and what capabilities may be necessary in the years to come. It also allowed me to wire our new Barden Home for Internet/Network, Television, and Telephones.

Global Village Construction Set by Marcin Jakubowski Open Source Ecology is a network of farmers, engineers, and supporters building the Global Village Construction Set - a modular, DIY, low-cost, open source, high-performance platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts. The aim of the GVCS is to lower the barriers to entry into farming, building, and manufacturing. Its a life-size lego set that can create entire economies, whether in rural Missouri, where the project was founded, or in the developing world. So Far we’ve prototyped 8 of the 50 Machines and we’ve been expanding rapidly. We are 100% crowd-funded. We have 400 True Fans that support our work monthly.

La Casa Vergara This residence was designed by José Andrés Vallejo and built in Bogotá, Colombia in just 5 months, early in 2011. Architecture in Balance is a design platform that specializes in sustainable architectural solutions. Architecture in Balance implements alternative technologies, construction of low environmental impact, integrating contemporary design to create innovative projects and balanced environments. Architecture in Balance encourages the use of unprocessed construction materials such as soil, and uses different methods such as superadobe systems, among others. The design of La Casa Vergara explores the potential of seismic resistance with superadobe as the construction technology and contemprary design.

free-mortgage-advice for an inexpensive home This is some free mortgage advice we included with our story that explains the housing financial crisis and how to avoid severe debt. This is advice about building your own house personally. It doesn’t tell you how to find a contractor to do the work for you. This web site gives you the step-by-step process how to do everything by yourself and reveals all the amazing advantages that hardly anyone knows about in this day and age. It’s my passion to teach everyone I can about what I’ve learned in the area of house building and the high cost of hired labor. How to build a Blackhouse In the pictures above (left and right) you can see how the oat straw thatch is fixed to the stonework and kept in place by ropes and stone. The oat straw was replaced regularly and the old thatch was used for fertiliser. Above (middle) is the central open fire with a bed alcove (Pattern No. 188) in the background.

Small, affordable, sustainable earthbag house plans Custom Roundhouse Cluster (click to enlarge) Specifications: 1,985 sq. ft. interior, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, Footprint: 20′ x 66′ Description: This is an example of how clients are combining my basic designs to create unique homes that meet their needs. The master bedroom is on the 2nd floor. The laundry was moved to a covered porch, but it could be kept in the same place as the 33′ Roundhouse. Note: You can use rectangular doors and windows with semi-circular windows above. build-diy for homeowners If everyone built their own homes, contractors and subcontractors would be flipping burgers. I like contractors and I have a lot of respect for them. They put up with a lot of garbage from clients, inspectors, and quite often their own employees. Whenever I drive past some hard working carpenters in the dead of winter all bundled up, or in the heat of summer sweating like a horse, I realize that they’re tougher than I am. But the biggest reason people opt to not do their own work is ignorance. They don’t know that they are allowed to do it first of all, and secondly, the very idea of attempting to do the complex and demanding work doesn’t seem realistic to them.

A Web Designer Built A Tiny House With Zero Debt - The Tiny House Project Most grown children have heard this question from their parents at some point in their lives: “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” It’s a question that pushes us to think for ourselves. That question doesn’t inspire me, but this man in California does. Alek Lisefski is a web designer who decided to take everything we know about building a house and flip it on its head. Instead of going in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars, he built his own home for the low, low price of $30,000.

Small, affordable, sustainable earthbag house plans Guard Tower (click to enlarge) Specifications: 169 sq. ft. interior main floor, 169 sq. ft. unfinished upper floor, total 338 sq. ft. interior, Footprint: 16′ x 16′. Description: The Guard Tower is part of my Earthbag Castle that should be completed soon. Gas Lights My wife and I have always loved the old world charm of Gas Lights. When we set out to build our home we knew we wanted to install them on the front of our house. Add us to your favorites!Press (Ctrl-D) on your keyboard. Sustainable Design Made of Shipping Containers Designed by Copenhagen-based studio, this project called WFH House is developed in China by Arcgency and Teknologisk Institut for their client World FLEX Home. As we all know, recycling is one of the major issues nowadays. Especially when it comes to architecture and sustainable design.

How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses The following list summarizes some of the potential savings from using natural building materials and alternative construction methods. If you’re wondering why they’re not more widely used, it’s because contractors, banks, realtors and others in the housing industry make more profit from the current system. It’s up to you to get informed and switch to a sustainable lifestyle. 1. Foundation: Insulated frost-protected foundations do not have to be as deep as standard foundations and therefore use fewer materials, require less excavation and backfill, less form work and less labor.