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Straw Bale Dome

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Magical Dome House in Remote Thailand Constructed in Six Weeks for Just $8000! When most people imagine their dream home, they probably think of a large, sprawling vacation house that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When Steve Areen thought about building his dream home, all he had to do was find $8,000 and a place to build. He did just that and, in a few weeks, he had a vacation home in the middle of Thailand that could make anyone drool. Steve was given a place on his friend Hajjar Gibran’s mango grove to build his home. With a Thai friend’s guidance, his son-in-law’s masonry skills and a lot of work, the team made progress quickly.

Spherical House Design This home might look like it had been taken out of a movie scene, but it actually exists and it’s even more amazing than it seems at a first look. It is a ball home, located in the heart of nature it resembles the planets from our solar system. The large open areas allow free admission of light, which saves energy and enlarges the entire space.

Dome The dome or hemispherical dwelling is an ancient shelter form alike the tipi, and there are many ways to build a dome, with bent bows or straight struts. The dome can be implemented in many ways, e.g. a geodesic dome composed by triangles is challenging to calculate and build, especially if not a canvas is used to cover it. A dome done with bows is much easier to plan and implement, and very simple to errect and take down as well, and the portability is very good in that case. The comfort, if done with thermal insulation like with the yurt, is alike excellent. Yet, there is one noteable disadvantage to be mentioned, the entire surface acts as roof and requires to be 100% waterproof therefore, whereas the yurt or cubic building have a comperable lesser vertical exposure or roof area. This dome typology gives you an overview of the different approach to compose a dome or hemispherical shelter:

Prefab Geodesic Dome Home: Modern Prefab Modular Homes - Prefabium The prefab geodesic dome home design offers an easy and quick assembling of the structure. On a timber or concrete basic it takes only one day to raise the building which is made of quality materials: 3x6" and 3x4” timber in pinewood and plywood. All sections are pre manufactured and ready to assemble with nuts and bolts and the sealing with rubber or asphaltpaper. This prefab geodesic dome homes are certified and with quality and precision installation, meet international building standards and rules. Delivery is easy in container and lifting crane is not needed to build structures until 50 SF. Geodesic Clay Mud Dome This clay mud dome was built in Atacama in Chile and built a permanent clay mud geodesic dome: The dome is based on the geodesic approach, icosahedron based with 4v frequency and 5.5m diameter. The main structure is made with 2"x2" pine, with a flat pipe attached to the ends, so a hubless approach, the pipes are 1" in diameter and 1mm thick, and 5cm (2") into the wood, fixed with a self drilling screw. The dome has two covers: inner cover with a material called here "cholguan", very common (it's made of wood fibers, then pressed and cooked in an oven), some people call it wood cardboard.

Frameless Geodesic Dome What is it? It’s a frameless geodesic dome designed to be easy to fabricate and build. It is 18 feet wide at the widest point and about 13 feet tall. It feels very spacious for it’s 209 square foot floor. Easy Domes Ltd Introducing the Easy Domes concept, the word easy can be regarded as a key word. The Easy Domes building kits are manufactured as high quality wooden sections ready for mounting at building site. The dome construction is easy to assemble with only steel bolts and nuts. Small domes can be erected by manpower while bigger domes need a crane. The structure is suitable for all kinds of terrain and implementable to all climate conditions. The spatial building offers many interior arrange- ments, low energy and sustainable building possibilities as addition of two or several domes. Star Dome Diary written by Rene K. Mueller, Copyright (c) 2006, last updated Thu, May 17, 2007 This is about to become my diary for building a "Star Dome". Some material in here may be then transfered to the original Star Dome notes, for now considerations to build it will be here. Geodesic Dome Diary written by Rene K. Mueller, Copyright (c) 2007, last updated Tue, November 4, 2008 As I proceed I will update the diary.

More than 16000 Photos, articles. New ideas for home design. April 12, 2011 7:50 AM Gaby Lingke shared with us a short documentary about architect Fritz Eisenhofer , who designed and built a futuristic earth-sheltered dome in Peka Peka , Aotearoa, New Zealand . Architect’s description and a plan of the dome after the break.

Folding Geodesic Dome: 9 Steps (with Pictures) Updated May 7 '012: The prototype is great for backyard use but not wind-proof enough for open desert. To make it more weatherproof, I have just taped all the tab hinges to cover the flutes and keep water out. The tape covers much of the face of each tab to give it extra friction along with spray tack adhesive on all tabs, but in testing this setup still blows apart in strong gusts/dust devils. Using clips to secure the tabs still allows too much slippage and the panels come apart from each other.

Conduit Dome Tips Conduit, or EMT seems to be the material of choice for domes at Burning Man. Conduit is easy to work with, relatively inexpensive, and plated so painting isn't necessary. This page will provide tips for making conduit framed domes. STEP 1: Deciding on a frequency The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of dome you want to build. If this is your first dome, the 2 or 3 frequency domes are recommended.