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Turn a photo into a sketch-photoshop tutorial.mp4. Drawing tutorials. How to shade add form with pen lines. Photoshop converts a Photo to a Pencil Sketch. Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce you to Tim Shelbourne and welcome his Photoshop expertise to this issue of DTG!

Photoshop converts a Photo to a Pencil Sketch

Welcome Tim, and thank you so much for sharing this tutorial... [Editor's Note: Folks, we regularly get two or more requests from readers for any help using Photoshop to convert a photo to a sketch -- pencil, charcoal, conte, or other mediums. This is by far the very best tutorial we've seen to date -- bar none! When we saw this technique in the Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook we knew at once we had to share it with you!

Thanks to O'Reilly Publishing we're able to bring the technique to you in its entirety! Sketch Effect in Photoshop.