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ArtStation. 17 Flores que parecen otra cosa - Vida Lúcida. Don’t go to art school — I.M.H.O. I’ve had it.

Don’t go to art school — I.M.H.O.

Before and after photoshop. Tutorials. 3D Lighting Tutorial by Amaan Akram, Trying to simulate a real environment in an artificial one can be a daunting task.

3D Lighting Tutorial by Amaan Akram,

But even if you make your 3D rendering look absolutely photo-realistic, it doesn't guarantee that the image carries enough emotion to elicit a "wow" from the people viewing it. Making 3D renderings photo-realistic can be hard. 50+ Awesome Matte Painting tutorials. Tutorials. Photoshop Tutorials. In this tutorial you will learn everything it takes to create totally belieavable rocks and stones in Photoshop.

In this tutorial, we will exercise on drawing rocks, stones, cliffs or anything made of stone. There are many ways to achieve this… I will just show you my favorite one. depending on their structure, rocks look very different. Create a Scenic Castle Hallway in Photoshop. In today's tutorial, we will combine stock photography and some basic digital painting techniques to create a scenic castle hallway in Photoshop.

Create a Scenic Castle Hallway in Photoshop

Let's get started! Tutorial Assets Step 1 First, start by creating a new file, 1200 x 900px with a resolution of 300ppi. Let's Rock. Concept Art by Koshime - Dr C.M Wong. KoshimeArt. A u d r e y * k a w a s a k i. Perspective: Holbein's Mastery of the Elliptical Construction. Hunter's Eye on Behance. Dinosaurs. The "Australia's Age of Dinosaurs" stamp issue was not the first scenic dinosaur minisheet that Australia Post produced.


Artist Peter Trusler created this landmark stamp scene in 1993, called "Australia's Dinosaur Era. " This was one of the ancestors of the current stamp issue, as well as the inspiration for the "World of Dinosaurs" stamps, which I created for the USA in 1996. I had the distinct honor of not only meeting, but hanging out, with Peter during the research visit. Perspective - Classic Plates. Premio Compostela. El Departamento de Educación y Ciudadanía del Ayuntamiento de Santiago de Compostela, en colaboración con la editorial Kalandraka, y en el marco de su XVI Campaña de Animación a la Lectura, convoca el IX Premio Internacional COMPOSTELA para álbumes ilustrados con las siguientes bases: 1.

Premio Compostela

Podrán optar al IX Premio Internacional COMPOSTELA para álbumes ilustrados todas las obras que se puedan incluir en la categoría de álbum ilustrado: un libro en el que el relato se cuente a través de imágenes y textos, de tal manera que ambos se complementen. 2. Las obras podrán ser presentadas en cualquiera de las lenguas oficiales de la Península Ibérica y deberán ser originales e inéditas.

Jill Greenberg. 13 Of The Greatest Jurassic Park Fan Tributes. And Then There Were None Screencaps - CSI. Photography - 3/51 - Visual News. Strange Sea Animals – Photos of Weird Sea Creatures. The Hawkeye Initiative. Portrait Archive. Celebrating the miracle of the mundane Here’s the full set.

portrait Archive

Easy Furry Text in Photoshop. We have been posting tutorials for almost 6 years and our goal here was and will always be trying to share easy techniques we've learned along the way.

Easy Furry Text in Photoshop

We try to make the tutorials short and open to adaptations so you can add your touch in order to create an unique result. That's the case of this week's tutorial. It's a simple Photoshop technique that can be applied to a wide variety of effects, from fur to grass, fire and pretty much anything. So in this tutorial we will show you how to create a really cool and super simple furry text in Photoshop CS6. We will use basic filters and tools but it's nice to say that we took advantage of the a new feature in Photoshop CS6 that is to apply layer styles to folders. Color Trends + Palettes. Shikitii's deviantART Favourites. Kerem Beyit: Illustrator. Animation for Vostu on the Behance Network.

Brushes favourites by tanathe on deviantART. Spider Walk Cycle. Drawing with the Eight Basic Values. Master arts x3 favourites by Razuri-chan on deviantART. Brittney Lee: Part of that... A few months ago, artists at the studio were given canvases and asked to create a piece of artwork based on any one of the 50 Disney animated features that inspires us.

Brittney Lee: Part of that...

Once finished, these canvases will be sold at a charity auction later this year. I will pass along the details as soon as I have them, but for now I thought I would post a few photos of my finished piece:) My inspirational film of choice is (of course) The Little Mermaid. I knew that I wanted to work with paper for this piece, but I also wanted to utilize the large (18"x36") canvas that was given to me.

After a little experimentation, I decided to cut the canvas to be the top foreground elements while its wooden frame serves as a perfect support for the inner layers of paper. Jason Chan Art. Cute Little Portrait Repaint Part 2, By Anne Pogodaon Anne Pogoda. VAClaboratory - Work Steps. 40 Excellent and Breathtaking Digital Painting Tutorials. Digital Painting is an art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, pastels, etc. are applied using digital means with the help of a computer software such as Photoshop, Painter, ArtRage, openCanavas etc.

40 Excellent and Breathtaking Digital Painting Tutorials

A graphic tablet is used for better and realistic results. With experience and talent, fantastic effects can be achieved. Below is a collection of some excellent digital painting tutorials (including beginner and advanced) which would help you master the technique of digital painting. PSG Art Tutorial (Beginner Techniques) by Arne Niklas Jansson.

10 Digital Painting Video Tutorials for Beginners. When it comes to digital painting tutorials, text-based tutorials don’t quite cut it for most people.

10 Digital Painting Video Tutorials for Beginners

It’s difficult to get an intuitive feel for digital painting by just reading how others work, instead, it helps to see what they are actually doing. When it comes to digital painting video tutorials, there are two main types: Time-lapsed and real-time. In a time lapsed video, the artist shows their entire work process, but everything is sped up so that the video does not become excessively long. The workflow is quite easy to follow, but it is not possible to see every brush stroke made. In real-time videos, however, the artist can show each and every brush stroke and explain why they are placing strokes in specific places. Sketches » Art of Levente "Levi" Peterffy. Creative Convention. STOCK favourites by RobShields on deviantART.

Photoshop Tutorials. // Textures and Reference Free High Res Image Library, 16,500 images royalty free // Finas Reproducciones de Arte - El Arte de Las Copias - Copiado de Pinturas en WahooArt. Black Tea´s - Page 3. @fankfrank: Thanks a lot! @CarmenJudy: Thanks! I see what you mean, i'll definitely implement it from now on. Great advice.Here are some more things, still trying to get an idea of skintones. Also , some quicky landscapes, a quick snail thing and the finished flowers painting.

Illustrator CS3. 1 - Introducción. Illustrator CS3 es una herramienta desarrolada por Adobe, con la que podremos crear y trabajar con dibujos basados en gráficos vectoriales. Para entender cómo funciona este programa, lo primero es entender qué es un gráfico vectorial, y que diferencia existe con los gráficos basados en mapa de bits. Puedes descargarte de forma gratuíta una versión de 30 días de prueba del programa desde la web de Adobe. Los logotipos de Illustrator son propiedad de Adobe Systems Incorporated, así como las marcas registradas Adobe, Illustrator, CS3 entre otras.

Aulaclic no tiene niguna relación con Adobe. The Photography Link » Alice in Wonderland. Search Results: Items matching castles (results page 1) Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser - Glennz Tees - Funny Original T-Shirts. Art 1. Optical Design. The Real Animals of Madagascar. »

Painting Techniques - ART BASEL 2012: An Inside Look at the Best Exhibits From the Miami Art Fest "Art Basel is a lifestyle," insists famed street artist Mr. Brainwash. VIBE TV cameras were down in Miami Dec. 6-9 amongst the 65,000 art collectors, dealers, artists, curators and fans that came to see the latest in the global artworld.