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Tutorial - Core drawing skills and workflow - Henning Ludvigsen - Online Portfolio. << Back to tutorials overview Core drawing skills and workflow Nail down your own core drawing skills, and start building your very own methodical way of working to reach your goals.

Tutorial - Core drawing skills and workflow - Henning Ludvigsen - Online Portfolio

(C) Henning Ludvigsen “How do you work?” – is something most artists get asked often. Build your workflow methodically to get the most out of it. Workflow No one should tell you how to work, and you shouldn’t try and copy others workflows either. Drawing Practice: How to Practise Effectively. The Ultimate Notebook · Xaprb. Wed, Jul 10, 2013 in Commentary Reviews Writing If you’re like me, you spend so much time typing on a computer that a good notebook or journal is one of life’s finer pleasures.

The Ultimate Notebook · Xaprb

I’ve kept a diary of my personal life for close to 30 years now, and I have a shelf full of journals. I’ve found a great many that I enjoy writing in, and choosing a different one each time is part of the fun. But thus far, my quest for a notepad has been unsatisfying. Many notepads have loved me, but I’m sorry to say their love has been unrequited. So, naturally, I decided to stage a giant contest amongst all the premium notebooks I could find by reading online reviews, searching the Internet, and visiting my local retailers. You might also be interested in my review of the ultimate pen for note-taking. Before I review any of the notebooks, let me explain what I’m looking for.

The Perfect Notebook. Introduction to Drawing: Tips To Help You Learn to Draw Animals. All artists have favorite subject matter.

Introduction to Drawing: Tips To Help You Learn to Draw Animals

The Essentials for Every Artist's Toolkit: Drawing Media. Drawing is a crucial skill for nearly every visual artform.

The Essentials for Every Artist's Toolkit: Drawing Media

Since every artist draws, every artist should have a good working knowledge of the essentials of drawing media. Whether you prefer charcoal over pencil or a vinyl eraser over a kneaded eraser, it’s important to know what’s out there so you can build your ultimate drawing toolkit. The basics: The pencil The pencil is the drawing tool no one can live without. It’s versatile, erasable, and cheap, making it the most essential art supply you can own. Here are 10 examples.

The lighter and harder the pencil, the more erasable. A Brief History of the Mechanical Pencil. Despite what David Rees claims in Chapter 11 of How to Sharpen Pencils, mechanical pencils do have their place in the pencilverse.

A Brief History of the Mechanical Pencil

Surprisingly, this wonder of pencil technology has actually existed in one form or another for the better part of five centuries. If you take a look at pencil history, you will see that the first image of a pencil ever produced actually looks more like modern mechanical pencils than a wooden pencil. This 1567 image depicts a wooden stock that held replaceable graphite. Sketching With a Moleskine. When I checked the links in the "Sketchers on the Web" section of the Sketching Forum I was amazed at how many photos of Moleskines I saw.

Sketching With a Moleskine

A lot of artists swear by these little notebooks, and others are annoyed at all the hype surrounding them and their cult status. Several blogs and websites are dedicated to the Moleskine. So what's all the fuss about Moleskines? Notebook, Journal and Paper Review Index - Pen Paper Ink Letter. Why You Should Carry A Notebook. Pen and paper are meant for each other, and one without the other simply does not work.

Why You Should Carry A Notebook

The Best Sketchbook Of All Time - Non Sequitur Fridays. This post is part of our Non Sequitur Fridays series, which will feature a different Wistia team member's take on a non-Wistia-related topic each week.

The Best Sketchbook Of All Time - Non Sequitur Fridays

It's like our "employee of the month" but less "of the month"-y. Joe Ringenberg is a product designer at Wistia. Last time, he wrote a love song for a font. which our intrepid designer searches for a perfect sketchbook, realizes it doesn't exist, and tries to make his own. Choosing a sketchbook: surfaces and weights - Muse Art and Design. My Encyclopaedia - Mechanical Pencil. This page is a constant work in progress.

My Encyclopaedia - Mechanical Pencil

Last modified 19 May 2012. A mechanical pencil is an implement for writing or drawing in which the solid marking core (usually graphite based and called lead, but coloured pigments and other solid substances are also used) is not bonded to the outer casing, and is designed such that the lead is to be extended as its point is worn away. Explanatory Notes: 10 Tubes Pentel Ain Stein 0 5mm Blue Mechanical Pencil Lead 10 TUBEX20PCSX60MM. 10 Essential Drawing Materials and Tools for Beginners. Most of us started drawing when we were young.

10 Essential Drawing Materials and Tools for Beginners

Back then, materials and tools were not that important to us. Perhaps, they weren’t even considered. Drawing Materials - Everything to get started drawing. Index>drawing tutorials >drawing materials Welcome to the drawing materials section. Some of the most common e-mails I get are the ones asking which materials I use and would recommend. This section is intended to give you an overview. I buy all of my supplies from Blick Art Materials Buying your stuff from that link helps me keep adding to this site. Pencils. Tips from professional artists on the 5 things you need in your digital art toolbox.

The Essentials for Every Artist's Toolkit: Drawing Media. Art Supply Stores Review 2015 - TopTenREVIEWS. 10 Awesome Drawing Tools That They Never Gave You In School : Xynthica: Mostly Imaginary. With the holidays now a distant memory, it’s time for the academically enrolled aspiring artist to be reacquainted with their tried and true tool of torture, the wooden #2 pencil with its pitifully pink eraser at the top! Do the memories of working with such substandard supplemental school supplies make you twitch whenever considering what to use on your next illustration? If so, I’ve got the cure for you! – 10 Awesome Drawing Tools They Never Gave You In School! #1: Leadholder Among pencil pushers, there are two decisive camps, the wood encase pencil sharpening traditionalist bastards and the button clicking affront to nature that are the mechanical pencil wielders of post Industrial Revolution disaster to come.

Guide To Mechanical Pencils. Here at Cult Pens, we sell an enormous range of mechanical pencils - over 300 models, without counting every variation of lead size. Whether you're a professional user, an amateur artist, an office user or a collector, we thought it might be useful to produce a guide to help navigate the variety on offer. This guide covers some general background information, a discussion of various features you may find useful, and includes a table of all the mechanical pencils we sell here at Cult Pens. If you are just looking to choose a pencil for a specific purpose, the section 'By Intended Usage' should give you some ideas of what to look for, and if this article just isn't enough for you, there are links at the bottom to other sources of information. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for this article, please contact us. How_to_keep_sketchbooks_by_mewdoubled-d6hsx32.png (PNG Image, 900 × 9400 pixels)

Notebook Alternatives to Moleskines. Fine Notebooks for the Moleskine Averse Our (Getting Close to) 2013 Edition There are many people who love their Moleskine notebooks in all their variety. It’s a great line of notebooks with an even better marketing department, but they have their critics as well. Many fountain pen users find Moleskine papers bleed through and/or spread the ink. Some fashion-oriented people people seek better or more creative design or more attractive covers. The notebooks below feature fashion, economy, recycled products, and some unique Made in the USA ideas. Rhodia – Quality Paper Rhodia makes wonderful notebooks famous for the quality of the paper. The Pocket Notebooks of 20 Famous Men. A few weeks ago, we published an article on the Manly Tradition of the Pocket Notebook.

For that piece, we dug through old books to find references to how pocket notebooks had been used this past century by men in different walks of life. In the process of compiling those excerpts, we came across intriguing references to how some of the famous men of history used their pocket notebooks and decided to put together a whole post exploring that subject. The result is this look at how 20 famous men used their pocket notebooks. The list is hardly comprehensive; the practice was so widespread among eminent men that it would likely be easier to compile a list of famous men who did not use them, than did. Education: How To Be A Cartoonist In 16 Easy Pages. Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Pencil it In on Vimeo. How To Draw Hands Tutorials. So everybody knows that the hands and the fingers are one of the hardest things to draw. So here is a personal collection of different hand references, hope to enjoy it and never stop practice.

Chapter 2. Human anatomy and figure drawing. Chapter 2. Human anatomy and figure drawing.