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Impressive drawings by Frank Magnotta. These drawings by Frank Magnotta are very detailed.

Impressive drawings by Frank Magnotta

Animal Murals by Fiona Tang Appear to Leap from Gallery Walls. Vancouver-based artist Fiona Tang creates large-scale murals of animals using charcoal, chalk pastel, and acrylic on paper that at first glance appear 3D.

Animal Murals by Fiona Tang Appear to Leap from Gallery Walls

Tang makes use of a technique called trompe l’oeil where shadows and perspective within the two dimensional drawing are used to trick the viewer into thinking the piece is three dimensional. Tang recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and you can see more of her work over on Facebook. (via Juxtapoz, My Modern Met) The Companion - A1 ink Drawing - JOQUZ. Mind blowing Surreal Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra. Redmer Hoekstra is a Netherlands-based artist and illustrator who is very well know for his unconventional and mind blowing illustrations that seem to re-create reality.

Mind blowing Surreal Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer graduated from the Art Academy in Zwolle as a visual artist in 2009 and for the past five years has been working in illustrations field where he received a significant recognition. Redmer’s illustrations are full of surreal theories that explain everyday objects and phenomenon from a different angle and literally rediscover how the world works. An unimaginable imagination – this is what distinguishes Redmer Hoekstra and his masterpieces from the others. Redmer Hoekstra explains, “As a child I had all kinds of theories about how the world worked. Stephanie Kubo. Menu Fashion Ink Ongoing project of fashion-related ink drawings.

Stephanie Kubo

Full project can be seen at Elements. Illustration : KATRIN BERGE. Amy Casey. New work from Cleveland-based artist Amy Casey who paints delicate networks of roped and towering cityscapes.

Amy Casey

Casey currently has a show at Zg Gallery in Chicago through August 6. I definitely intend on stopping by. You can see much larger and detailed versions of these paintings here. (via new american paintings) Artist Javier Pérez Turns Everyday Objects into Creative Illustrations. Illustrations Merged With Everyday Objects. Instagram continues to pave the way for innovative artists like graphic designer Javier Pérez, who regularly adds to his playful series entitled Instagram Experiments.

Illustrations Merged With Everyday Objects

Using a variety of everyday objects combined with simple line drawings, the Ecuador-based artist constructs whimsical scenes in all shapes and sizes. This Dad Does Incredible Things To His Kids’ Lunches Every Day. I Can’t Stop Smiling! In an electronics-filled world where everyone is suddenly too busy for each other, one father is reminding us the simple things are still what matter most.

This Dad Does Incredible Things To His Kids’ Lunches Every Day. I Can’t Stop Smiling!

To see more of David's work, check out his flickr here. Milani Gallery. Great Animal Drawings by Ricardo Martinez. Ricardo Martinez Ortega began his professional career towards the end of the seventies.

Great Animal Drawings by Ricardo Martinez

Soon he was creating illustrations for publications, advertising agencies, and comic books. In 1981 he moved to Miami, where he worked at an ad agency, conceptualizing ads for Seven Up , Dr.Pepper, and American Express, and movie posters. Shortly thereafter, he was hired for a staff position at the “The Miami News” as a designer/illustrator/graphic artist. After six years, the paper was sold to Knight Ridder, and Ricardo went on to be the Op/Ed illustrator for the Miami Herald. While in Miami, Ricardo and his childhood friend Nacho created “Goomer”.

In 1989, Ricardo returned to Madrid with his American wife to be a part of the founding group of the newspaper “El Mundo”. In May of 1990, he began to publish editorial cartoons which he did with the writer and his business partner, Nacho. Chek him at Collaborating with a 4-year Old. One day, while my daughter was happily distracted in her own marker drawings, I decided to risk pulling out a new sketchbook I had special ordered.

Collaborating with a 4-year Old

It had dark paper, and was perfect for adding highlights to. I had only drawn a little in it, and was anxious to try it again, but knowing our daughter’s love of art supplies, it meant that if I wasn’t sly enough, I might have to share. (Note: I’m all about kid’s crafts, but when it comes to my own art projects, I don’t like to share.) Since she was engrossed in her own project, I thought I might be able to pull it off. Ahhh, I should’ve known better. Oh no she didn’t! Not surprisingly, I LOVED what she drew. Soon, she began flipping through my sketchbook, looking for more heads.

Sometimes I would give her suggestions, like “maybe she could have a dragon body!” 25 Vintage Magazine Covers from Japan. 25 Vintage Magazine Covers from Japan This post began as a compilation of magazine covers from the website of a Japanese antiquarian dealer.

25 Vintage Magazine Covers from Japan

I dug through all 1500 or so images and saved (like a good little digital hoarder) hundreds to feature, though only 8 made the first cut. This is because I decided to revisit Bookcover Design in Japan 1910s-40s (ISBN 4-89444-426-7; Amazon link). Edited by Masayo Matsubara and published in 2005 by PIE Books, this out-of-print treasure (Japanese-language only, unfortunately) features 650 book and magazine covers. See my earlier posts for more. 2013. Check availability. Coffee Cups.